The cashless payment solution designed for stadiums and sports clubs

Weezevent offers you the best possible tools to streamline transactions at your stadium or sports arena to enrich the experience for members and improve your knowledge of purchase behaviour to strengthen your club’s identity.

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The complete cashless solution for all stadiums and sports venues.

Weezevent’s cashless payment system is designed to meet the needs of all clubs and stadiums, whatever their capacity, number of members or points of sale:

  • Integrate our cashless payment system into your membership card to make it your Club Passport
  • Use a single card to combine access to the stadium with payment at bars and points of sale
  • Simplify collections with an all-in-one payment terminal (card + cashless)
  • Offer payment with the club’s mobile app
  • Give occasional visitors the option to pick up a cashless card on arrival
  • Offer a service for top-ups, refunds and viewing consumption history online
  • Manage your operations by tracking changes in sales in real time
  • Collect supporters’ purchase data to strengthen your relationship with them
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Landing – UK – Stades & Clubs Sportifs
  • Fast

    Reduce waiting times at points of sale using Weezevent’s cashless payment system.

  • Reliable

    Put an end to accounting errors. Benefit from the accuracy of a reliable solution.

  • Secure

    Our cashless system reduces cash handling and thus mistakes and fraud.

Reduce waiting times at points of consumption.

  • Reduce waiting times by up to 30% at all your points of sale
  • Simplify the entering and collection of orders
  • Improve the experience for your visitors and your teams

Generate new income.

  • Carry out tailored marketing campaigns and partner offers
  • Set up temporary vendors (e.g. vans, carts) during matches and encourage your spectators to consume food and drink items in short periods of time such as half-time breaks
  • Build audience loyalty with new opportunities for consumption before and after the match
  • Strengthen your club’s identity with dedicated offers for the best customers
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Go further with a pre-order system.

  • Save time by taking orders without any input from your staff
  • Process more orders while improving the quality of your service
  • Increase the size of the average purchase basket with attractive menus and offers
  • Manage current orders and track order history in real time
  • Make additional sales with targeted offers
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Offer a smooth, contactless customer journey.

  • Activate contactless ordering on your website and app via a link or QR code
  • Create online shops in multiple languages that can be accessed without the need to create an account
  • Customise your shop with hi-res photos and descriptions
  • Give customers the option to pay online or with the waiter/waitress instead of at the till
  • Automatically send order tracking notifications
  • Deliver a consumer experience beyond your audiences’ expectations
  • Choose between Click & Collect and Click & Delivery according to your needs
  • Reduce queues at busy periods
Landing – UK – Stades & Clubs Sportifs

Stay in control.

  • Configure items such as prices, stock quantities, VAT rates, and more
  • Manage the rights of each seller
  • Monitor consumption and optimise your stock management
  • Collect data from your attendees and create customer profiles
  • Raise awareness among your members
  • Offer your sponsors a prominent place on your NFC card for their name or logo
  • Benefit from cashless payment training for your staff
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  • In-house development

    In-house development by our teams with continuous R&D.

  • Agility

    One-click set-up, autonomous equipment, roll-out in real time.

  • Compliance

    Payment method compliant with the NF 525 norm.

A ticketing system suitable for all clubs, whatever their ambitions.

Our online ticketing solution is designed to sell tickets for your stadium or sports club, whatever its capacity or number of members:

  • Publish a multi-event ticketing system on your website
  • Configure your registration form according to your needs, including full name, email address, date of birth, membership number, etc.
  • Activate group orders or set a limit on the number of tickets per purchase
  • Customise the different images on your entry tickets
  • Add a sales and registration module to your social networks
  • Include allocated seating in your booking flow

Allocated seating for all stadiums.

Deploy a booking system with an ultra-intuitive seat selection tool:

  • Add an interactive 2D or 3D plan of your venue into your booking flow
  • Offer your attendees an immersive booking experience
  • Offer prices according to available locations and seats
  • Manage access by syncing with our access control solution
  • Benefit from the support of a dedicated project manager
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Sell your tickets on site.

Optimise your ticketing system by selling tickets on site:

  • Sell tickets on site with Weezevent’s box offices, either physically or virtually
  • Print tickets with Weezevent’s equipment or via your own
  • Share an online sales space with your sponsors or partners
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Access control suitable for all sports venues.

The access control solution for stadiums and sports clubs allows you to manage the access into your venue more easily:

  • Benefit from the fastest and most efficient terminals on the market
  • Connect access control to your cashless payment system
  • Sync the scan data of attendees in real time
  • Access detailed attendance reports
  • Export all data in the format of your choice
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