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A ticketing system available to all.

Discover our ticketing platform, designed to simplify the event experience for you and your attendees:

The ideal user experience

Enjoy a smooth experience on all screen types, whether you are setting up your event’s ticketing system or purchasing a ticket.

Simple and fast setup

No need to be a ticketing expert! Set up your event and start selling your tickets in minutes.

Intuitive custom forms

Create as many forms as you like to collect all the information you need. Display this information on your tickets or use it to perform marketing operations to better meet your audience’s expectations.

Personalised support

Whether you need help with settings or with choosing the best options for your event, our qualified team is here to guide you. We are available by phone and email to help guarantee your success at every stage.

Create an online ticketing system
  • Suited to all events
  • Revenue transferred every 15 days
  • You only pay if you sell
  • Customer service available 24/7

A fully customisable ticketing system.

Create a ticketing system to match your image. Customise your event’s mini-site, tickets, badges and emails in just a few clicks, adding your own colours and visual elements. From basic to bespoke, choose the level of customisation that suits you best!

Event mini-site

Promote your event and its ticketing platform with a fully customisable mini-site. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can easily create and share your site – for free!

Tickets and badges

You can deliver custom e-tickets that reflect your event’s colours, adding the visual element of your choice. For more advanced customisation, choose our premium options, which can be applied to all your media: e-tickets, passbooks, thermal tickets, etc. You can also easily generate badges and accreditations for all those taking part in your event, from volunteers to artists.

Integration with your website

Ensure that your ticketing module integrates seamlessly with your website and your graphic design by using your own colour scheme. Customise each and every detail, from prices by category to sales settings, right down to the basket timeout.

Confirmation emails

Strengthen your brand identity by sending custom order confirmation emails. Adapt the content, the style and the colours of your email so that it perfectly matches your event’s visual identity.

Start now

Sell your tickets in 4 easy steps.

Set up your event

Get started by setting up your event according to your preferences. Choose your ticket prices and event dates, then create a form to collect any information you choose. All of this can be changed, at any time!

Sell your tickets anywhere

Start selling in just a few clicks by integrating your ticketing system onto your website or by publishing a mini-site customised with your colours and optimised for indexing and for all screen types.

Manage your attendees with ease

Track registrations and sales in real time from your mobile phone or computer. Your interface will show you all the figures and information about your attendees so that you can manage your event more efficiently.

Get the most out of your data

Analyse sales and attendee information using intuitive dashboards and optimise your event management processes with our integrated access control and emailing tools. Your data is precious, and it belongs to you. We never use or sell your information!

Create a ticketing system for free

An all-in-one computerised ticketing system.

Explore the wealth of options in our ticketing software, which turns ticket sales and events management into a smooth, easy and personalised experience.

Optimise on-site ticket sales

By choosing Weezevent’s box office, which can be used online or via a touch-screen tablet provided with a stand and a thermal printer, you can sell tickets easily on-site or set up points of sale for your partners.

Send unique invitations

Design personalised invitations for partners, press members and VIPs, with the option to send them directly or through an RSVP system. Increase your efficiency by delegating the sending of invitations to your partners by assigning them batches of tickets.

Efficiently manage accreditations

Print and manage badges and accreditations for volunteers, officials, press members, artists or speakers.

Simplify online bookings

Offer an online booking service and take payment at the venue on the day of your event, or choose to accept payments or deposits online.

Receive online payments

Use our form and secure online payment module to collect your subscriptions, fees and donations online with complete confidence.

système de billetterie

Features for all event types.

  • 2D & 3D allocated seating
  • Recurring events
  • Invitations & accreditations
  • Promo codes
  • Additional sales
  • Multilingual service

A secure spam-free ticketing system.

Protecting your data is one of our core commitments! Collect information from your attendees and sell tickets securely:

  • Exclusive ownership: All the data you collect belongs to you – we will never exploit it or sell it to third parties.
  • Secure payments: All transactions comply with the PCI DSS and 3-D Secure security standards.
  • SSL Security: Data transfer is completely secure thanks to the SSL protocol.

Track your sales in real time.

Charts, graphs and tables are at your disposal so that you never miss a thing while you’re managing your event, ensuring the best possible communication. You can receive detailed information about how sales are progressing, based on the number of attendees, the month, the channel or ticket price of your choosing.

Track your event in real time

Check how your event is performing in real time thanks to a clear and intuitive interface. Information is refreshed instantly, meaning you can always stay up to date.

Analyse your performance

Track your ticket sales, your sent invitations and accreditation requests thanks to our user-friendly dashboard. This will allow you to easily pinpoint what is going well and what could be optimised, giving you everything you need to adapt your communications and your strategy accordingly.

Easily export your data

Need to share your results or run your own analysis? You can easily export all the data related to your event to use it however you wish.


Much more than an online ticketing system.

Enjoy a smooth and enhanced experience thanks to native connectivity with other Weezevent solutions:

Access control

Your access lists are automatically generated, and your attendees are instantly added. All you have to do is check them! button: find out more with link (repeat for each tool).


Give your attendees the option to top up their cashless account from your ticketing platform for a totally hassle-free experience.

Email & communication

Strengthen engagement and increase your attendees’ loyalty by sending relevant messages at the right time.

Managing volunteers & staff

Automate all processes linked to managing specific groups, from registration to electronic signatures. Free up time for strategic measures that benefit you and reward your staff.

terminaux weezaccess pro
témoignage weezticket dentelles electroniques

Weezevent has been our main ticketing system since 2018 and after using it for 10 events and 6 festivals, we wouldn't change it for the world!

Les Dentelles Electroniques
témoignage weezticket club de foot

An excellent site for creating and managing registrations for a club event. Setting up the app is easy and intuitive, and it offers a host of different options. Besides, if the event is free, Weezevent doesn't take a commission! I recommend it.

Alain T Football club secretary
témoignage weezticket théâtre

We've just completed our fourth stage show with Weezevent and everyone there is still as wonderful: professional, patient, friendly, attentive...

Jean-Louis P Organiser and stage director
témoignage weezticket organisateur événement

Simple and super reliable. Not to mention the customer service team, who are really attentive, who help you and give advice, and are super responsive. Great job!

Frederic D Event organiser

Our ticketing system in action at the Papillons de Nuit Festival.

Dive into the heart of the Papillons de Nuit Festival to find out how our ticketing solution integrates perfectly into our overall partnership.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Weezevent's online ticketing system?

Weezevent’s online ticketing system is a solution designed for the organisers of all types of events, which enables anyone to sell tickets and send invitations. It allows you to create a custom online ticketing platform for all your events and to manage your registrations easily and independently. It also comes with an intuitive dashboard so that you can track sales and payments in real time.

Do I need a website to use it?

No, we can provide you with a website for free!
You can create and customise a mini-site for your events in just a few clicks directly through Weezevent, which makes it easy to sell your tickets. Add your payment module, logo, images, videos and forms, along with anything else you need for your website to reflect your event’s unique image. It’s easy and intuitive!

Can I integrate the ticketing platform into my own website?

Yes, Weezevent’s ticketing software can easily be integrated into your existing website. From your personal “organiser area”, export your online ticketing widget to your website with a simple copy-paste. This will only take your webmaster a few minutes. This integration will enhance your online ticket sales, offering a smooth and integrated user experience.

Can I organise a multi-day event?

Absolutely. Weezevent’s ticketing software allows organisers to plan multi-day events such as festivals, shows or recurring activities.

For organisers managing stadiums or venues with allocated seating, we also offer numbered seating as an advanced feature, allowing your attendees to choose the exact location of their seats when buying tickets.

This flexibility allows all event organisers, whether they are managing a workshop, a conference, a trade fair, leisure activities, a concert or a festival, to personalise their event based on their own specific needs.

How can I display all my events on the same ticketing page?

Weezevent’s ticketing software gives organisers the option to group their events on a single page of their online ticketing platform. If you are selling tickets for several events at once, this solution makes it much easier for attendees to buy their tickets. To set up this feature, visit our online support centre.

How can online ticketing systems optimise my event management processes?

Online ticketing systems like Weezevent optimise events management with features such as allocated seating, invitation management and customisable forms. These tools make it easier to manage sales and payments, reduce costs and improve user experience. The dashboard offers a sales overview, allowing you to make informed decisions and make your event a success.

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