Designed by organisers, for organisers

Weezevent is a French start-up cre­at­ed in April 2008. 

It launched the first French self-ser­vice tick­et­ing plat­form through online soft­ware (Soft­ware As A Ser­vice) aimed at event organ­is­ers. Its sim­ple, fast and pro­fes­sion­al solu­tion is freely acces­si­ble and allows organ­is­ers to cre­ate their cus­tomized event, to offer tick­ets, reg­is­tra­tions or invi­ta­tions online, to pro­mote their event, to fol­low its organ­i­sa­tion, and final­ly to han­dle recep­tion and admis­sion con­trol on the day of the event. Since its incep­tion, Weezevent has among its clients thou­sands of event organ­is­ers of all sizes, oper­at­ing in all fields of event-plan­ning, most­ly in Europe, but increas­ing­ly in Cana­da as well.

A local support

The qual­i­ty of our sup­port is guar­an­teed by the pres­ence of region­al Weezevent offices. Our teams are present in France, Spain, Cana­da, Switzer­land, Bel­gium, the Unit­ed King­dom and Germany.


“While, inno­va­tion is at the heart of our mis­sion, I make sure every day that my moth­er could use Weezevent.” 

Pierre-Henri Deballon Cofounder
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Weez Story

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    In the shoes of an organiser

    Sébastien and Pierre-Hen­ri become event plan­ners (Vélo­tour) but can­not find an online reg­is­tra­tion solu­tion that meets their needs.
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    There is a gap in the market

    Oth­er plan­ners face the same issue. We quit our jobs and Yann Pages joins the team.
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    Premiere night

    We test our beta sys­tem at the Con­cert Européen de La Sor­bonne (Sor­bon­ne’s Euro­pean Con­cert) with an atten­dance of 1,000+ people.
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    The first French ticketing self-service platform

    We launch the first French tick­et­ing self-ser­vice plat­form and land some big accounts — Pat­ri­mo­nio fes­ti­val (15,000 atten­dees) and Polytechnique’s stu­dent Ball.
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    Version 2

    Win the Inno­va­tion Grand Price award­ed by the city of Paris and launch of ver­sion 2 of Weezeven­t’s tick­et­ing system.
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    Investors put their trust in us.

    Inter­view on the show Télé­matin on French chan­nel France 2 before man­ag­ing the Motocross World Cham­pi­onship. Weezevent now inte­grates to Face­book for the sale of the tick­ets. And we raise a mil­lion euros to accelerate.
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    The start­up Wootick­et joins Weezevent, and its found­ing team Christophe and Moritz take the lead of out IT. Weezevent launch­es an access con­trol solu­tion based on a smart­phone app and a pro­fes­sion­al bar­code read­er plugged to an iPod.
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    Ticket office

    Launch of the tick­et office with a tablet and ther­mal print­er allow­ing event plan­ners to sell at 360°.
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    Extenso Technology Fast 500 EMEA

    With extra­or­di­nary growth, Weezevent wins Deloit­te’s In Exten­so Tech­nol­o­gy Fast 500 EMEA. Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, we’re cross­ing the Atlantic and open­ing an office in the land of our Cana­di­an cousins — Montreal.
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    Vente-privée invests with the co-founders while Weezevent and the gods of cash­less pay­ment (Arthur, Matthieu and Thomas, the founders of Nemo­pay) merge to cre­ate the first solu­tion offer­ing both tick­et­ing and cash­less payment.
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    50+ festivals adopt the cashless solution! 

    The Euro­pean Championship’s Fan­Zone rolls out our cash­less solu­tion. Thou­sands of trans­ac­tions are car­ried out using our devices and our interface.
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    An intense year.

    Weezevent reach­es 100,000 event plan­ners and opens offices in Lon­don and Madrid.
  • 2018

    10 years!

    We cel­e­brat­ed our 10th Birth­day, put 20,000,000 tick­ets through our sys­tem, worked with 35,000 organ­is­ers, and dis­trib­uted 2,000,000 NFC cards & wristbands.
  • 2019-Darts


    Hi, Hola, Hallo, Bonjour…

    Present in Cana­da, Spain, the Unit­ed King­dom, Switzer­land, France… Weezevent is tru­ly international!
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    2020 was a year like no oth­er espe­cial­ly in the live event indus­try. Inno­va­tion has nev­er been so impor­tant to deal with the prob­lems pre­sent­ed by this pandemic.
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    A milestone year

    Weezevent and Play­Pass merge to become the leader in cash­less event solu­tions and deliv­er their busiest sum­mer of ful­ly cash­less events to date in the UK.
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    To be continued… 

We take care of the tech, you take care of the planning!

The Weezevent spir­it is to think of a solu­tion suit­ed to your needs. Work­ing with all kinds of event plan­ners allows us to offer a com­plete and cross-func­tion­al solu­tion. Over the years, we have learned to go beyond the lim­its of tick­et­ing to find solu­tions to all your chal­lenges. Weezevent’s solu­tion was designed by event plan­ners, for event planners.


  • weezevent-flavienprioreau_ph_hd-1900x1873
    Pierre-Henri Deballon Co-Founder & CEO

    Pierre-Hen­ri main­ly dri­ves Weezeven­t’s strat­e­gy, finance, busi­ness man­age­ment and mar­ket­ing. Pierre-Hen­ri pre­vi­ous­ly worked in busi­ness devel­op­ment and strat­e­gy con­sult­ing. It was around that time that he came up with the con­cept for Vélo­tour, “an unex­pect­ed bike ride” gath­er­ing 25,000 peo­ple each year. A for­mer ath­lete, Pierre-Hen­ri played pro­fes­sion­al hand­ball for a year. Since 2008 he sup­ports star­tups as coach and jury mem­ber in com­pe­ti­tions or as a busi­ness angel along with Sébastien. Pierre-Hen­ri grad­u­at­ed from ESCP-EAP in entre­pre­neur­ship and Paris Dauphine Uni­ver­si­ty in Eco­nom­ics and Sports Man­age­ment, where he met Sébastien.

  • weezevent-stonglet-portrait
    Sébastien Tonglet Co-Founder & General Manager

    Sébastien breaks the rules and fol­lows his intu­ition to devel­op Weezeven­t’s activ­i­ty and prod­uct. Sébastien built his career in media and tele­com, first in the adver­tis­ing depart­ment at NRJ Group then work­ing for Orange’s TV busi­ness unit. Attract­ed to projects in launch phase, Sébastien then joined ASSU 2000 Group as a busi­ness devel­op­ment project man­ag­er to dri­ve the launch of its web activ­i­ty and imple­men­ta­tion on the Span­ish mar­ket. Around the same time, Sébastien co-found­ed Vélo­tour — the first lea­sure bik­ing event in France — and co-invest­ed with Pierre-Hen­ri in com­pa­nies they liked. Sébastien grad­u­at­ed from Paris Pan­théon-Assas Uni­ver­si­ty with a Mas­ters in Mar­ket­ing and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and from Uni­ver­si­ty Paris Dauphine in Eco­nom­ics and Sports Man­age­ment where he met Pierre-Hen­ri. Fur­ther­more, Sébastien is a for­mer top lev­el ath­lete in Judo.

The Weez team

"The challenges we face in the events industry are fascinating, and we use innovating technologies outlining a limitless number of groundbreaking applications. Then it all comes alive every day at our clients’ events. And that’s the most rewarding.”


  • weezevent-gregor
    Grégor Chief Revenue Officer
  • weezevent-alexis-o
    Alexis Chief Operating Officer
  • weezevent-lea
    Léa Chief Product Officer
  • weezevent-mathieu-g
    Matthieu Chief Technical Officer
  • weezevent-emmanuel
    Emmanuel Chief Financial Officer


  • weezevent-nordine
    Nordine Head of Sales
  • weezevent-loic
    Loic Sales Manager
  • Margot Sales Manager
  • Thomas Sales Manager

Client Success

  • weezevent-geoffrey
    Geoffrey Client Success Officer
  • weezevent-maeva
    Maeva Client Success Officer
  • Marc-Antoine Client Success Officer
  • weezevent-thomas-g
    Thomas Client Success Officer
  • Adrien Client Success Manager
  • Antoine Client Success Manager
  • Cécile Client Success Manager
  • Charly Client Success Manager
  • Clara Client Success Manager
  • Clémence Client Success Manager
  • Cyntia Client Success Manager
  • Ezequiel Client Success Manager
  • Faustine Client Success Manager
  • Grégoire Client Success Manager
  • Julie Client Success Manager
  • Louison Client Success Manager
  • Maxime Client Success Manager

Client Service

  • Amalia Client Service Advisor
  • weezevent-employee1
    Clara Client Service Advisor
  • Louise Client Service Advisor
  • Nicolas Client Service Advisor


  • Alexis Chief Marketing Officer
  • Emilie Content Manager
  • Esma Brand & Event Manager
  • Sunny Acquisition Manager

Tech & Product (WeezAccess / WeezPay)

  • Dale Team Leader
  • weezevent-benedicte
    Bénédicte Product Owner
  • David Product Owner
  • Nicolas Product Owner
  • weezevent-florent
    Florent Lead Developer
  • Akim Lead Developer
  • weezevent-andreea
    Andreea Developer
  • weezevent-amine
    Amine Developer
  • Aymeric Developer
  • John Developer
  • weezevent-karine
    Karine Developer
  • Marteen Developer
  • Thibaud UX / UI Designer


  • weezevent-julien
    Julien Team Leader
  • weezevent-ashdod
    Ashdod Product Owner
  • weezevent-bastien
    Bastien Product Owner
  • Jo Lead Developer – WeezTicket
  • Alexandre Developer
  • Adrien Developer – WeezTicket
  • weezevent-jean-philippe
    Jean-Philippe Developer – WeezTicket
  • Jovana Developer – WeezTarget
  • Yoann Developer
  • weezevent-gregoire
    Grégoire Lead Developer – WeezTarget

Events Operations

  • Laurent Events Operations Manager
  • Oriane Events Operations Agent
  • weezevent-employee1
    Rebecca Events Operations Agent


  • Nyama Finance Manager
  • Daniel Accountant
  • Valentina Administrative and Accounting Assistant
  • Lyna Administrative & Accounting Assistant


  • Olly Country Manager – UK
  • Amandine Executive VP – Spain
  • Emily Chief Operating Officer – Spain
  • Marieta Marketing Coordinator – Spain
  • Laurent Country Manager – Switzerland
  • Adelin Client Success Manager – Switzerland
  • Florence Client Success Manager – Switzerland
  • Julien Country Manager - Canada
  • weezevent-employee1
    Manon Client Success Manager - Canada