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An online regisĀ­tration system for your events, your activĀ­ities or your services is necessary to the success of your planning. Convenient, online event regisĀ­traĀ­tions simplify management of your planning and enable you to create a real digital brand. Make the most of all the WeezTicket features and its compreĀ­hensive and user-friendly event regisĀ­tration solution. Donā€™t wait and sign up for free now.

Efficiently manage your event registrations

  • For all budgets

    Our system does not use ads, required no commitment and is free for free regisĀ­traĀ­tions. No unnecessary spending. You only pay for what you sell. Receive your money directly within a fortnight.

  • A support at your service

    Any questions? Our tech support is always responsive and available 24ā„7. It will help you in real time!

  • Multiple possibilities

    Quick creation of a minisite, integĀ­ration of a widget on your site, stats in real time, segmentĀ­ation of the partiĀ­cipants, customised regisĀ­tration form, automatic emails, etc. Make the most of all our services.

An online registration site thatā€™s simple and user-friendly

Creating an event regisĀ­tration website has never been that easy. Setting up your online regisĀ­tration will only take a few minutes. Publishing your site will not require any prior IT experĀ­ience. Easy and compreĀ­hensive, your site will offer a customised regisĀ­tration solution to your partiĀ­cipants in a few clicks, using your colour scheme, with your own email content and more.

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An event registration software that leaves you in control

Manage your different lists of attendees thanks to our online regisĀ­tration software. Create and segment your members Ā» list, categorise your attendees according to the criteria you need (age, gender, hobbies, VIPs, Press, etc). AutomatĀ­ically remind partiĀ­cipants by email after regisĀ­tration. We have thought of everything, so that you donā€™t have to worry.


An online registration service with many features.

Our event regisĀ­tration service includes many features that will meet your needs. Customised forms, automatic email confirmĀ­aĀ­tions, informĀ­ation on available accomĀ­modĀ­ation near your event, customised invites, dedicated microsite for regisĀ­traĀ­tions, integĀ­ration of a widget to your own website, etc. The possibĀ­ilĀ­ities are endless!

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  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Designed for your event
  • No minimum required
  • Earnings paid every 2 weeks

The importance of the registration form

It is important to have all the required info for each partiĀ­cipant so that your event can go according to plan. You wish to know the average age of attendees? Add a Ā« date of birth Ā» field to your form. You only have limited parking spaces? Ask your partiĀ­cipants how they will get to the event. A good event regisĀ­tration form takes into considĀ­erĀ­ation all the benefits as well as the limitĀ­aĀ­tions of your planning, and asks the necessary questions to attendees to anticipate solutions. WeezTicket allows you to completely customise your event regisĀ­tration form to better meet all your expectĀ­aĀ­tions.

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Online registration for clubs

Online regisĀ­tration is a real value added for a club. Beginners, Experts, Juniors, etc. so many names seem difficult to manage. Donā€™t make your life harder than it should be: create categories for your online regisĀ­traĀ­tions and let your members choose the best adapted category themselves. Limit the number of available spots if youā€™d like to prevent overbooking.
Chasing after your members Ā» payment fee or receiving different kinds of payments is not pleasant. Our online regisĀ­tration solution allows you to manage and secure your online payments. Ask your members to provide the various documents you need to collect at the time of regisĀ­tration or by email after the regisĀ­tration, and donā€™t waste any more time chasing after them. Choosing our online regisĀ­tration solution for your club means an easier life! Ā»


Online registration for all your events

Choosing an online regisĀ­tration system for all your events means simpliĀ­fying your admin and saving time for your attendees. Category, age limit, transport used to get to the location, etc. A lot of factors have to be taken in considĀ­erĀ­ation when planning an event. Simply collect all the informĀ­ation needed for the smooth running of your event using our solution! DigitĀ­alise your event and choose our event regisĀ­tration software. Societies, profesĀ­sionals, individuals, etc. WeezTicket will meet all your needs. Easy to use, our platform is compreĀ­hensive, free and ad-free!

  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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