TIP: How to post my Weezevent ticketing platform on a Facebook event!

TIP: How to post my Weezevent ticketing platform on a Facebook event!

You are organ­izing an event and you are thinking about posting your Weezevent self-ticketing platform on a Facebook event page ?  What a bright idea !

Discover exten­sions that open new possib­il­ities for your event, using Weezevent virtual self-ticketing platform together with Facebook user-friendly sharing tools to spread the word and create a buzz around your event.

For instance, as part of a web marketing strategy, the ticket office opening date for an event is part of the first thing to post. Photos from previous years, teaser video, programming, any inform­ation is precious to book an appointment with your audience and launch a countdown timer before the official posting of your ticketing platform.

This 4‑step guide will show you how to plug your online ticket office on an Event page.

Step 1 :
You need a Facebook Fan Page.

Don’t hesitate to follow Facebook online help support instruc­tions to create one. Your Fan page on Facebook has for main advantage to create a community around your activity: news, launches, updates, you are devel­oping a close relationship with your audience who will receive each of your postings and will share them !

Usually the Fan page is linked to a global structure (seasonal programming for a venue, a theatre, etc.) while the Event page is rather dedicated to a specific activity: concert, event, etc.

Step 2 :
Once your Fan page created, you will see a «Timeline » tab.

Click on Event, Life Event + and select Event


Step 3 :
Give a title and a short description to your event: name, date/time, location, etc.

Into the TICKET URL box, copy-paste the event online ticketing URL, i.e. : the link where it is integ­rated on your website, or the URL that you will retrieve from Weezevent back-office.

As a reminder, the URL of your Weezevent minisite is displayed in blue, right under the name of your event in your config­ur­ation interface. You may person­alize it, going to SELL > On your MINISITE > Your minisite address.

Click on Post to save your entries.


Step 4 :

Your Event page opens showing the «Available tickets » section !

You just post your Weezevent ticketing platform, now all you have to do is share and invite parti­cipants !


Get started now ! Post your Wezevent ticketing platform on an event 😉


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