A ticketing and registration management system for your virtual events

Choose simple and efficient solutions, which can be tailored to the format of your virtual event to guarantee the best possible experience for you and your attendees.

✔️ No installation required. ✔️ Register for free, no long-term commitment.

WeezTicket Billets

Create a ticketing system tailored to your virtual event.

Your ticketing system is your first point of contact with attendees. Make it an experience worthy of your virtual event!

Create your event

Define a range of different prices for your event, whether they are fixed or pay-what-you-like, and set up your event, whether it is one-time or recurring.

Design your forms

Design your own registration forms to get to know your attendees and their preferences. Gather key information to optimise your communications and improve your offer.

Track progress in real time

Our platform gives you a precise, continuously updated overview of your earnings to help you with decision-making.

Use advanced customisation tools

Strengthen your brand identity by customising visuals on your tickets and order confirmation emails. Create tickets that reflect your virtual event’s unique spirit, while providing all essential information.

  • Revenue transferred every 15 days
  • You only pay if you sell
  • Compatible with all screens
  • No processing of your data

Sell your tickets and manage registrations online.

Reach your attendees wherever they are and offer them the ultimate buying experience.

A ticketing mini-site

In just a few clicks, create a mini-site for your virtual event. You can upload useful information, your event programme, visual content, and an intuitive online ticketing system.

An integrated ticketing module

Easily integrate a registration module into your existing website. Give your attendees a convenient buying experience without them leaving your site.

Additional sales

Increase your revenue and enhance attendee experience by offering additional products and services, such as exclusive content, Q&A sessions with speakers, or other related products.

Secure transactions

Give your attendees a safe buying experience thanks to our secure and reliable online payment system.


Enhance attendee experience & increase engagement.

Use our advanced tools to personalise your attendees’ experience and increase engagement during your online events.

Personal login codes

Secure access to your online event by assigning a unique login code to each attendee when they purchase their ticket.

Password authentication

Set up password authentication for your event, adding an extra level of security to protect your content from unauthorised access.

A simple invitation process

Send invitations from your user interface with just one click so that they quickly reach your guests, allowing for easier attendee management.

Personalised offers

Promote special offers that are tailored to your most loyal customers to further build their engagement and loyalty.

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système de billetterie

Communicate with each and every attendee.

Maximise the impact of your communications and strengthen your relationship with attendees thanks to our CRM solution, tailored to virtual events.

  • Event CRM: Automatically store data from ticket sales to target your audience more effectively and save time thanks to real-time updates.
  • Custom segmentation and targeting: Identify your attendees’ unique characteristics with advanced tools, create segments and launch focused, measurable campaigns.
  • Innovative campaigns: Create loyalty campaigns, personalised messages and exclusive sales events, while testing out new offers to develop a trusted network of ambassadors.
  • Performance tracking: Get a clear picture of your campaigns’ effectiveness by tracking indicators such as turnover, email open rate and sales progress.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a ticketing system for my virtual event?

To create a ticketing system, all you need to do is register on our platform – it’s free, involving no long-term commitment. You can then set up your event, define your prices, design your forms and customise the visuals on your tickets.

Can I track my ticket sales in real time?

Yes, our platform provides you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to track your ticket sales in real time, which can help you make informed decisions.

Can I sell additional products or services along with my tickets?

Yes, our platform gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue by offering additional products or services, such as exclusive content or Q&A sessions with speakers.

How can I increase engagement during my online events?

We provide various features to help you increase engagement during your events, such as the option to send special deals or tailored promotional offers, and the ability to send invitations with just one click.

How can I personalise my communications with my events' attendees?

Our CRM solution tailored to virtual events allows you to store data from ticket sales, segment your audience, personalise your emails, and create innovative campaigns to strengthen your relationship with attendees.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my communication campaigns?

Our solution allows you to track your campaigns’ performance in real time by using precise indicators such as turnover, email open rate and sales progress.

How often is ticketing revenue transferred to my account?

Ticketing revenue is transferred every 15 days, on the 1st and 16th of each month.

How much does it cost to use your ticketing platform?

You only pay if you sell tickets for your event. You can register and create a ticketing system for free. Check our rates here.

Is data confidentiality protected on your platform?

We guarantee that we will never use your data. Your data is securely stored and used exclusively to optimise your experience on our platform.

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