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The key to your event’s success

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    Create your event in a few minutes. Save time. Our support service is there to help you 24⁄7.

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    Designed for all types of events, with the user in mind, our platform will meet all your needs. 150,000+ planners use Wee­zevent, why not join them?

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    Ticketing, online regis­tration, access control, cashless payments, etc. Our services simplify your event planning to guarantee your success!

The right tools for a successful event

Planning an event is a real challenge. You need to think of everything, and often within a very limited timeframe! A lot of tools are designed to ease the life of event planners. Weezevent’s solution offers you features and techno­logies to simplify your event planning. Online ticketing, regis­tration management and online payments, on-site access control, cashless payments, etc. our tools are designed for you and your events, whatever their size!

Adapted to your planning needs

We put our skills at your service through our range of products:

  • Use Weez­ti­cket to manage your regis­tra­tions and online payments or efficiently sell your tickets.
  • Pick Wee­zac­cess to control admis­sions to your event using our profes­sional devices or your smart­phone and our mobile app!
  • Choose Weez­pay to demater­i­alise payment at your events, thanks to our cashless payment solution.
  • Sell directly on location on the day of your event using our sales equipment and ticket printer.

All our services ensure the smooth running of your event!

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Works for all kinds of events

Wee­zevent is a tech solution designed for events of all sizes. Whether you are organ­ising a public, private or profes­sional event, our tools will meet all your expect­a­tions. Our solutions for ticketing, regis­tration, access control, cashless payment and allocated seating will also meet your attendees» expect­a­tions. All events are unique and Weezevent has all the tools to make them a success.

  • Ready in 5 min
  • No exclusivity requirement
  • No commitment and no minimum sales
  • Earnings paid twice a month

A user-friendly solution

Being an event planner is also about looking to gain time and efficiency. Our platform is user-friendly, makes it easy to start creating and planning your event and will only take a few minutes to set up. However, if you are having trouble using our solution, our support service is available 24⁄7 to help you out and answer your questions!

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What kind of event are you planning?

Wee­zevent helps 140,000+ event planners of all kinds in the management and success of their event. Plan a successful:

  • Workshop
  • Sports event
  • Profes­sional event
  • Festival
  • Training
  • Ball
  • Party
  • Show
  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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