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Ensure a secure and streamlined entry process with Weezevent’s access control solutions. Suitable for all conditions, from the most basic to the most complex!

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Scan in the blink of an eye.

With WeezAccess, enjoy maximum simplicity in your entry management process. Designed to be intuitive and accessible to all, our access control system does not require any prior training. Each ticket or badge features a unique QR code or barcode, allowing for instant validation. Red means no, green means go!

WeezAccess Scan

Simple and flexible access management.

Create and configure access control lists that perfectly suit your needs. Group your attendees by event, ticket type or period to assign them custom access rights. Our solutions offer a wide range of options to ensure precise access control, which is suited to your various areas and groups.

WeezAccess Personnalisation

Suitable for all events.

Choose from a range of validation methods according to your event size and type. Whether it’s via your smartphone, your web browser, professional terminals or a paper list, guarantee efficient access control with Weezevent.

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  • application weezaccess

    Your scanner, already in your pocket.

    Turn your smartphone into an access control terminal with the WeezAccess Standard app. Available on Android and iOS, manage access to your event straight from the device that's already in your pocket.

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  • terminaux weezaccess pro

    The best access control terminals on the market.

    Sturdy, with a long battery life and a high-performance laser scanner, our mobile terminals allow you to manage access whatever the situation. If you need NFC or intra-site control, WeezAccess Pro is the right choice for you!

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  • WeezAccess Box

    Fixed, automated access control terminals to manage crowds.

    For high-traffic events, make your access control as smooth, safe and secure as possible with our WeezAccess Box fixed terminals. By using their NFC wristbands, attendees can enjoy a fast and secure entry experience.

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Welcome the guests on your list.

Create, download and print your access control list on paper to manage access manually. This access control method is ideal for event organisers looking for a simple yet efficient solution that does not require an Internet connection.

WeezAccess Listing

Control access from your browser.

With WeezAccess, manage your attendees’ check-ins in real time from any web browser. Search for, validate and access details of check-ins easily and efficiently. Clear and quick tracking, straight from your browser.

WeezAccess Online

Avoid ticket fraud. Reduce waiting time.

  • Avoid ticket fraud at your events.

    Our access control solutions guarantee that no one can access your event with a fake or duplicate ticket. You set the number of authorised check-ins and the system does the rest, ensuring that access to your event is totally secure.

  • Minimise queues.

    Say goodbye to queues by checking the validity of your attendees' tickets and badges almost instantaneously. Personalise the welcoming process by creating different access areas: general public, VIPs, dressing rooms, catering, etc.

Reliable, even during Internet outages.

Once your access control devices have been synchronised, data is stored locally on each device. This means that you can continue scanning your attendees’ tickets even in the event of a network outage.

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Real-time tracking and detailed reports.

WeezAccess offers intuitive tools to measure crowding levels, analyse trends, reorganise your queues and attendee numbers in real time, and generate detailed participation reports.

Real-time tracking

Keep an eye on the exact number of people present on-site at any given moment and accurately control your event capacity. This key feature also simplifies your teams’ coordination on the ground, ensuring a streamlined management of entry and crowd movements.

Detailed participation reports

Access exhaustive participation reports and your event’s scan history directly from your personal interface. Integrated charts and tables provide a clear and intuitive overview of your data, making it easy to analyse and adapt your access management in real time.

Easy data export

Export your access control history in just one click to process your data according to your needs. Download reports in CSV format to perform an in-depth analysis, which can provide you with valuable information to optimise the management of your future events.

WeezAccess Statistiques

Simplified role management.

Optimise the management of your event and teams by creating specific operator IDs. These IDs, which can be assigned to every member of your team, allow you to fine-tune your access management, grant specific permissions and minimise the risk of errors. You can easily access and analyse statistics specific to each operator.

Opérateurs WeezAccess

Native integration with all Weezevent solutions.

WeezAccess is natively integrated with our ticketing, cashless and CRM solutions. This integration allows for automatic data synchronisation, sparing you any manual import operations. Enjoy a unified infrastructure for your event and centralise all your data in one place!

  • WeezTicket: Automatically generate access control lists and instantly view purchase or registration information from WeezAccess.
  • WeezPay: Link your attendees’ pre-loaded cashless accounts with their tickets during access control to give them a hassle-free user experience.
  • WeezTarget: Launch segmented campaigns based on attendees’ participation in one or several specific events.
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Optimise your intra-site access control with NFC.

Manage your site’s different areas with ease by choosing our dedicated solution for intra-site access control. Discover the efficiency of NFC in orchestrating a smooth and seamless event experience.

Suited to all types of venue

Whether you’re dealing with a stadium, a range of different venues or intra-site areas such as backstage or VIP areas, our system can adapt to all event layouts. Control the number of check-ins and ensure precise attendance tracking in real time, whatever the size or nature of your venue.

Custom management of access levels

Welcome different groups with confidence, whether they are general public spectators, VIPs, partners, press members or professional staff. Our solution allows you to flexibly and precisely manage different access levels, ensuring that each category of attendee can only access the areas designed to accommodate them.

Clearly defined areas

Define specific access levels for each area of your event venue, ensuring that each attendee, whether they are a VIP, staff or an accredited press member, can only access the areas they are authorised to enter. Say goodbye to time-consuming visual checks by using colour-coded wristbands and by choosing a precise digitised access control solution.

Monitoring the flow of attendees

Track and control the flow of attendees within your event venue thanks to in & out access control. Knowing exactly how many people are in each area allows you to prevent unexpected overcrowding, therefore guaranteeing a safe, well-organised experience for all.

All-in-one NFC media

Weezevent’s NFC technology makes it easy for attendees to not only access the venue, but also make payments on-site. Merging access control with a payment system in the same media enhances user experience, making it more intuitive and more enjoyable.

WeezAccess Box

Ultra-connected access control.

  • Centralise and scan tickets issued by third-party sellers.

    Easily import ticket sales carried out by third-party platforms such as FNAC, Digitick or Ticketmaster, in just one click or via our API. Group all your data in a unified access control solution that is both flexible and powerful, to centralise your event's access management.

  • Secure ticket resales on the secondary market.

    Thanks to our resale partners, we can guarantee that your access control remains completely secure, giving you unparalleled peace of mind when it comes to checking tickets that have been resold between private individuals.

  • Contrôle d’accès lors d'un événement
  • Scan Box WeezAccess
  • Contrôle d’accès lors d'un événement
  • Contrôle d’accès lors d'un événement
  • Contrôle d’accès lors d'un événement

WeezAccess in action at FIB.

Uncover how our access control solutions played a key role in the seamless organization of the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, contributing to the event’s success!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I check e-tickets presented at my event's entry point?

Each ticket features a QR code representing a unique ticket number, which is linked to an order number. Scan tickets however you like: with your smartphone or tablet, with our dedicated terminals, or using your computer or a paper list.

Can I integrate lists of tickets sold outside the Weezevent system?

You can enter registrations made offline by accessing your organiser interface on our website. If you sell your tickets on other websites, you can easily import them into your Weezevent ticketing system.

How can I access the list of registered attendees?

From your online interface, you can access a list of registered attendees at any time, as well as the data that each of them provided when completing your registration or sales form. This list is updated with every new registration. If you so wish, you can download it in just one click in Excel format (.csv) or PDF. You can also search for and access the status of a specific person directly from the list. Process your data with ease!

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