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Increase your revenue and improve the participant experience with cashless: a complete management tool that boosts your sales, reduces waiting times, secures transactions, ensures network independence, and facilitates partner activations.

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Offer yourself an all-in-one system.

More than just a simple payment method, Weezevent’s cashless solution simplifies your management and reinvents the event experience:

Account loading

Simplify top-ups by integrating a module into your website or mobile app, placing QR codes on cashless supports, or deploying automatic terminals. Complete your system with on-site top-up points if needed. Many options are available!

Ticket linking

At the event entrance, instantly link participants’ cashless supports with their tickets, automatically incorporating their privileges and information, such as cashless balance and access rights.

Access control

Implement an intra-site control system through the NFC chips of cashless supports, which become a real passport of your event.

Data collection

Identify the habits and expectations of your participants and improve your event from one edition to the next by exploiting the collected data.

Management of comps and catering

Automatically assign comps and catering access on the cashless supports of your staff and volunteer populations.

Digitalised experience

Reduce queues at sales points by offering presale or click & collect.


Offer a quick and easy online refund of the cashless balance, automated or on request, including options for making donations.

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  • +600 annual events
  • Dedicated project manager
  • +10 years of expertise

A trusted technology.

WeezPay provides an innovative and suitable response to efficiency and security challenges. Our cashless technology simplifies financial transactions, bringing peace of mind, resilience, and adaptability to every event.

Limit cash flows

Cash management is a key issue in an event. With our cashless solution, flows are dematerialised. You reduce cash collection points, limit theft risks, and improve the traceability of your revenue.

Reliable checkout terminal

100% mobile, with a wide battery autonomy, waterproof and shock-resistant, our cashless terminals withstand any type of use, including in difficult conditions (rain, grease, etc.).

Security at all levels

Our dematerialised payment solution integrates a triple level of security (support, terminal, system) to protect transactions.

Offline operation

Unlike a bank transaction, Weezevent’s cashless system does not require an internet connetion. In case of a network outage, you continue to collect payments and make sales!

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  • A revolution for all types of events.

    The Weezevent cashless solution is highly agile and tested by various types of events. Dematerialised payment can be used everywhere: festivals, sports clubs, professional trade shows, major events, campgrounds, food courts…

  • A faster system, for more sales.

    Our cashless payment system speeds up transactions: payment is instant, versus an average of 15 seconds for a credit card payment. This speed reduces queues at sales points and increases the transaction pace. The experience is more pleasant for participants and management is more serene for teams.

  • To try it is to adopt it.

    Most credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, CB, American Express, ...) and digital payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, ...) are accepted. Online top-ups are processed and secured by leading operators (Monext, Adyen, Viva Wallet). The reliability of the Weezevent contactless payment system is proven across hundreds of events and millions of participants each year.

Opt for an experienced technology partner.

Choosing Weezevent means trusting the leader in cashless technology in Europe, whose expertise is based on supporting hundreds of events from various sectors.

600 cashless events per year

We support 600 cashless events annually, reflecting the trust event organisers place in us to manage their revenue.

6 million chips activated per year

That’s how many participants have the opportunity to appreciate our cashless system, thanks to a smooth and secure purchasing journey. 95%* of participants find the system easy to use (*Survey conducted by the Vieilles Charrues festival, 22,000 respondents).

Turnkey documentation

We provide you with an FAQ, a pictogram gallery, visuals, and tutorial videos to facilitate your participants’ adoption of cashless.

Training tools

Our detailed training tools and dedicated project managers ensure a quick familiarisation with our cashless system.


Follow your event live.

Benefit from a complete and instant overview of your event through our real-time tracking platform, designed to give you full control over sales and top-ups.

Sales data

Track the increase in your revenue through an overall and per-sales point view. Fine-tune your consumption points: adjust the distribution of your teams and resources based on sales trends.

Top-up tracking

Forget about collecting your EFTPOS data at the end of the day. Our connected electronic payment terminals offer real-time top-up tracking, eliminating input errors and simplifying banking processes.

Post-event report

Beyond real-time tracking dashboards, we provide a comprehensive event report that includes in-depth data analysis, our field observations, and our proposed recommendations and goals (digital and operational) for the next edition.


Speed up service with a digitalised experience.

Revolutionise your event experience by significantly reducing waiting times, essential for the comfort of your participants.

Fast Top-Up

With a QR code directly on their cashless carrier, participants can quickly top up their account online.

Mobile bankers

Our mobile EFTPOS devices allow for the deployment of roaming bankers, offering a flexible and responsive top-up solution during peak times.

Autonomous terminals

Give participants the freedom to top up their cashless carrier without assistance, thanks to our self-service terminals.

Wifi zone enhancement

With Wifi totems and dedicated signage, encourage the public to top up their accounts from their smartphones, thus reducing the crowd at physical top-up points.

Click & Collect

By ordering online, participants can pick up their order in a dedicated queue, eliminating the time spent ordering and paying (45 seconds/person). This method optimizes access to your sales points and increases your revenue.


“We’ve seen a reduction in attendee queue times (both at entry and vendors), increased revenue per head and the team are genuinely great to work with.”“Pour une première édition le LSFF avait besoin d'une technologie sûre qui puisse rassurer les exposants et les festivaliers. Ce fut le cas avec Weezevent.”

Dave Wilkinson Smoked & Uncut

“I'm looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with Weezevent as we continue to make the cashless experience as seamless as possible for out attendees.”

Standon Calling

“It was a big decision to move to the cashless payment for the first time, but we were delighted with how it went. It proved safer, quicker and simpler for people to use and hopefully contributed to a more enjoyable visitor experience.”

Alexandra Palace World Darts Championship

Simplify your team management.

Optimise the management of your teams and volunteers with our integrated system, designed to facilitate staff organisation, meal distribution, work hours tracking, and access management, all while ensuring transparent financial management.

Access to your catering

Assign each team member a specific quota of meals per day and per service. Then, you can check the number of meals served to manage supplies and billing better.

Work hours tracking

With our system, sign in your staff and account for work hours. A simple way to manage your human resources and their compensation.

Access as needed

Customise your teams’ access rights according to areas and working days, ensuring a secure and role-adapted organisation.

Credit your teams

Ease the distribution of credits to volunteers, contractors, and partners, while maintaining transparent and detailed traceability in your accounting.


Your participants manage their budget.

Instantly integrate the cashless module into your website or mobile app with full customisation options.

Online account

Before, during, and after the event, a participant can check their purchase history, top up their account online, issue invoices, block their account, request a refund of their balance, or make a donation.

Shared account

With just one email address, your participants can manage the cashless devices of their spouse, children, friends, etc.

Bill splitting

You can divide a significant bill (VIP table, food courts, etc.) among several participants and payment methods.


Your financial flows are secure.

Most credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, CB, American Express, …) and digital payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, …) are accepted. Online top-ups are processed and secured by leading operators (Monext, Adyen, Viva Wallet). The reliability of the Weezevent contactless payment system is proven across hundreds of events and millions of participants each year.

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Value your partnership actions.

For partners, cashless enhances an experience that combines consumption, access, and experiential elements. Cashless allows you to offer new benefits to your partners while improving the fan experience.

Exclusive access

“With the purchase of a drink from our partner brand, enjoy privileged access to its VIP area.” A successful initiative at Plages Électroniques (France).

Complimentary offers

“For the purchase of a drink from the partner brand, receive two.”

Exclusive moments

Organise highlights such as a cocktail party, by selecting your guests and managing access via NFC bracelets, similar to Rock en Seine.

Partner visibility

Increase your partners’ visibility directly through the cashless top-up module available to participants. A significant opportunity, since 80% of top-ups are done online!


NFC cards or bracelets: choose the most suitable carrier.

To meet the specific needs of your event, Weezevent offers a range of customisable NFC supports and eco-friendly options. Regardless of your choice of support, our cards and bracelets are made of 60% recycled PVC.

NFC Cards

Perfect for permanent structures like sports clubs and theatres, NFC cards combine durability and convenience. They are ideal for members or regular visitors, as well as for families sharing the same card.

NFC Bracelets

Favorites of festivals and temporary events, our NFC bracelets serve both as access tickets and electronic wallets. Comfortable, secure, and stylish, they enhance the participant experience while streamlining entries and transactions.

Make an appointment

Simply configure your cash register keypads.

Item setup can be done in a few minutes, and modifications can be made in real-time. The flexibility of our solution allows you to configure special prices, happy hour periods, and instant discounts. Adding a “minor/major” control mode enables automatic refusal of alcoholic beverage payment by a minor. Finally, you can assign specific identifiers to different stakeholders (food trucks, refreshment stands, merchandising, etc.) for restricted access to their own setup and sales tracking data.

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A cashless revolution at FIB.

Watch how cashless technology contributed to the success of the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim.

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Frequently asked questions

How to manage cashless wallet top-ups before and during the event?

Participants can pre-load their cashless wallets before the event via an online module on your website, using their ticket to create and top up their account.
During the event, onsite top-up points and an online top-up module are available, accepting all major credit cards for fast and secure reloading.

Is it possible to customise cashless carriers for my event?

Yes, our cashless solution offers a wide range of customizable carriers, including bracelets and NFC cards.
These carriers can be adapted to the visual identity of your event, or to support partner brand activations.

How can participants check their balance and transaction history?

By creating their online account, participants have real-time access to their balance and transaction history.
They can check and manage their cashless wallet at any time, before, during, and after the event, providing total transparency over their spending.

What are the security measures in place for cashless transactions?

Our cashless solution uses advanced transaction security technologies, including SSL encryption, the 3DSecure standard for online payments, and secure connected EFTPOS devices.

How does the refund process work for participants after the event?

After the event, and if you allow it, participants can request a refund of their unspent balance directly from their online account.
The refund is made automatically to their credit card, simplifying post-event management and improving participant satisfaction.

Can access to certain areas or services be limited with the cashless solution?

Absolutely. Our system allows for configuring specific access rights for each cashless wallet, thus controlling access to certain areas or services of the event.
This feature ensures secure and personalised management of participant flows.

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