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Choose simple and efficient solutions, which can be tailored to all types of parties to guarantee the best possible experience for your staff and guests: online and on-site ticket sales, invitations, access control and CRM.

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WeezTicket Billets

Create a ticketing system to fit your party's image.

Your ticketing system is your first point of contact with guests. Make it an experience worthy of your party!

Design your event

Set up one-time or recurring parties and define specific prices for each category of attendees.

Design your forms

Gather key information about your audience to fine-tune your communications strategy and tailor your offer to your attendees’ needs and preferences.

Use custom visuals

Strengthen your brand identity by customising visuals on your tickets and order confirmation emails. Create tickets that reflect your party or your club’s unique spirit, while providing all essential information about the event.

Publish your ticket sales page

In just a few clicks, publish a custom mini-website to sell tickets for your event or add a ticketing module to your website. Start selling your tickets without any prior technical experience and create a smooth and enjoyable buying experience for your spectators.

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  • Revenue transferred every 15 days
  • You only pay if you sell
  • Compatible with all screens
  • No processing of your data

Sell your tickets online to reach a wider audience.

Reach your guests wherever they are and provide them with a buying experience just as special as your parties.

Ticketing mini-site

In just a few clicks, publish a mini-site dedicated to your party, featuring an online ticketing system along with essential information, your calendar and your visual content.

Ticketing module

Easily integrate a ticketing module into your existing website. Give your attendees a smooth buying and booking experience without them needing to create an account or leave your website.

Multi-event module

Publish all your events on a single ticketing platform. Allow your customers to see all the events you are organising at a glance so that they can easily book their ticket for the one that most interests them.


Send invitations with just one click from your user interface, or delegate a quota of invitations to your partners so that they can distribute them themselves.

Special offers

Create and promote special offers that are tailored to your attendees.

  • Multilingual management
  • White label
  • Buy without creating an account

Simplify on-site ticket sales.

Our digital box offices for on-site ticket sales are fast and intuitive, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: your party’s success.

  • Efficient box offices: Our box offices are designed to provide efficient service, allowing you to print tickets on the spot and minimise waiting time at the entrance to your party or club.
  • Real-time tracking: Get a real-time overview of your sales progress and the status of your POS system for a precise and up-to-date picture of your earnings.
  • Secure transactions: Guarantee that all transactions are secure by using a secure connection and by fully archiving all operations until the sales report is published.
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Smooth, secure access to your party

Reduce queuing with our access control solution, designed to ensure a smooth and secure experience for your attendees and staff.

Manage access rights

Set up your access control lists according to the rights granted to different groups of attendees, and gain more control over entrances and access to dressing rooms, VIP areas, etc.

Diverse access control solutions

Choose from a range of access control solutions according to your specific needs: our free app, our professional portable terminals, control from your computer, or access lists.

Engage in real-time tracking and reporting

Access detailed participation reports and export your data to perform an in-depth analysis. Get a better understanding of your event’s dynamics, even while the party is in full swing.

Combine comfort and efficiency

Thanks to a large screen for optimal readability, a colour display showing the status of tickets and personalised messages requesting supporting documents, access control can become a smooth and enjoyable experience for your staff.

terminaux weezaccess pro

Use the data you collect at your parties.

Make the most of your data’s potential to optimise how you organise your parties.

Real-time tracking

Access your dashboard at any time to track your event’s key indicators, which are updated in real time.

Participation reports

Use our participation reports and analyse the data you collect to get a better view of your performance and perfect your organisation to plan future parties.

Data export

Export all data pertaining to your parties and analyse it with your own analytics tools. Turn your data into an opportunity to improve and personalise your parties.

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Communicate with each and every guest.

Maximise the impact of your communications and improve your relationship with your guests thanks to our CRM solution, specially designed for parties and clubs.

Event CRM

Gather together your ticketing data in a dedicated CRM to better understand your audience and meet their expectations. Save time and work more efficiently thanks to real-time updates, with no manual processing required.

Custom segmentation and targeting

Segment your audience according to their buying behaviour and their preferences. Manually or dynamically segment audiences, launch precise campaigns and measure their impact in real time.

Innovative campaigns

Take your communications to the next level by launching loyalty campaigns, personalising messages and scheduling exclusive sales. Try out new offers and build a network of trusted ambassadors thanks to our high-performance, intuitive interface.

Performance tracking

Get a clear picture of your campaigns’ effectiveness. Track performance in real time with precise indicators such as turnover, email open rate and sales progress.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I customise my ticketing system?

Our solution allows you to plan a one-time or recurring party, with open or allocated seating, and set specific prices for different groups. You can also customise the visuals on your tickets and order confirmation emails so that they reflect your party’s unique spirit.

Is your solution easy to use?

Yes, our solution is designed to be easy to use. You can publish your page in just a few clicks, without needing any prior technical experience, and immediately start selling tickets online. We also offer an intuitive interface for selling tickets on-site.

Does your solution include an access control system?

Yes, we provide an access control system designed to ensure a smooth and secure experience for your guests and staff. You can create access control lists according to the rights granted to each group of guests and choose from a range of access control solutions to suit your specific needs.

How can I use your solution to analyse the data I collect at my parties?

Our solution provides you with a dashboard displaying your event’s key indicators in real time, detailed participation reports and the option to export all the information pertaining to your parties. You can use this data to improve and personalise your parties.

How and when is ticketing revenue transferred to my account?

Ticketing revenue is transferred every 15 days. You only pay if you sell tickets, which guarantees a risk-free return on investment.

Is your ticketing system compatible with all screens?

Yes, our ticketing system is compatible with all screens, which guarantees a smooth buying experience for all your attendees, whatever device they use.

Do your solutions ensure that transactions are secure and that data is protected?

Absolutely, we guarantee that all your transactions are secure by using a secure connection and by fully archiving all operations. Furthermore, we never use your information, as we fully respect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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