TIP: How to post my Weezevent ticketing platform on a Facebook event!

You are organizing an event and you are thinking about posting your Weezevent self-ticketing platform on a Facebook event page ?  What a bright idea !

Discover extensions that open new possibilities for your event, using Weezevent virtual self-ticketing platform together with Facebook user-friendly sharing tools to spread the word and create a buzz around your event.

For instance, as part of a web marketing strategy, the ticket office opening date for an event is part of the first thing to post. Photos from previous years, teaser video, programming, any information is precious to book an appointment with your audience and launch a countdown timer before the official posting of your ticketing platform.

This 4-step guide will show you how to plug your online ticket office on an Event page.

Step 1 :
You need a Facebook Fan Page.

Don’t hesitate to follow Facebook online help support instructions to create one. Your Fan page on Facebook has for main advantage to create a community around your activity: news, launches, updates, you are developing a close relationship with your audience who will receive each of your postings and will share them !

Usually the Fan page is linked to a global structure (seasonal programming for a venue, a theatre, etc.) while the Event page is rather dedicated to a specific activity: concert, event, etc.

Step 2 :
Once your Fan page created, you will see a «Timeline » tab.

Click on Event, Life Event + and select Event


Step 3 :
Give a title and a short description to your event: name, date/time, location, etc.

Into the TICKET URL box, copy-paste the event online ticketing URL, i.e. : the link where it is integrated on your website, or the URL that you will retrieve from Weezevent back-office.

As a reminder, the URL of your Weezevent minisite is displayed in blue, right under the name of your event in your configuration interface. You may personalize it, going to SELL > On your MINISITE > Your minisite address.

Click on Post to save your entries.


Step 4 :

Your Event page opens showing the «Available tickets » section !

You just post your Weezevent ticketing platform, now all you have to do is share and invite participants !


Get started now ! Post your Wezevent ticketing platform on an event 😉


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