Our software suite for cashless payment, checkout and ticketing for stadiums & sports clubs

Choose simple and efficient solutions that are tailored to your stadium and sports club to guarantee the best possible experience for your staff and supporters: cashless payments, a POS system, pre-order management, online ticketing and access control.

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A cashless solution for all stadiums and sports venues.

Maximise your sales and operational efficiency at your stadium or spots venue with our innovative cashless system, whatever your venue’s capacity and however many members and points of sale you have.

Provide an all-in-one solution

Integrate our cashless feature into your membership card to create a single club pass. Our all-in-one card makes it easy to access the stadium and pay for purchases at all its points of sale, enhancing sports fans’ experience and boosting your sales.

Simplify the checkout process

Make the checkout process easy with our all-in-one electronic payment terminals, which accept both bank card and cashless payments. You can also give customers the option to pay via the club’s mobile app, for even more flexibility.

Create options for occasional visitors

Don’t forget occasional spectators: offer them a cashless card on arrival to help them make purchases at your venue with more ease.

Offer an online account

Provide a comprehensive online service, which can be accessed from your app, so that supporters can top up their digital wallet, receive refunds and view their transaction history.

Track operations in real time

Track sales progress in real time to monitor your operations as they happen and maximise your revenue.

Collect data

Collect valuable data about your supporters’ buying habits, which will allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategies and build engagement with fans.


Reduce waiting time at points of sale.

Optimise your stadium or sports club’s operations and give your supporters an unparalleled experience.

Reduce waiting time by 30%

With our ordering systems, you can reduce waiting time by 30%, meaning that supporters spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the event.

Simplify order entry and checkout

Our intuitive system makes it easy to enter orders and receive payment, allowing your staff to serve customers more quickly and efficiently.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

By shortening their waiting time and simplifying transactions, you can create a more relaxed atmosphere for your supporters and your staff, thus enhancing their overall experience at your events.

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A ready-to-use solution. Accessible to everyone.

  • Intuitive interface

    Easy to grasp for all of your staff and service providers.

  • Quick setup

    Create and publish your digital menus in just a few clicks.

  • Support

    Benefit from Weezevent's expertise in cashless payment systems.

Take it to the next level with our pre-order solution.

Optimise your service and increase your sales with our pre-order solution, designed for stadiums and sports clubs.

Increase operational efficiency

Save time by automating orders – speed up the process and free up time for your staff to focus on other essential tasks.

Improve service quality

Process more orders and improve the quality of your service by minimising errors and providing greater satisfaction to supporters.

Attractive menus and offers

Increase your customers’ average spend by providing attractive menus and offers. Stimulate supporters’ appetites and encourage them to try out new offers.

Manage orders in real time

Manage outstanding orders and track order history in real time to manage stock more efficiently and better anticipate your future needs.

Make additional sales

With our system, you can make additional sales by carrying out targeted operations. Promote special offers or deals to increase the average bill per supporter.

Landing – EN-GB – Stades & Clubs Sportifs

Reap the benefits of an innovative POS system.

Simplify transactions and increase your staff’s efficiency with our POS system, tailored to the challenges faced by stadiums and sports clubs.

Quick to configure

Configure your POS system in minutes and start serving supporters immediately. Whether you are adding menus, special offers or other products, all items are quick and easy to set up.

Versatile terminals

Our fixed or portable terminals can be deployed at all your points of sale, whether you are selling at a fixed location or on the go, and can therefore adapt to all your requirements when it comes to serving customers.

A simplified order process

Our solution simplifies the order-taking and checkout process, freeing up your staff so that they can focus on providing supporters with high-quality service. This also reduces waiting time and significantly improves the overall customer experience.

All payment methods accepted

Whether customers want to pay with cash, bank card or contactless, our system accepts all these payment methods. This flexibility gives your customers a higher level of comfort, as they can pay for their orders with the method that best suits them.

A user-friendly interface

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface helps to shorten your employees’ learning curve and allows them to quickly master the system. This leads to greater efficiency and gives them more confidence in the service they provide.

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Landing – EN-GB – Stades & Clubs Sportifs

Generate new income.

Maximise your stadium or sports club’s income by enhancing supporters’ experience.

  • Create temporary points of sale: Boost your revenue by making it easy to order and pay for items during a match.
  • Set up special operations and partnerships: Create new revenue streams by launching special initiatives and forming partnerships.
  • Build customer loyalty: Build your customers’ loyalty by delivering a complete experience before and after the match.
  • Create dedicated offers: Strengthen your club’s identity with dedicated offers to reward your best customers.


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A ticketing system to suit all sports clubs, whatever their ambitions.

Reap the benefits of a ticketing system tailored to stadiums and sports clubs of all shapes and sizes, whatever their ambitions and however many seats or members they have.

Publish a multi-event ticketing system

Integrate a multi-event ticketing system into your website to provide supporters with a full overview of upcoming matches so that they can easily find seats for the event they are interested in.

Design custom registration forms

Personalise your registration forms according to your specific needs, whether you wish to collect your customer’s first or last name, their licence number or any other information. Our system is flexible and adapts to your needs.

Enable group orders and set ticket limits

Activate group orders to make it easier to purchase a large number of tickets and set a limit on the number of tickets per order to efficiently manage access and capacity at your stadium or sports club.

Customise tickets

Highlight your club’s unique identity by customising visuals on your entrance tickets. With our tool, each ticket can become a souvenir for your supporters to take home.

Allocated seating

To optimise your event’s organisation, build an allocated seating feature into your ticketing system. This allows supporters to choose their seats when they buy their tickets.

Accreditation management

Benefit from a powerful and intuitive accreditation management tool to easily accredit all your staff: volunteers, staff, partners, VIPs, press, etc.

Landing – EN-GB – Stades & Clubs Sportifs

Offer an immersive seat booking experience.

Use our allocated seating tool to revolutionise your supporters’ ticket buying experience.

Display a 3D model of your stadium

Create a 2D or 3D seating plan for your stadium so that fans can easily view the exact location of their seats before buying their tickets.

Simplify the booking experience

Provide your supporters with an intuitive and engaging ticketing booking experience. They can select their seats in just a few clicks, making the booking process both easy and enjoyable.

Apply flexible pricing to seats

Set different prices according to seat location and how many seats are available. Whether you offer VIP seating, luxury boxes, stands or general public areas, our system gives you great flexibility in pricing your tickets.

Optimise access control

Thanks to the easy synchronisation of our booking system with our access control solution, you can guarantee your spectators smooth, stress-free access to your venue and avoid long queues at entrances.

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Sell your tickets on-site.

Boost your sales with our on-site ticketing system, specially designed for stadiums and sports clubs

  • Use Weezevent box offices: Make it easy for your supporters to purchase tickets by installing our physical or digital box offices and generate additional sales on the day of the event.
  • Print tickets on the spot: Give your fans the opportunity to print their tickets at your venue, which adds a tangible dimension to their buying experience.
  • Share your sales space: Widen your audience by sharing an online sales space with partners such as third-party ticket resellers and corporate sponsors.

Access control suited to all sports venues.

Our access control solution is designed to simplify the process of managing the entry process and queues at your sports venues.

Premium hardware

Benefit from the most efficient access control terminals on the market to ensure that supporters gain quick and secure access to your stadium or sports club.

Integration with a cashless system

Improve your fans’ satisfaction by simplifying both sales and entry with an access control solution that is linked to your cashless payment system.

Real-time synchronisation

Get updates in real time by syncing scan data. This allows you to monitor activity at entrances and quickly adjust your process if necessary.

Detailed participation reports

Our system generates detailed reports about the inflow of fans, giving you an accurate picture of attendance figures at your sports venue.

Flexible data export

Export all the data you collect in CSV format to analyse it further and use it more easily when making strategic decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

How can a stadium or sports club benefit from using your cashless solution?

Using our cashless solution allows you to maximise sales and operational efficiency at your stadium or sports venue. It simplifies transactions, improves fans’ experience, provides more flexibility and makes it easy to collect valuable data to inform your marketing strategies.

How does your pre-order system for stadiums and sports clubs work?

Our pre-order system can boost your sales by automating orders, while providing you with real-time management tools and attractive menus. It allows you to make additional sales without involving your staff.

What are the benefits of your POS system?

Our POS system can be configured quickly and accepts all payment methods. It features versatile terminals and a user-friendly interface, which simplify the order process. This allows you to increase your staff’s efficiency and optimise your customers’ overall experience.

What features does your ticketing system for sports clubs and stadiums offer?

Our ticketing system has features to help you sell tickets for all your sporting events, design custom registration forms, accept group orders, set limits on numbers of tickets per order, customise tickets, or implement an immersive allocated seating system.

What does your immersive seat booking experience involve?

Our immersive seat booking experience allows you to create a 3D seating plan for your stadium, simplify the booking experience, apply flexible pricing to your seats and optimise access control. It aims to revolutionise your supporters’ ticket buying experience.

How does your access control solution for sports venues work?

Our access control solution uses premium hardware to ensure that supporters gain smooth, secure access to your stadium or sports club. It syncs data in real time so that you can efficiently monitor the number of people entering or leaving your venue, and connects directly with your cashless payment system.

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