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Whatever business you are in, accept payments with ease and improve speed of service by using our POS system.

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Accept payments easily, in all circumstances.

Whether you run occasional or regular events, we have the perfect system to help you with your POS management.

Tailored to each point of sale

Easily adjust the number of devices you need at each point of sale.

Easy to set up

We help you to configure your point-of-sale systems so that they can be used easily and efficiently.

Quick and easy transactions

Our minimalist, ergonomic interface is designed to be easy to use by everyone, guaranteeing quick and smooth sales operations.

Various payment methods

Accept all forms of payment to simplify your customers’ transactions.

Easily manage stock

Keep an eye on your stock levels in real time and adjust your inventory accordingly.

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  • Portable and fixed terminals
  • Real-time tracking
  • Offline mode
  • All payment methods

Essential features for your sales operations.

An optimised buying experience

Our mobile-first interface encourages customers to pre-order items, with or without creating a customer account, and gives you the option to send digital receipts for a greener approach to sales.

An improved selling experience

Our system includes an offline mode, is compatible with various SIM providers and allows a secure verification of sales staff. It also offers a 6-hour battery life (with the option of a detachable battery) and a staff attendance register.

Real-time monitoring and configuration

Our system can be configured or edited in minutes, allowing you to promote your (or your partners’) products, manage your promotional offers and free items, and get a clear overview of all this information on a dashboard that is 100% customisable.

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Efficient, ready-to-use terminals.

Reap the benefits of using our hardware, suitable for all points of sale. Our POS system is perfectly suited to a variety of uses, such as selling on the go, selling at snack bars, selling to customers at their seats, taking orders in queues, or scanning pre-order codes.

Portable terminals

Light, easy to carry and equipped with a built-in laser scanner. They are battery-operated, providing 6 hours of service, which makes them ideal for selling on the go.

Hybrid terminals

These can be used at a fixed location or on the go, as terminals can be detached from their bases. Each terminal features two screens, one for the seller and one for the customer, providing the best possible user experience.

Fixed terminals

The ideal system for a snack bar. Each terminal features a large screen for the seller and a payment interface for the customer.

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Accept all payment methods.

Accept all types of payment method, such as cash, cheques, bank cards and contactless payment (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) as well as mobile payment and QR code apps.

An easy set-up process.

Provide staff with hardware

Each sales assistant has their own terminal, making the identification process quick and secure.

Easily identify staff members

Thanks to a QR code and an NFC chip, sales assistants are identified immediately so that they are instantly operational.

Set up a hierarchical access system

Define different levels of access for your staff in order to clearly differentiate between managers’ and sales assistants’ responsibilities.

Get started easily

With streamlined ergonomics, getting started with our intuitive POS systems is quick and easy. Tutorial guides are also available to assist you in training your staff.

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Maximise your sales performance.

Our POS system gives you access to a powerful data analysis tool. Turn data action and use it to develop your business.

Real-time reporting

Key performance indicators, such as sales revenue, average order value and customer traffic are displayed as moving meters, which are updated every 30 seconds. You can easily view this information from your smartphone or your computer and customise your dashboard according to event area or business type.

Precise analysis

We provide you with analytics tools to explore your data more deeply. Whether you want to analyse data by time, by point of sale, by sales assistant, by product group or by payment method, our filters and intuitive interface make the task a simple one. You can also export all of your data in csv or xlsx format to use it for further operations.


Step-by-step support.

Your transition to using a modern POS system: a seamless experience. Our support services help you to get started smoothly and to make the best possible use of our system.

  • Understanding your needs: We begin by assessing your existing systems to provide you with bespoke support.
  • Setting up your environment: Our offer includes the supply and set-up of all necessary equipment at your site.
  • Expert training: We quickly bring your sales team up to speed with our tools to guarantee effective sales operations from the very beginning.
  • Ongoing support: Whenever you need assistance, you can contact your personal account manager or our customer service team, available seven days a week.
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Choose a cashless payment system.

As a leader in cashless payment, we offer a payment system that is exclusive to your event. Our solution is completely integrated and compatible with our POS software, and gives you the choice between NFC wristbands or cards as a payment method. Thanks to a secure and customisable widget, your customers can easily top up their cashless account, either online or at a point of sale.

A stronger brand identity

Promote your brand with our customisable cashless media to deliver a unique experience.

An optimised experience

Implement special operations such as special prices, promotional offers, loyalty schemes, Click & Collect, and dedicated points of sale.

Actionable data

Benefit from a deeper knowledge of your audience. Our system and our API allow you to collect all of the purchase data linked to your customers’ profiles so that you can perform a better analysis and implement more effective customer loyalty schemes.

Maximum security

Depending on the chosen payment method (NFC), in some cases, transactions do not require a network connection. This guarantees secure operations and optimises revenue on the day of the event.

  • Easily manage deposits.

    Simplify your deposit system thanks to a solution tailored to the operational and financial constraints of event organisers. Our systems can deal with various scenarios, whether you want to include or charge for cups, or set a time for their return. Configure the system to suit your needs, track deposits and deposit refunds in real time using the dashboard, and refund customers easily thanks to receipts issued at the time of purchase.

  • Innovate with pre-orders and Click & Collect.

    Optimise your POS system with our Click & Collect option. Promote your brands, special offers and vendors, while providing your customers with an even smoother experience and reducing unnecessary queuing. With our system, customers can choose a point of sale, select their items, and pay online, with or without creating an account. Picking up an order is easy, as the customer only has to present a QR code for the order to immediately appear on the sales assistant's terminal.

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Frequently asked questions

What key features must POS software have to meet the needs of an event management company?

To be suitable for the events industry, POS software should offer features such as fast transaction processing, compatibility with various payment methods, digital receipts, real-time tracking of sales and stock, the ability to manage an event’s special offers, and the option to export data for analysis.

Why is POS software essential to my organisation?

POS software is key to your organisation because it makes managing payment transactions easier, improves the accuracy of your financial records, allows you to track sales and stock in real time, and gives your customers an improved payment experience.

Is your POS software easy to use for non-technical staff?

Yes, we designed our POS software to be completely intuitive and easy to use. We also provide tutorial guides to assist you in training your staff.

Can your POS system be adapted to specific requirements, such as special events or promotional offers?

Yes, our POS solution allows you to configure and edit your system yourself so that you can promote your (or your partners’) products and manage promotional offers or free items. This is a solution used for many types of event, such as festivals, concerts and food-courts.

Can I export data from the POS software to perform a more in-depth analysis?

Yes, our POS software allows you to export all of your data in CSV or XLSX format for further operations.

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