Red Bull Air Race Cannes

A high-flying performance for the Red Bull Air Race Cannes!

100,000 attendees on the Croisette to watch a race 25m above the water.

In action
  • 100 000 attendees over 3 days.
  • 900 devices rolled out on the Croisette.
  • 20 000 tickets sold on location.
  • 8 access areas.

An event watch in 188 countries.

The compet­ition, whose second edition took place in France, gathered 24 pilots over 3 days above the Croisette, in Cannes. Pilots navigated an aerial racetrack featuring 25m high air-filled pylons at speeds of 370+ km an hour!

An audience of 100,000 watched a high-flying competition.

That’s the number of people to check-in along the bay of Cannes. Red Bull trusted Weezevent and its ticket sales, access control and cashless payment solution. A custom organ­isation was put in place for the event promoter, with many different ticket types on offer to account for various areas and audiences – general public, seated viewers and VIPs.

20,000+ tickets sold on location.

Many passers-by who were there to enjoy the sunny days in Cannes were able to buy their tickets directly from Weezevent box offices, thereby purchasing the last few available tickets over the 3-day event.

900 scanning devices deployed across the event.

With 8 areas spread along the Croisette, the challenges are numerous: high turnout over short periods of time (before and after races), many comings and goings requiring systematic check-in at each door while preventing long queues, and super­vision of the 900 devices spread across 2 km.

Thanks to our NFC system, access and cashless payments are done using chips in each participant’s wristband. Once they have collected their wristband at one of the 3 entrances, attendees can come and go on the Croisette, have food & drinks at foodtrucks and pay for it directly using their wristband, topped-up either in advance or at kiosks on location.

The staff was given cashless access control terminals to check-in people onsite and at entrances. They could also top-up cashless devices while food & drinks suppliers at the event were trained to use the devices as payment terminals.

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