Ensur­ing con­fid­en­ti­al­ity and safety of per­son­al data and cus­tom­er trans­ac­tions is our num­ber one pri­or­ity.


Weezevent is a French com­pany struc­tured as an SAS (Société par Actions Sim­pli­fiée) with a share cap­it­al of €72,212. Its headquar­ters are in Dijon, France and its offices are based in Saint-Denis, France. As any SAS, Weezevent’s accounts are audited and approved by an extern­al aud­it­or, whose role is to assess the hon­esty and leg­al­ity of annu­al accounts issued by the com­pany. In order to do this, he or she assesses the company’s accounts, fin­ances and risks. We can there­fore state that Weezevent is a prof­it­able com­pany sup­por­ted by strong share­hold­ers.

With regards to the funds gen­er­ated by the sale of tick­ets car­ried out by Weezevent, they are kept safe and in escrow on a ded­ic­ated bank account at CIC bank. The pur­pose being to pro­tect all our event plan­ners from both extern­al and man­age­ment risk. This ded­ic­ated account is solely used to col­lect money from tick­et sales and to pay event plan­ners twice monthly on the basis of invoices/accountability report­ing. This attri­bu­tion of funds to the cus­tom­ers can there­fore occur at any time. This fin­an­cial policy guar­an­tees our fin­an­cial integ­rity as well as that of the event plan­ners who trust us. It is an import­ant com­mit­ment for Weezevent, pro­tect­ing us from the risks of bank­ruptcy that have happened to oth­er, less safe and less demand­ing, tick­et­ing com­pan­ies.

In terms of IT safety, intern­al and extern­al IT audits are reg­u­larly car­ried out and Weezevent con­stantly looks to apply all cur­rent safety stand­ards widely accep­ted by e-com­merce and IT stake­hold­ers (https, 3DSecure, SSL, etc.).

Per­son­al data con­sti­tutes anoth­er chal­lenge. At Weezevent, we con­sider that all data col­lec­ted for our cli­ents is private. This is why we have put in place strict and spe­cif­ic safety and pri­vacy policies. Thus, Buy­ers do not have to cre­ate user accounts with Weezevent. This enables us to work, for instance, with the French Data Pri­vacy and Pro­tec­tion Officers Asso­ci­ation (l’Association Française des Cor­res­pond­ants à la Pro­tec­tion des Don­nées à Cara­ctère Per­son­nel). Finally, we con­trol and store data so that you may enjoy it at any time.


Weezevent has been Glob­alSign cer­ti­fied since 2012. Glob­alSign is a glob­al cer­ti­fic­a­tion organ­isa­tion provid­ing cer­ti­fic­a­tion products.

The cer­ti­fic­ate used (SSL Cer­ti­fic­ate with Web serv­er Exten­ded Val­id­a­tion) encrypts the con­nec­tion with a 256 bits encryp­tion, which is the safest iden­tity authen­tic­a­tion norm to date. Pay­ment pages in par­tic­u­lar are encryp­ted before the online trans­fer of date and before the trans­fer from one com­puter to anoth­er, mak­ing it impossible to be seen by non-author­ized per­son­nel. This safety pro­tocol also uses HTTPS norms (instead of HTTP) from serv­ers. This is veri­fi­able at pay­ment step by look­ing at the safety inform­a­tion in the address bar of your browser. In the event that HTTPS does not dis­play, this may be due to the tick­et­ing sys­tem being dir­ectly integ­rated to the Planner’s web­site, how­ever this does not jeop­ard­ize pay­ment safety. 


Our safe ETP (Elec­tron­ic Pay­ment Ter­min­al) enabling online pay­ments with bank cards is hos­ted by the IT plat­form of our bank, CIC: Mon­et­ico Paiement. Mon­et­ico Paiement ensures secure online pay­ments using the SSL Pro­tocol for safe online shop­ping trans­ac­tions.

In 2009, Weezevent was gran­ted approv­al from the GIE (Groupe­ment d’Intérêt Eco­nomique or Eco­nom­ic Interest Group­ing) to accept bank cards (Visa, Mas­ter­card, CB). We also com­ply with safety reg­u­la­tions (PCI), a strong com­mit­ment to safety sup­por­ted by all cred­it agen­cies. Fur­ther­more, Weezevent was gran­ted approv­al by Amer­ic­an Express in late 2011. All pay­ments car­ried out from the Weezevent plat­forms are channeled through Weezevent’s ETP, hos­ted by secure serv­ers of the CIC bank’s Mon­et­ico Paiement solu­tion.

Weezevent’s tech­no­logy is also com­pat­ible with 3DSecure norms, a secure online pay­ment pro­tocol. This pro­tocol was developed by Visa and adop­ted by Mas­ter­card to increase the safety level of trans­ac­tions. It allows for bet­ter authen­tic­a­tion of the pay­ment card own­er while car­ry­ing out online pur­chases. Secure pay­ment by CIC Bank


Amazon Web Ser­vices hosts Weezevent’s serv­ers and provides 247 sup­port ser­vices. The com­pany is spe­cial­ised in serv­er host­ing and out­sourcing, inter­con­nec­tion of IT net­works, and man­age­ment of secure inter­net ser­vice for busi­nesses. A team is on call 247 to quickly solve unex­pec­ted issues.

Weezevent’s serv­ers are hos­ted by Amazon, who also man­ages host­ing ser­vices for CanalPlus, Alc­a­tel-Lucent and Spo­ti­fy web­sites among oth­ers.

Amazon’s host­ing solu­tions have been designed to sup­ply max­im­al avail­ab­il­ity, safety and reli­ab­il­ity. Host­ing rooms are con­nec­ted to the core net­works of sev­er­al tele­coms sup­pli­ers via very high speed fiber-optic con­nec­tions. Ser­vices are super­vised, mon­itored and remotely man­aged by tech­nic­al teams 247.


Treat­ment of per­son­al and private data stored by Weezevent com­plies with the French Data Pro­tec­tion Act (loi « Inform­atique et Liber­tés »). This is filed with the Com­mis­sion Nationale de l’Informatique et des Liber­tés (CNIL) under the receipt num­ber 1291474.

Any per­son included in the data has per­man­ent right to access and edit data about them­selves, in com­pli­ance with cur­rent EU and domest­ic law (loi du 6 jan­vi­er 1978).

For the sake of safety, this data­base was also sub­mit­ted to the APP (French Agency for Pro­gram Pro­tec­tion).

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