Create online invitations and manage your guests with ease

Revolutionise the way you manage and engage your guests and partners, while guaranteeing a simple yet optimal experience for everyone involved.

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Manage your invitations with ease.

Reap the benefits of an agile and efficient invitation solution, suited to all events and activities:

  • Personalise your e-mails, forms and invitations
  • Set quotas by guest category
  • Delegate the sending of invitations to your partners
  • Track and manage guests in real time
  • Send personalised messages
  • Easily check invitations on the day of the event
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  • Easy to set up and use
  • 100% customisable
  • Dedicated access for partners
  • Secure data & no ads

Offer a unique invitation experience.

Stand out from the crowd with invitations that are perfectly tailored to your event. Personalise your e-mails, forms and invitations with your images, logos and colours. Simplify the process of managing your guests with our system’s diverse features, which allow you to create guest categories, easily import and export guest lists, and collect key information during registration.


Provide your partners with their own invitation platform.

We have designed a dedicated invitation platform for your partners, providing them with their own secure and easy-to-use online area so that they can send their quota of invitations independently.

The management of these invitations is therefore fully delegated, giving you more freedom and granting your partners more flexibility. You can adjust quotas in real time and reassign unused invitations for maximum optimisation.

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Track invitations in real time & monitor your data.

Your data belongs exclusively to you – we never use your information. Access intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards to:

  • Track invitations and RSVPs in real time
  • Use the data you collect to optimise your marketing efforts
  • Send personalised e-mails at any time using our event CRM

Send your invitations in just a few clicks.

  • Configure your invitations.

    Tailor the invitation e-mail to each guest or choose to send the same message to everyone.

  • Send out your invitations.

    Send out your invitations in a just few clicks and delegate quotas of invitations to your partners.

  • Manage your guests.

    Track your activity and data in real time and communicate directly with your guests.

Check your guests' invitations on the day.

Whether it’s achieved by scanning a QR code or by entering a guest’s name or confirmation number, guest access control has never been easier. Thanks to real-time data syncing, your staff can greet guests quickly and efficiently. Use our free access control app, available on Android and iOS, or choose our professional portable terminals for more speed and a longer battery life.

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Go a step further with our accreditation platform.

Manage accreditation requests for your event with a platform dedicated to members of the media, volunteers, artists, officials, etc.:

  • Simplify the accreditation process for all types of attendees
  • Easily manage and track accreditation requests
  • Collect all necessary information with a custom form
  • Personalise all your automated e-mails: approval, refusal, request for additional information, etc.
  • Send out name badges to all accredited parties
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Benefit from support that matches your ambitions.

We are here to help whenever you need us. Expert advisors are available to guide you 7 days a week:

  • Benefit from the support of a dedicated advisor
  • Enjoy technical support available 24/7 by phone and e-mail
  • Manage your online invitations independently thanks to our training courses
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Ready to optimise the way you manage online invitations?

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of information can I collect when guests register for my event?

During the registration process, you can use a custom form to collect useful information about your guests. This can include their contact details, dietary preferences, their choice of session, or any other piece of information that can help you organise a successful event.

How can I create a guest list with Weezevent?

With Weezevent, the process of creating a guest list is easy and intuitive. You can import your contacts from an Excel or CSV file, or add them to your interface manually. We also enable you to sort your guests into categories or by quota, which streamlines your event’s organisation.

What happens if a guest loses their QR code on the day of the event?

Don’t panic! Even if a guest has lost or forgotten to bring their QR code, our system enables you to search for their name on the database. You can then confirm that they are invited and allow them to access the event without further ado.

What does "RSVP" mean?

RSVP comes from the French expression “Répondez s’il vous plaît”. When it appears on invitations, it means that the event organiser expects guests to confirm whether they will attend the event.

How can I create a unique virtual invitation using Weezevent?

With Weezevent, you can customise your virtual invitations to fit your event. Add images, logos, colours and text to design an invitation that will get your guests’ attention.

How do I send out my online invitations using Weezevent?

Once you’ve created your virtual invitations, you can send them out easily using Weezevent. All you need to do is select your recipients and click “send”. You can also set quotas of invitations and delegate them to your partners.

Is Weezevent a type of software for designing invitations?

Weezevent is much more than just an invitation maker. It’s a comprehensive event management platform that enables you to create and send out personalised invitations, manage your RSVPs, control access to your events and much more.

Why should I use an online invitation system such as Weezevent?

Whatever the event you’re organising, whether it’s a conference, a trade fair, a virtual event or a party, using an online invitation system such as Weezevent offers several benefits. Our solution allows you to manage your guests with ease, track RSVPs in real time, personalise invitations and more. What’s more, sending your invitations virtually means that they can be distributed more widely and more quickly, optimising attendance levels at your event.

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