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FC Lausanne-Sport: a growing club

FC Lausanne-Sport is supported by Weezevent in its growth strategy through a complete ticketing solution and a “No cash” payment system.

In action
  • 12 500 spectator capacity
  • 24 points of sale
  • 96 device deployed

On the 12th September 2021 FC Lausanne-Sport (LS) opened its sumptuous Tuilière stadium to a full house of 12,500 fans. The stadium represents the spearhead of the new growth strategy of FC Lausanne-Sport. As a partner, Weezevent has worked closely with the club to provide a complete ticketing solution with a “No cash” payment system.

Immersive ticketing

From the very beginning of their customer journey fans can imagine themselves at future matches. This is made possible by combining three technological solutions developed by Weezevent : numbered placements, 3D modeling of the stadium and 2D visualization of the seats. Thanks to immersive online ticketing, FC Lausanne-Sport was the first Swiss football club to offer its members and visitors an augmented purchasing experience.

Although online ticket sales are open until the first whistle of every game, FC Lausanne-Sport also deploys an on-site ticketing service at their box office powered by Weezevent on match days. With this dual approach, the club has listened to the preferences of its diverse fanbase and acted accordingly.

With the idea of enriching the “fan experience”, FC Lausanne-Sport has chosen to personalise all the elements associated with ticketing (season tickets, tickets sold online and on-site). This personalisation is used as a communication lever to accompany and guide supporters into the stadium.

Hybrid access control

FC Lausanne-Sport is the first of Weezevent’s clients to use Skidata access readers and turnstiles, a solution that was specifically developed for this occasion. As a result the access control operation is carried out in a fluid and completely automated way thanks to the collaboration between FC Lausanne-Sport, Skidata and Weezevent.

100 % dematerialised payments

FC Lausanne-Sport has taken advantage of its move to a new stadium to revolutionise the payment methods on the ground. Whether for merchandising, food or drinks, all payments are now dematerialised.
This solution, called “No cash”, is carried out through a single mobile device. This device has all the necessary functions: secure payment, NFC chip reloading and spectator reimbursement.

“No cash” payments have the advantage of giving FC Lausanne-Sport fans a great deal of freedom, while at the same time eliminating the organisational burden associated with managing cash. To pay for their drinks attendees have 4 options: their season ticket/card, a cashless card for visiting fans, credit/debit card and the mobile app TWINT.

Point of sale management and reduced queues

Another benefit of “No Cash” is its ease and speed of use. Like so many other football stadiums the bars at FC Lausanne-Sport are very busy before the start of each match and during half-time. The “No-cash” system makes it possible to manage these critical moments thanks to a number of factors: elimination of cash payments, fast order processing, reduced human errors etc. Queues are reduced, fans do not miss any important moments of the game and sales are maximised.

As each transaction is centralised via Weezpay, FC Lausanne-Sport receives detailed reports on the sales made at each match in real time. This way, the club can better manage its stock and staffing levels according to the exact number of expected sales.

Communication adapted to each audience

Thanks to WeezTarget (Weezevent’s CRM tool), FC Lausanne-Sport can create specific audience groups (families, fans, young people, etc.) and then establish a communication strategy specific to each group. With a style adapted to each audience, tailored marketing campaigns have more impact and are proven to be more effective.

These tools, and all the information derived from them, also allow FC Lausanne-Sport to have a global vision of the “fan experience”, a key element in the club’s growth strategy.

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FC Lausanne-Sport

Weezevent has been able to respond to the challenges we face with the new stadium and the growth of the club. Their integrated and complete solution, which covers our ticketing needs and payment systems, is a real contribution to our administrative and financial management. In addition, their fast, local and quality service with dedicated teams is a real plus.

David Favrod Marketing Coordinator of FC Lausanne-Sport

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