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Choose simple and efficient solutions, which can be tailored to your upcoming events to guarantee the best possible experience for your staff and attendees: online and on-site ticket sales, allocated seating, accreditation and invitation management, access control, cashless payment, ticket resale and CRM.

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"When our audiences see a Mediatone ticketing system, they know that they are buying their tickets directly from the organiser. They come to us without the influence of a middleman so the dialogue between us is more fluid."

Eric Fillion Co-director of Mediatone

Create a ticketing system to fit your event's image.

Your ticketing system is your first point of contact with spectators. Make it an experience worthy of your concert or show!

Create your event

Offer a range of prices tailored to the different groups in your audience and configure your event, whether it is one-time or recurring, with or without seating.

Design your forms

Create booking forms that allow you to get to know your spectators and their preferences. Gather key information to optimise your communications and improve your offer.

Use custom visuals

Strengthen your brand identity by customising visuals on your tickets and order confirmation emails. Create tickets that reflect your concert or your show’s unique spirit, while providing all essential information about the event.

Publish your ticket sales page

In just a few clicks, publish a custom mini-site to sell tickets for your event or add a ticketing module to your website. Start selling your tickets without any prior technical experience and create a smooth and enjoyable buying experience for your spectators.

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  • Revenue transferred every 15 days
  • You only pay if you sell
  • Compatible with all screens
  • No processing of your data

Sell your tickets online to grow your audience.

Reach your spectators wherever they are and offer them the ultimate buying experience.

Ticketing mini-site

In just a few clicks, publish a mini-site dedicated to your concert or show, featuring an online ticketing system along with essential information, your upcoming events and your visual content.

Ticketing module

Easily integrate a ticketing module into your existing website. Give your spectators a convenient buying experience without them leaving your site.

High-demand sales

Manage high-demand sales with ease by using our virtual queuing system. Provide your spectators with a smooth buying experience, even during high-traffic ticket sales.

Additional sales

Maximise your revenue by promoting additional offers, such as merchandise or VIP meetings. Offer your spectators additional products and services to enhance their experience.

  • Multilingual management
  • White label
  • Buy without creating an account

A ticketing system for all your specific groups.

However diverse your audience, Weezevent can provide you with the tools you need to efficiently manage ticket sales for your concerts and shows.

  • Partners: Offer to delegate control to each of your partners, thanks to our invitation platform.
  • Easy invitations: Send invitations from your user interface with just one click.
  • Special offers: Reward your most loyal spectators with special deals and personalised offers.
  • Local sales outlets: Sell tickets and track your activity with our digital box offices.
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Offer allocated seating at your venue.

Guarantee your audience members a transparent and intuitive booking experience for all your concerts and shows thanks to our allocated seating functionality.

Create a 3D seating plan

Create a 2D or 3D seating plan for your concert venue or theatre. Your fans can view the exact location of their seats before purchasing their tickets.

Provide an immersive booking experience

Give your audience an intuitive and engaging experience when they book their tickets. They can select their seats in just a few clicks, making the booking process both easy and enjoyable.

Apply flexible pricing

Set different prices according to seat category and the number of available seats. Whether you are offering VIP seats, seats with a clear view of the stage or seats near the exits, our system gives you great flexibility in pricing your tickets.

Optimised access control

Thanks to the easy synchronisation of our booking system with our access control solution, you can guarantee your spectators smooth, stress-free access to your venue and avoid long queues at entrances.


Simplify on-site ticket sales.

Our on-site ticketing system is simple, efficient and secure, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: your concert or show’s success.

Efficient box offices

Our box offices are designed to speed up the process of ordering and printing tickets, thus reducing waiting time and allowing fans to quickly access your venue.

Real-time tracking

Check the progress of sales and the status of your POS system at any time for an accurate and up-to-date picture of your earnings.

Secure transactions

Our system guarantees that all transactions are secure by using a secure connection and by fully archiving all operations until the sales report is published.

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Leverage data from each of your concerts and shows.

Use your data to its full potential to improve and optimise your productions.

  • Real-time tracking: Access your dashboard at any time to track your event’s key indicators, which are updated in real time.
  • Participation reports: Use our participation reports to get a better understanding of your performance and plan future productions accordingly.
  • Data export: Export all the data you collect at your shows and concerts and analyse the information with your own analytics tools.

Smooth, secure access to your concerts & shows.

Guarantee a secure hassle-free entry process for your attendees and staff by using our access control solution.

Manage access rights

Set up your access control lists according to the rights granted to different groups of attendees and staff, and gain more control over entrances, access to dressing rooms, backstage areas, etc.

Use diverse access control solutions

Choose from a range of access control solutions to suit your specific needs: our free app, our professional portable terminals, control from your computer, or printed access lists.

Check tickets sold by distributors

Import and check tickets sold via third-party distributors to manage all tickets in one place.

Engage in real-time tracking and reporting

Access detailed participation reports and export your data to perform an in-depth analysis.

Work with reliable, ergonomic devices

Thanks to a large screen for optimal readability, a colour display showing the status of tickets and personalised messages requesting supporting documents, access control can become a smooth and enjoyable experience for your staff.

terminaux weezaccess pro

Communicate with each and every spectator.

Increase the impact of your communications tenfold and improve your relationship with spectators thanks to a CRM solution specifically tailored to concerts and shows.

Use event CRM

Automatically store data from ticket sales in a dedicated CRM to get to know your audience better and target them more effectively. Save time and work more efficiently thanks to real-time updates, with no manual processing required.

Segment and target with precision

Get to know your spectators like never before. Use advanced tools to segment your audience according to their buying behaviour and profile. Manually or dynamically segment audiences and launch precise campaigns that are measurable in real time.

Launch innovative campaigns

Take your communications to the next level by launching loyalty campaigns, personalising messages and scheduling exclusive sales. Try out new offers and create a network of trusted ambassadors thanks to our powerful, intuitive interface.

Track performance

Get a clear picture of your campaigns’ effectiveness. Track performance in real time with precise indicators such as turnover, email open rate and sales progress.

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Manage your secondary market with Weezevent.

We understand how important it is for you to fight against the black market and minimise no-shows at your concerts or shows. That’s why we offer an innovative solution to organise ticket resale between private individuals. Turn the challenge of the secondary market into an opportunity for your festival!

  • Integrate the tool into your graphics: Our ticket resale platform is designed to fit smoothly into your visual identity to ensure a coherent user experience.
  • Track resales in real time: Stay up to date with resales thanks to our real-time tracking tools. This feature provides you with a detailed overview of ticket flows on the secondary market.
  • Keep complete control over your data: With Weezevent, you remain in complete control of data pertaining to the secondary market. This transparency enables you to make informed decisions for all your future events.
  • Additional income: By allowing secure ticket resales on your website, you can generate a new source of revenue for your event.

Our cashless payment system, designed for your concerts and shows.

Give your attendees the best possible experience with our cashless payment system. Say goodbye to long queues: each transaction is fast and secure.

Less waiting, more sales

Cashless speeds up the payment process, reduces waiting time and boosts sales, as all transactions are instantaneous.

Diverse features

WeezPay includes a wide range of options: online top-ups, the option to issue refunds, pairing with tickets, NFC access control, Click & Collect orders, and more.

Durable & reliable

Our cashless solution, designed to operate even without an Internet connection, uses a triple security mechanism and autonomous terminals to guarantee maximum reliability.

Improved user experience

With our easy-to-use system, which enables fast transactions and ultra-fast top-ups via a QR code displayed on attendees’ wristbands, your attendees’ event experience is significantly enhanced.

Detailed tracking and reporting

Track your sales in real time and use your reports and dashboards to perform an in-depth analysis after the event.

Brand activation

Use cashless to easily implement marketing campaigns and sponsorship operations, drawing on scenarios to enhance your spectators’ experience.

Support & expertise

Weezevent is the leader in its field in Europe, having worked on 700 large-scale events. We offer expert advice and tried and tested methods. Your personal project manager will guarantee continuity between the preparation stage of your event and its execution.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I create a ticketing system for free?

Yes, you can create a ticketing system for free. There are no setup costs and you can register for free, with no long-term commitment. You only pay if you sell.

How can I customise my online ticketing system?

You can customise your online ticketing system by setting different prices for each of your audience groups, designing your own booking forms, and personalising the visuals on your tickets, in your order confirmation emails and on your mini-site.

How can I manage high-demand sales?

We offer a virtual queuing system that can help you manage your high-demand sales with ease.

How can your online ticketing solution help me manage seating?

With our system, you can create a 2D or 3D seating plan for your concert venue or theatre. Your fans can view the exact location of their seats before purchasing their tickets.

What solutions do you offer for managing access control?

Our access control solution allows you to set up your access control lists according to the rights granted to each group of attendees, giving you more control over entrances and access to different areas of your venue.

How can I use the data I collect at each concert or show?

We provide a dashboard that displays your event’s key indicators, updated in real time. Furthermore, by using our participation reports and by analysing all the data collected, you can get a clearer view of your performance so that you can optimise the way you plan your future productions.

How can an online ticketing solution help me manage the secondary market?

We provide an innovative solution for managing ticket resales between private individuals. This feature provides you with a detailed overview of ticket flows on the secondary market, while allowing you to keep complete control over your data.

What is a cashless payment system?

A cashless payment system is a payment method that enables attendees to carry out fast and secure transactions without using cash. Our cashless system includes a range of options, such as online top-ups, the option to issue refunds, pairing with tickets, NFC access control, and Click & Collect orders.

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