Our virtual queuing system: secure, fast and fair

Are you planning to sell tickets for a high-traffic event? Does the demand for your event exceed the supply of available tickets? Discover the benefits of an integrated virtual queuing system to sell your tickets quickly, securely and fairly. Don’t let high traffic compromise your event.

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Simplicity and fairness.

From the moment your tickets go on sale, visitors are placed in a virtual queue. They are then directed to the buying stage at a controlled rate to ensure that their buying experience is smooth, transparent and fair.

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Controlled and secure.

Our solution allows you to control the number of buyers arriving on your online ticketing platform in real time, preventing website overload. Give your attendees the ultimate buying experience.

An optimal buying experience.

Landing on a website to find an error message or a frozen screen is highly frustrating. With Weezevent’s virtual queuing system, whether for random or allocated seating, you can guarantee each of your visitors a smooth buying experience, even during traffic spikes.

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Suitable for all events.

Our virtual queuing solutions are suitable for all types of events and experiences that attract a high volume of traffic:


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Frequently asked questions

What is the average waiting time for a user in Weezevent's virtual queue?

Waiting time depends on traffic volume and the number of available tickets. Our system is designed to minimise waiting time while guaranteeing that tickets are distributed fairly.

How does Weezevent deal with unexpected traffic spikes?

Weezevent was designed to efficiently manage traffic spikes, even when they are unexpected. Our solution adjusts the number of users who have access to your website to make sure it remains stable and operational.

What happens if a user leaves the queue?

If a user leaves the queue, they will lose their place. If they come back later, they will have to join the end of the queue.

How does Weezevent guarantee a transparent experience for users in the queue?

Each user in the queue is given an estimation of their remaining waiting time and is informed of the number of people ahead of them. This provides a transparent waiting experience and reduces user frustration.

Is there a limit to how many users a Weezevent queue can handle?

No, the queue is designed to handle a very high volume of traffic. Whether you are expecting several hundred or several thousand visitors, our solution can manage the load.

What is the virtual queue's impact on website traffic?

The virtual queue has no impact on your website’s traffic. If there is a risk of your site not being able to handle the expected load, Weezevent provides you with tools to get around the problem and avoid traffic spikes that could lead to technical issues.

Does Weezevent offer other services besides virtual queuing?

Yes, Weezevent offers a range of services to help event organisers give their attendees an outstanding overall experience. This includes online ticketing, reservation management, access control, cashless payment and more.

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