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Full customisation of the online sales module, registration management on location, dispatch of your invitations...Create and set up your ticketing based on you needs.

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Your customer data belongs to you.

The data you col­lect is your own! It only belongs to you, Weezevent does not use it or sell it, and nev­er will. Safely col­lect all the data you need about your events’ attendees by cus­tom­ising your forms’ fields (drop down, open ended, etc.).

  • Made easy for all event planners.

    In no more than 5 minutes, cre­ate your tick­et­ing and regis­tra­tions plug-in and start selling online! There is no need for train­ing or advanced know­ledge to become an tick­et­ing expert.

  • Complete, and yet stunningly easy.

    Weezevent’s tick­et­ing plat­form is fully set up in minutes and suits all your needs. All the tools you need are at your dis­pos­al to cre­ate and man­age your event tick­et sales your­self.

  • The best way to manage your online membership fees and payments.

    We are more than a tick­et­ing plat­form. Weezevent allows you to cre­ate forms and man­age mem­ber­ships for your club or asso­ci­ation. Eas­ily man­age your online mem­ber­ship fees by integ­rat­ing our pay­ment plug-in to your web­site.

Your earnings paid twice a month. No invoicing needed.

Don’t wait until your event is over to receive your tick­et earn­ings. At Weezevent, we auto­mat­ic­ally trans­fer your rev­en­ues onto your chosen bank account on the 1st and 16 of each month. We also provide you with a fort­nightly report for your book­keep­ing.

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  • On your website, on Facebook, on location – sell everywhere. Easily!

    Quickly integ­rate your tick­et­ing to a Face­book or web page with a few clicks. You can even sell on loc­a­tion using our pro­fes­sion­al solu­tion – Weezevent’s tick­et office fea­ture – or from your own device, using the fea­ture dir­ectly avail­able from your tick­et man­age­ment inter­face.

  • Real time tracking of your sales and registrations. At a glance.

    Track your tick­et sales and regis­tra­tions in real time from the Weezevent man­age­ment inter­face. A dash­board dis­plays all of your event’s data and inform­a­tion in one place for a bird’s eye view.

The biggest events use it, as well as the smallest ones.

For every situ­ation, we have a simple, turn­key solu­tion. Weezevent’s tick­et­ing and regis­tra­tion plat­form is already being used by 140,000+ event plan­ners for work­shops, con­fer­ences, and con­certs or music fest­ivals. Join them!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it necessary for me to have a website beforehand?

    No, we can provide one for you!
    Cre­ate and tail­or your event’s micro-site very eas­ily with Weezevent. Add your tick­et­ing plug-in, your logo, images, videos, and all you need for it to rep­res­ent your event!

  • Can I integrate the ticketing to my own website?

    Yes, in a few clicks!
    From your own «plan­ning area», export your tick­et­ing wid­get to your web­site with a simple copy-paste. It will only take your web­mas­ter a few minutes to do this. To find out more, read the steps to fol­low on our sup­port pages!

  • Is it possible to plan a multi-day event?

    Of course, and very eas­ily.
    If you are plan­ning a tour, sev­er­al shows, plays or any oth­er multi-day event, our tool enables you to set up the online tick­et­ing mod­ule with a few clicks and set up sev­er­al dates!