Manage and coordinate your volunteers & staff

Staff & Accreditation

Radically simplify the management of your various groups. Registration, role assignment, accreditation, communication… Everything is centralised in a complete and modular solution.

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They use WeezCrew.

Over 1,000 events trust WeezCrew for optimal and efficient management of their volunteers and staff.

Team management from A to Z.

Say goodbye to the hassle of recruitment, scheduling, or sending out email campaigns. WeezCrew handles all this organisation in just a few clicks, ensuring peace of mind and time savings.

Team recruitment

Members can easily sign up for your event. All you need to do is create a form that’s secure, customisable, and tailored to your needs.

Mission creation

You can create a detailed job description, incorporating geolocation and the specific hours the person will need to work during your event.

Roles assignment

Considering the availability and preferences indicated by each member, WeezCrew assists you in quickly and accurately assigning them to suitable missions.


Depending on their roles and responsibilities, WeezCrew enables member accreditation for different areas, ensuring efficient and secure access management of your event.


The platform allows you to send targeted SMS and emails to your teams. You can segment them based on roles, schedule the sendings, and collect real-time SMS responses. This is useful for retaining, maintaining engagement, and motivating your teams.

  • +1,000 Events
  • From 10 to 10,000 volunteers
  • 24/7 Customer Service

The ideal tool for all your teams.

WeezCrew adapts to various types of participants, offering tailored features for each group involved in your event.


An essential person for the event’s success, requiring an easy registration process and precise tracking for assigning their specific missions.

Staff - Contractor

A key individual in the organisation, whether an internal member or an external contractor, benefiting from accreditation for a defined and crucial role.

Media - Professional

Professionals applying for accreditation online, subject to validation and potentially payable.


An individual granted accreditation with specific rights according to agreements established with the event.


"Volunteer management is a real time investment between registrations, assignments, and communication. We were looking for a solution dedicated solely to this. With WeezCrew, all data is centralized in one place. Working with the software saves invaluable time on other missions."

Jérémy Larson Co-founder of Playground Event Agency

"We chose to work with WeezCrew to be closer to our volunteers. The communication features offered are really interesting. Moreover, planning missions on a single platform is a real time saver for us."

Thomas Vaugelade Country Manager France – Spartan

"Our way of operating was becoming outdated given the number of volunteers active throughout the festival. We were particularly attracted to WeezCrew for its structure and ease of use. There is intuitive management in the setting up of missions and assignments. The smart matching allowed us to avoid any errors and duplicates. I really recommend WeezCrew to festival organizers for their next editions."

Maxime Nolly General Director – Festival Woodstower

"Thanks to WeezCrew, we plan everything in advance to be completely serene on the day of our race: t-shirts, meals, accommodations, driving permits to send to the prefecture... Dozens of hours saved thanks to this simple and innovative solution!"

Frédéric Farinetti Race Director – Trail Volodalen du Jura

A complete and modular solution.

With WeezCrew, enjoy a comprehensive, integrated platform tailored to the specific needs of each event organiser.

Time saving

WeezCrew automates all processes for managing your groups, from registration to electronic signing. Freeing up time for more strategic actions.

Budget control

With complete visibility over all your teams, optimise your costs, whether for catering, reception spaces, or accommodation.

User experience

Ensure total fluidity, clear communication, and eliminate friction points to guarantee the satisfaction of all your groups.

Tracking & analysis

Improve your organisation from one edition to the next through detailed data analysis. Refine the qualification of groups and leverage integration with other tools to go even further.

Weezevent interconnection

Benefit from an interconnection between all Weezevent solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and offer the most fluid user experience.

Your Volunteers, Your Data, Your Community

Data is yours only, it is stored in spaces dedicated to your organisation. You remain the owners of your volunteers’ data, which are neither pooled nor shared with other organisers.

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Features for every event

  • Form creation
  • Team administration
  • Automatically issue passes & accreditation
  • Individual or group registrations
  • Campaign creation
  • Accreditation creation
  • Mission definition
  • Application moderation
  • Campaign management

Choose efficiency.

Opt for WeezCrew, a solution that combines simplicity and performance for managing your groups.

Dedicated support

With WeezCrew, you get tailored support. Our team of experts guides you at every step of your volunteer management project.

Quick deployment

It only takes a few minutes to create your first mission, your registration form, and recruit your first volunteers.

Ease of use

No need to be a computer expert to use WeezCrew; the solution is very easy to understand. Its intuitive handling makes managing groups accessible to everyone.

From 100 to 10,000 Volunteers

Whether you need to manage 100, 1,000, or even 10,000 volunteers, WeezCrew perfectly adapts to the scale of your event.


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