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Full customisation of the online sales module, registration management on location, dispatch of your invitations...Create and set up your ticketing based on you needs.

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Your customer data belongs to you

The data you collect is your own! It only belongs to you, Weezevent does not use it or sell it, and never will. Safely collect all the data you need about your events’ attendees by custom­ising your forms’ fields (drop down, open ended, etc.).

  • Made easy for all event planners.

    In no more than 5 minutes, create your ticketing and regis­tra­tions plug-in and start selling online! There is no need for training or advanced knowledge to become an ticketing expert.

  • Complete, and yet stunningly easy.

    Weezevent’s ticketing platform is fully set up in minutes and suits all your needs. All the tools you need are at your disposal to create and manage your event ticket sales yourself.

  • The best way to manage your online membership fees and payments.

    We are more than a ticketing platform. Weezevent allows you to create forms and manage member­ships for your club or associ­ation. Easily manage your online membership fees by integ­rating our payment plug-in to your website.

Your earnings paid twice a month. No invoicing needed.

Don’t wait until your event is over to receive your ticket earnings. At Weezevent, we automat­ically transfer your revenues onto your chosen bank account on the 1st and 16 of each month. We also provide you with a fortnightly report for your bookkeeping.

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    On your website, on Facebook, on location – sell everywhere. Easily!

    Quickly integrate your ticketing to a Facebook or web page with a few clicks. You can even sell on location using our profes­sional solution – Weezevent’s ticket office feature – or from your own device, using the feature directly available from your ticket management interface.

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    Real time tracking of your sales and registrations. At a glance.

    Track your ticket sales, regis­tra­tions, and bookings in real time from the Weezevent management interface. A dashboard displays all of your event’s data and inform­ation in one place for a bird’s eye view.

The biggest events use it, as well as the smallest ones.

For every situation, we have a simple, turnkey solution. Weezevent’s ticketing and regis­tration platform is already being used by 160,000+ event planners for free or paid events. Join them!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it necessary for me to have a website beforehand?

    No, we can provide one for you!
    Create and tailor your event’s micro-site very easily with Weezevent. Add your ticketing plug-in, your logo, images, videos, and all you need for it to represent your event!

  • Can I integrate the ticketing to my own website?

    Yes, in a few clicks!
    From your own «planning area», export your ticketing widget to your website with a simple copy-paste. It will only take your webmaster a few minutes to do this. To find out more, read the steps to follow on our support pages!

  • Is it possible to plan a multi-day event?

    Of course, and very easily.
    If you are planning a tour, several shows, plays or any other multi-day event, our tool enables you to set up the online ticketing module with a few clicks and set up several dates!