Privacy Policy

Legal framework

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that applies to all EU member states. This reform reinforces individual rights and requires all companies to comply with the processes involving the collection, recording, storage, sharing, and destruction of personal data by the company and its subcontractors.

Data hosting

Weezevent directly manages data hosting on Amazon Web Service’s cloud infrastructure located in Ireland. Both Weezevent and its subcontractors certify compliance with GDPR guidelines.

Management of Participant Data

Data is collected on behalf of the event organizer, who is the data owner and can legitimately use it for the event. The organizer must obtain consent through registration forms.

Data is retained for 5 years or until a deletion request is received, made directly by the organizer. Requests made to Weezevent by participants are initially forwarded to the relevant organizers (data owners).

For its records, Weezevent retains transaction details as legal proof of sales contracts, tickets, or products when involved in the transaction (a legal requirement, retained for 5 years post-event). No other use of this information is made.

Participant Banking Data

Weezevent does not process banking information. Instead, payment service providers handle payment collection and validation, each being PCI-DSS certified.

Data Usage

Access to data is restricted to the event organizer through back-office rights management. Weezevent might access data when providing support to the organizer.

Organizer accounts are kept by Weezevent as long as they are actively used and up to 5 years post-usage.

An account can be deleted upon request after email verification. Invoices and transaction-related documents between Weezevent and the organizer are retained according to prevailing accounting rules.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used technically for authentication to the platform and certain application functionalities.

Aggregate statistical cookies provide event organizers with ticket sales insights without collecting personal data.

Data Protection

Weezevent’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be reached via email at or by mail addressed to:

DPO Weezevent
10 Rue Morice
92110 Clichy

Data Security Oversight

Security is frequently audited, and our team implements all necessary technical solutions based on current best practices:

  • All exchanges between servers or with our clients are encrypted.
  • Our security protocols ensure the online transaction safety for ticketing by organizers.
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