5 elements to finalise your NYE party planning

5 elements to finalise your NYE party planning

New Year’s Eve is coming! To celebrate in style, whether you are a professional event planner or an individual, whether you are planning a party for 10 or 1,000 people, Weezevent’s solutions will help you plan a memorable NYE for your guests. Follow these pieces of advice to prepare your part and manage all the details on the day.


  1. Share your online ticket office
  2. Sell the last tickets on site
  3. Perform access control
  4. Manage your stocks
  5. Communicate with your guests

1. Share your online ticket office

Your online ticket office

Online ticket sales benefit both New Year’s Eve party organisers and buyers. These parties are so popular that participants who have not purchased their tickets before going to the party have to wait in line for a long time without any guarantee they will be able to get in. For the organisers, tracking their ticket sales in real time, starting several weeks before the day of the event, allows them to adjust their communication and budgets if necessary.

Weezevent gives you the chance to add your ticketing module to your website in a simple and fast way. You will then increase the exposure of your ticketing and allow your participants to book their tickets directly from your site. You don’t have a website? Create a mini-site in a few clicks for an almost similar result.

Your tickets on Facebook

On Facebook, there are many ways to gain exposure and attract potential attendees to your ticket office. You can start by adding your ticketing to a Facebook page, but it is strongly recommended to create an event dedicated to your New Year’s Eve party. You will then be able to post your ticket office there:

Good to know: Whether you decide to choose Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the best thing is for your participants to communicate about your evening via their own social networks. This will increase your event’s exposure effortlessly and transform your participants into ambassadors. With Weezevent, sharing buttons are available to each ticket buyer. This article details how this default option works.

Your tickets on Instagram

Instagram has the particularity of not allowing sharing URL links in a classic post. However, you can enter your ticket office’s URL in your profile’s bio. Accounts with more than 10,000 followers can also share a link in each posted story.

Good to know: Facebook and Instagram offer targeted advertising solutions for organisers who want to boost their events’ exposure with those most likely to attend.

Your tickets by email

Email is a traditional and effective way to communicate about your event. It is customary to send a newsletter to inform your contacts about the New Year’s Eve party you are organising. You can prepare reminders based on the amount of qualitative information you need to provide. The more interesting your content is, the more your emails will be read, appreciated, and will encourage your recipients to book tickets for your New Year’s Eve party. If you have already organised similar parties, you should first target the lists of attendees from these events.

In addition, you can use your email signature as a communication support by adding a redirect link to your Weezevent ticket office. Thus, for each communication, your recipient will be able to learn about your event and access the ticket office.

2. Sell the last tickets on site

You haven’t sold all your New Year’s Eve party tickets? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips on how to sell out, as some participants may come to your party without buying tickets first. For this purpose, Weezevent provides an on-site ticket office that can be accessed directly from your Weezevent interface.

We advise you to read this article explaining in detail what the on-site sale with the Weezevent ticket office is and how it works.

If this solution is not suitable for you, you can print out the remaining stock of tickets. Stock printing is taken into account in your event’s turnover as if the tickets had been purchased online.

However, if you print more tickets than you sell, you can then delete the excess tickets. To do this, go to ATTENDEES > Manage attendees and delete the unsold tickets so that the accounting documents made available to you are up to date.

3. Perform access control

As soon as the party starts, you will have to check the tickets of each attendee. To do this, Weezevent offers several reliable and efficient access control solutions.

WeezAccess Listing

This control method means printing the paper guest lists to manually control visitors upon their arrival. Simple and effective, this solution is suitable for most low-traffic events.

WeezAccess Mobile

This control solution works by downloading the WeezAccess app on your Apple or Android mobile phone and controlling the tickets by flashing the barcodes with the camera integrated into your mobile phone!

WeezAccess Pro

WeezAccess Pro is an access control device including a high-performance laser scanner. WeezAccess Pro mobile devices will allow you to manage access in complete safety and in all situations.

You can order from our online shop.

4. Manage your stocks

From your Weezevent interface, you can access the number of attendees from ATTENDEES > Manage attendees. You will be able to assess the needs in terms of drinks, food, etc. as well as special cross-selling orders (bottles of Champagne, VIP lounge, or even limousine rides, etc.).

5. Communicate with your guests

If you want to provide your attendees with some last-minute information, you can export their email addresses from the COMMUNICATE > Export emails tab. Then, it is up to you to send them an email with the information you wish to communicate.

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