Revolutionise attendee experience by enabling pre-orders at your events

Reduce waiting time, boost your sales and optimise your human resources by using our pre-order solution at your events.

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Why choose Weezevent's pre-order solution?

Offer a modernised customer experience

Show your audience a new way to shop.

Boost your revenue

Create a continuous buying experience to increase your sales.

Tailor your offer to your customers

Meet the needs of your target audience and tailor your offer to your customers.

Ease the transition to digital technology

Make it easier for your customers to adopt new types of technology.

Make an appointment
  • A ready-to-use system
  • Get started with ease
  • A smooth buying experience
  • Secure payment and data

Suitable for all event types.

Whether you run a restaurant, a campsite, a festival or a sports club, our pre-order solution is designed to suit your industry.


Make ordering easy across your festival venue, even in front of the stages, to minimise queuing.

Sports competitions

Reduce waiting time at snack bars by allowing attendees to order from their seats or stands.

Restaurants & Food courts

Allow your customers to order from their table.

Outdoor holiday resorts

Your customers can use a QR code to place an order at your restaurant without leaving their mobile home.

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How does pre-ordering work?

  1. Access the menu: The buyer can view the menu by connecting to your website or by using a QR code displayed at your event.
  2. Pay online: Secure payment can be made online.
  3. Orders are sent to the kitchen: Orders are sent directly to the areas where food and drink are prepared.
  4. Collect your order: The buyer can pick up their order at the designated collection point or have it delivered to their location.
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Create a hassle-free customer experience.

With a pre-order system, all your points of sale can be accessed through your website or using a QR code.

Give your customers a unique experience: less waiting, less hassle, an attractive menu display and the option to buy in one click without creating a customer account.

  • Organise your service with ease.

    Save time by taking orders without staff involvement. Benefit from a comprehensive overview of outstanding orders and an order history. With our Click & Collect and Click & Delivery options, serve your clients more efficiently while increasing your revenue.

  • Make delivery easy with a Click & Delivery service.

    Expand your offer with our new Click & Delivery option. Orders for delivery are picked up by mobile vendors or a team of delivery agents, depending on the order and the customer's location. This flexibility allows you to efficiently manage your team during busy periods, while providing your customers with first-class service.

  • A POS & pick-up terminal tailored to your needs.

    Offering quick and easy product configuration, a user-friendly touch screen interface for your teams, immediate deployment and custom management of promotional offers, Weezevent's pre-order solution is the ideal partner for your organisation.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of WeezPay's Click & Collect service for event attendees?

Our Click & Collect feature allows attendees to order their items online and collect them at the event venue. This system improves user experience by minimising queues and waiting time, increases your sales, and enables you to manage your human resources with ease.

How does Weezpay's Click & Collect service work?

Attendees can access your menu via your website or using a QR code, select the products they want to purchase, and buy them online before collecting them from a designated pick-up point.

How can pre-orders and Click & Collect help to increase my revenue?

Our pre-order, Click & Collect and Click & Delivery services can boost your sales by offering a smooth, hassle-free buying experience. Attendees are more likely to make purchases when they can do so with ease and without having to queue.

How do I integrate the pre-order and Click & Collect features into my existing system?

Integrating our pre-order and Click & Collect features into your existing system is easy with WeezPay. We provide a ready-to-use solution, which is designed to adapt easily to your current operations. After a quick and easy setup process, which includes customising your menu and adjusting settings to meet your specific needs, you can easily integrate the system into your existing website.

How can the pre-order and Click & Collect features help me to manage my stock?

With a pre-order and Click & Collect service, you can get a clearer idea of the demand for your items before the event begins. This allows you to manage your inventory more effectively, minimising waste and maximising profit.

Do your pre-order and Click & Collect solutions require special training for staff?

Our pre-order and Click & Collect services are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. However, training can be provided to ensure that your team is comfortable with using the system, which can maximise its benefits.

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