9 reasons to choose cashless over contactless payment

9 reasons to choose cashless over contactless payment

Discover 9 reasons why you should implement a cashless payment system rather than a contactless one. For a festival, club or any type of event, cashless payment is a far better solution than contactless payment for maximising revenue, providing an immersive experience and managing attendee data.

The only way to safely maximise onsite revenue

1 – Cashless payments can work 100% offline, while contactless payments are totally dependent on a Wi-Fi/4G network. This allows you to use the system continuously without having to worry about network constraints and to secure your payments in the event of a loss of network.

2 – Cashless payments increase spend-per-head through online top-ups both before and during the event.

3 – Our cashless payment solution offers Covid-secure Click & Collect and Click & Delivery options. Read about our online pre-order tool and get in touch to see how we can implement it now.

The only way to offer an immersive attendee experience

4 – Cashless payments provide the foundations for adding digital access control and brand activations.

5 – With a cashless payment system gamification features can be used to provide fun, immersive and rewarding experiences for your attendees.

6 – Reward sustainable behaviour by tracking on-site actions and highlight your green ambitions.

The only way to manage your attendee data

7 – Effortlessly collect contact details and consumption data from all your attendees. The organiser can track attendees’ behaviour, including types of purchases, consumption peaks, etc. This is impossible with contactless payment as all data is collected by the bank alone.

8 – Create targeted marketing campaigns with your attendees’ contact details and consumption data. Measure the results of your actions with precise indicators, including open rates, turnover generated, and so on.

9 – Identify and reward your most loyal attendees to develop a long-lasting link. Grow your community with trusted ambassadors.

Every event is unique. Let’s discuss the benefits of cashless payment for your organisation:

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