As the event plan­ner (sup­pli­er), you sell tick­ets to Weezevent (dis­trib­u­tor) who then resells them to atten­dees (buy­ers).


1 — As the Event plan­ner, you set an amount for each type of tick­et you wish to sell in the Weezevent online inter­face. e.g.: £50.00

2 — The amount is the price incl. tax which will be paid by the end buy­er via your tick­et­ing plug-in. The WEEZEVENT com­mis­sion (which fluc­tu­ates based on the VAT rate of the event) is includ­ed in that price. e.g.: £50.00 incl. tax

3 — At the time of pur­chase, if that option has been pre­vi­ous­ly acti­vat­ed by you, the buy­er can ask for an invoice which they will receive by email. The invoice is issued by the Dis­trib­u­tor (Weezevent) to the recip­i­ent, the Buy­er. This invoice will dis­play the VAT rate that the Plan­ner will have select­ed in the inter­face (i.e. 20%, 10%, 5.5%, 2.1%, exemp­tion). Note: the Buy­er can also ask for this account­ing doc­u­ment lat­er, in which case the Plan­ner can send it direct­ly through the inter­face (in “Man­age atten­dees”). e.g.: 20% VAT rate e.g.: £41.67 excl. tax + £8.33 VAT = £50.00 incl. tax

4 — Twice month­ly (on the 1st and 16 of each month), Weezevent redis­trib­utes their earn­ings of the pre­vi­ous 15 days to the event Plan­ner (i.e. earn­ings of the 1 to 15 or of the 16 to 30/31st of the month). The amount redis­trib­uted is the price paid by the buy­er minus Weezevent’s com­mis­sion, which is retained. (Impor­tant: 1 to 3 work­ing days may be required for the mon­ey to be cred­it­ed on your bank account). e.g.: £50.00 sale price — £2.24 com­mis­sion = £47.76 earn­ings.

5 — The event appro­pri­ate VAT rate (set in the inter­face) is then applied by you to the amount of £47.76 e.g.: £47.76 incl. tax = £50.00 (price incl. tax paid by the Buy­er) — £2.24 of WEEZEVENT com­mis­sion. This com­mis­sion includes an amount excl. tax of £1.87 and a VAT of £0.37 direct­ly col­lect­ed, filed and paid by WEEZEVENT to the tax col­lec­tion ser­vice. In fact, please note that you can­not deduct VAT from the WEEZEVENT com­mis­sions. e.g.: Your VAT fil­ing will there­fore be £40.625 before tax i.e. a col­lect­ed VAT of £8.125 (adding up to the £48.75 before tax).

Please note that in order to help you, the account­ing doc­u­ments avail­able in the Plan­ner inter­face dis­play the amount you should file with the author­i­ties.

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