Ensuring confidentiality and safety of personal data and customer transactions is our number one priority.


Weezevent is a French company structured as an SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) with a share capital of €72,212. Its headquarters are in Dijon, France and its offices are based in Saint-Denis, France. As any SAS, Weezevent’s accounts are audited and approved by an external auditor, whose role is to assess the honesty and legality of annual accounts issued by the company. In order to do this, he or she assesses the company’s accounts, finances and risks. We can therefore state that Weezevent is a profitable company supported by strong shareholders.

With regards to the funds generated by the sale of tickets carried out by Weezevent, they are kept safe and in escrow on a dedicated bank account at CIC bank. The purpose being to protect all our event planners from both external and management risk. This dedicated account is solely used to collect money from ticket sales and to pay event planners twice monthly on the basis of invoices/accountability reporting. This attribution of funds to the customers can therefore occur at any time. This financial policy guarantees our financial integrity as well as that of the event planners who trust us. It is an important commitment for Weezevent, protecting us from the risks of bankruptcy that have happened to other, less safe and less demanding, ticketing companies.

In terms of IT safety, internal and external IT audits are regularly carried out and Weezevent constantly looks to apply all current safety standards widely accepted by e-commerce and IT stakeholders (https, 3DSecure, SSL, etc.).

Personal data constitutes another challenge. At Weezevent, we consider that all data collected for our clients is private. This is why we have put in place strict and specific safety and privacy policies. Thus, Buyers do not have to create user accounts with Weezevent. This enables us to work, for instance, with the French Data Privacy and Protection Officers Association (l’Association Française des Correspondants à la Protection des Données à Caractère Personnel). Finally, we control and store data so that you may enjoy it at any time.


Our safe ETP (Electronic Payment Terminal) enabling online payments with bank cards is hosted by the IT platform of our bank, CIC: Monetico Paiement. Monetico Paiement ensures secure online payments using the SSL Protocol for safe online shopping transactions.

In 2009, Weezevent was granted approval from the GIE (Groupement d’Intérêt Economique or Economic Interest Grouping) to accept bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, CB). We also comply with safety regulations (PCI), a strong commitment to safety supported by all credit agencies. Furthermore, Weezevent was granted approval by American Express in late 2011. All payments carried out from the Weezevent platforms are channeled through Weezevent’s ETP, hosted by secure servers of the CIC bank’s Monetico Paiement solution.

Weezevent’s technology is also compatible with 3DSecure norms, a secure online payment protocol. This protocol was developed by Visa and adopted by Mastercard to increase the safety level of transactions. It allows for better authentication of the payment card owner while carrying out online purchases. Secure payment by CIC Bank


Amazon Web Services hosts Weezevent’s servers and provides 24/7 support services. The company is specialised in server hosting and outsourcing, interconnection of IT networks, and management of secure internet service for businesses. A team is on call 24/7 to quickly solve unexpected issues.

Weezevent’s servers are hosted by Amazon, who also manages hosting services for CanalPlus, Alcatel-Lucent and Spotify websites among others.

Amazon’s hosting solutions have been designed to supply maximal availability, safety and reliability. Hosting rooms are connected to the core networks of several telecoms suppliers via very high speed fiber-optic connections. Services are supervised, monitored and remotely managed by technical teams 24/7.


Treatment of personal and private data stored by Weezevent complies with the French Data Protection Act (loi « Informatique et Libertés »). This is filed with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) under the receipt number 1291474.

Any person included in the data has permanent right to access and edit data about themselves, in compliance with current EU and domestic law (loi du 6 janvier 1978).

For the sake of safety, this database was also submitted to the APP (French Agency for Program Protection).

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