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Get an all-in-one device.

Weezevent’s cashless solution has many features — online top up (as a plug-in on your website or mobile app), online refunds, pairing with the ticket at the door, on-site NFC access control, catering and free tickets management, management of specific groups (VIPs, Volunteers), Click & Collect.

  • Secure your cash management.

    At any event, cash management is always an issue. Our cashless solution allows your to minimise collection points, limit your risk of theft and therefore improve your money’s traceability.

  • A foolproof collection device.

    100% mobile, waterproof, shock absorbent and autonomous, our cashless devices have been designed to resist to all types of uses, including difficult conditions e.g. water, grease, etc.

  • A true revolution for all events.

    Dematerialised payment is not dedicated to a certain type of event. The multiple features and usages it offers and the versatility of devices supported means it can be used in any context: stadium, arena, trade show, etc.

Reliability above all!

Weezevent’s cashless solution is designed to work even offline. Our cashless payment integrates three safety layers (device, terminal, system) to ensure that transactions are secure. Our servers have an autonomy so as not to depend on electricity and grid connections.

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    Less stress. More sales.

    Increase your sales speed and improve your team’s and your attendees’ experience using the cashless payment solution. Less time spent queuing at the bar or food area means less stress and more success for your event.

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    We manage your money flow for you.

    The online money collection is managed by Weezevent via a secure plug-in. All Visa, Mastercard and American Express bank cards are accepted. Weezevent’s contactless payment system has been tried and tested at hundreds of events and festivals.

To try it is to love it.

It’s a full-touch device, easy to handle. Menus are visual and can be customised as much as you want. Your teams will learn to use it in less than 5 minutes. No skills required.

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Choose an experienced tech partner.

Weezevent was chosen for the biggest events: festivals, sports clubs, shows, etc. With our ready-to-use tools for your website, our training resources, and tracking dashboards we know how to cater to festivals with hundreds of thousands of attendees just as well as the smallest events.

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A cashless revolution at Boomtown

Watch how cashless technology contributed to the success of the Boomtown festival.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Which device should I choose as my event’s cashless system?

    There are several options to choose from
    There are as many devices as you can think of! Almost anything is possible when it comes to devices and customisation. Highly appreciated of festival organisers, the wristband is convenient and can be used as an access ticket to an event. The card is also appreciated by planners because this solution is both convenient and reassuring. Regardless of your choice, our cards and wristbands are made from 60% recycled PVC.

  • How does cashless work prior to the event?

    From your website
    When an attendee purchases his/her ticket online or through traditional retailers, he/she can create and top-up their cashless account using the ticket’s bar-code. On the day of the event, his/her ticket will be linked to the NFC device and the attendee can immediately spend the money on the account. If the attendee purchases their ticket from a Weezevent ticketing plug-in, he/she can directly top-up the account at check-out!

  • Is the system reliable and secure?

    It is very safe
    Our payment module is secure and certified by GlobalSign, which prevents visualisation of banking data by non-authorised people through encryption of the data transmission. The safety of your money and that of the attendees is essential and we make sure to keep it secure. During your event, cashless systems reduce the risk of fraud and prevent theft!