Ticketing & registration solutions for leisure activities

Choose simple and efficient solutions, which can be tailored to the type of leisure activities you run to guarantee the best possible experience for you and your participants: online ticket sales, registration management, access control and CRM.

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Create a ticketing system tailored to your activities.

Your ticketing system is your first point of contact with participants. Make it an experience worthy of your leisure activities!

Create your event

Create a one-time or recurring leisure activity and define a range of prices tailored to each group of participants, whether it’s for individual tickets or tickets for families and groups.

Design your forms

Registration forms are the ideal tool to get to know your participants better. Customise forms according to their different profiles and collect useful information that will allow you to optimise communications and improve your future sessions.

Customise your visual media

Customise visuals on your tickets and emails to highlight the unique features of your leisure activities. Your tickets will reflect your brand and contain all the information participants need to know.

Publish your registration page

In just a few clicks, make a custom standalone registration page or add one to your website. Without any prior technical experience, start selling your tickets and managing registrations with ease, while creating a smooth buying experience for your participants.

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Sell your tickets online to widen your reach.

Reach your participants wherever they are and offer them the ultimate buying experience.

Ticketing and registration mini-site

In just a few clicks, publish a mini-site dedicated to your leisure activities with a built-in ticketing system. You can add useful information, your event programme, visuals, and any other content that makes your activity unique.

Ticketing and registration module

Easily add a registration module to your existing website. Give your participants a convenient buying experience without them leaving your site.

Calendar module

Bring all your recurring activities together in one place and sell multiple sessions through a single ticketing module. Simplify your participants’ experience, as well as your own!

Additional sales

Increase your revenue by offering additional sessions, meetings with guides, premium activities or on-site sales. Enhance your participants’ experience with these additional services.

  • Multilingual management
  • White label
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Efficiently manage registrations for your leisure activities.

Guarantee an outstanding experience to each and every person taking part in your activity, while keeping complete control over registrations to manage them with ease.

  • Managing registrations: Once their registration has been confirmed, your participants receive a confirmation email, which they can present when your activity begins.
  • Special offers: Quickly create and promote special offers tailored to your participants to reward their engagement. For example, offer a discount for registrations to several activities at once, or provide promotional codes so that participants can bring a friend.
  • Automatic reminders: Limit no-shows by sending automatic reminders before each session.
  • Cancellations and refunds: Easily manage cancellations and refund requests. You can create a refund policy to suit you and ensure that it is clear to all of your participants.
  • Online reservations: Offer your participants an intuitive and engaging ticket reservation experience
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Manage your fees and memberships online.

Easily manage fees and memberships for your leisure activities. Our comprehensive easy-to-use solution allows you to minimise errors, accurately track your progress and guarantee optimal management of your activities.

Manage fee collections

Set precise opening and closing dates for the payment of fees. This flexibility allows you to remain fully in control of membership periods.

Set your own fees and quotas

Set fixed or free amounts as fees, according to your needs and those of your members. Set an overall quota or a quota by membership price to limit the number of members and maintain the quality standard of your activities.

Collect documents

Our system allows you to collect all the paperwork and supporting documents required to register for your activities. Save time by simplifying your administrative processes.

Accept various payment methods

Accept various payment methods, including payment in cash, to suit your members’ preferences.

Send membership confirmation

Send a confirmation email once the payment has been processed. Ensure clear communication and build your members’ trust at every step of the process.

Promote your membership system

Give your community the chance to become members so that they can register to future activities more easily and receive discounts. Encourage long-term engagement with your leisure activities.


Smooth, secure access to your activities.

Guarantee a secure hassle-free entry process for your participants by using our access control solution.

Manage access rights

Create access control lists according to the rights granted to each different group of participants. Efficiently manage registration and access to different activities or sessions.

Choose your access control solutions

Choose from a range of access control solutions designed to suit your specific needs: our free app, our professional portable terminals, control from your computer, or printed access lists.

Engage in real-time tracking and detailed reporting

Access detailed participation reports in real time and export your data to perform a more in-depth analysis.

Enjoy a reliable, easy-to-use system

Our access control solution is designed to be both reliable and user-friendly, with a colour display showing participants’ registration status and personalised messages requesting supporting documents.

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Use the data from your leisure activities.

Use your data to improve and optimise your future activities and sessions.

  • Participation reports: Use our detailed participation reports and analyse the data you collect to get a better understanding of your performance and fine-tune your organisation for future activities. Uncover trends, identify areas of improvement and optimise your participants’ experience.
  • Data export: Export all the data pertaining to your activities and review it with your own analytics tools for a more in-depth analysis. This flexibility allows you to get the most information possible from each activity you organise.

Communicate effectively with each and every participant.

Maximise the impact of your communications and improve your relationship with your leisure activities’ participants thanks to our CRM solution.

Event CRM

Automatically store data from ticket sales in a dedicated CRM to get to know your audience better and target them more effectively. Save time and increase your efficiency thanks to real-time updates, with no manual processing required.

Custom segmentation and targeting

Develop an in-depth knowledge of your participants. Segment audiences according to their registration habits and their profiles. Manually or dynamically segment audiences, launch precise communication campaigns and measure their effectiveness in real time.

Innovative campaigns

Take your communications to the next level by launching engagement campaigns, personalising messages and scheduling reminders. Try out new offers and build an enthusiastic community thanks to our high-performance, intuitive interface.

Performance tracking

Get a clear picture of your campaigns’ effectiveness. Track performance in real time with precise indicators such as turnover, email open rate and the status of registrations.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I create an online ticketing system for the leisure activities I run?

On our platform, you can create a one-time or recurring leisure activity and define a range of prices tailored to different groups of participants. You can also customise your registration forms and visual media to better reflect your leisure activities.

How does your registration management system work?

Once their registration has been processed, participants receive a confirmation email. You can also create special offers, send automatic reminders and manage cancellations and refunds with ease.

How can I optimise the way I manage memberships online?

Our system allows you to define precise time frames in which members can pay their fees, set tailored prices, collect any documents that are required to register and accept various payment methods.

How can I guarantee secure access control for my activities?

With our access control solution, you can create access control lists according to the rights granted to each participant. We offer various options for managing access control, including a free app, professional portable terminals, control from your computer, or printed access lists.

How can I effectively use the data I collect from my leisure activities?

By using our detailed participation reports and analysing your data, you can get a better understanding of your performance and optimise your future activities. You can also export this data to perform a more in-depth analysis with your own analytics tools.

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