Grand Prix de France F1

The Formula 1 French Grand Prix sends the ticketing counters into turmoil!

An unexpected return for a race watched by millions.

In action
  • 74 000 tickets sold.
  • 56% purchased online.
  • 20 grandstands created.
  • 25 people on the Weezevent support team.

Close to 3 millions viewers on TV

This is a must-watch for car racing fans. The French Grand Prix, a legendary race in the Formula 1 world champi­onship, gathers the top 20 inter­na­tional F1 drivers. They race each other on the Paul Ricard racetrack that was fully renovated for that unmissable event returning to France at the Castellet, in the Var region, after a 10 year break.

51,000 grandstand seats

For this large-scale event, the Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet trusted Weezevent, not only for its ticket sales and access control, but also and more import­antly for allocated seating. 20 grand­stands were specially built for the occasion along the racetrack to offer viewpoints over 6 areas, including the start line and the finish turn. Thus, thanks to our custom ticket module, parti­cipants could choose their seating area first, their grand­stand, then their ticket type. Then our smart alloc­ation system assigns a seat to the customer.

160,000 people to welcome

With close to 45% of sales made by December, waiting time and high turnout were expected. Our WeezA­ccess check-in solution allowed to control access at the event’s seven entrances based on the categories of attendees and seating area access. Our teams on the ground trained volun­teers and ensured smooth opera­tions and maintenance of the equipment.

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