Our advice to increase your registrations and membership fees online

Our advice to increase your registrations and membership fees online

Are you collecting regis­tra­tions for sports classes, hobbies, or for a lecture series? Are you selling season tickets for a cultural or sports venue? Is your associ­ation looking to collect membership fees or ask for donations? This article will help you prepare for the new season smoothly by listing the essential elements you should not forget. Step-up your game before you start the season!


  1. Enable the Session mode for repeated events
  2. Offer a ‘pay what you want’ option for donations or membership fees
  3. Create a promo for a limited time only
  4. Collect all the inform­ation you need
  5. Sell tickets on location

1. Enable the Session mode for repeated events

Your ticketing software includes a Session mode, which is useful if your event includes several dates – such as your Tuesday and Thursday yoga class or your Monday night five-a-side football game. The Session mode offers you the possib­ility to set-up a high number of sessions incredibly easily. Thus, your attendees can select their session at a glance via a user-friendly platform.

However, if you’d like your parti­cipants to attend all sessions, it is more relevant not to enable the Session mode and to create a ticket type for the whole season.

This article details how to enable and set-up the Session mode.

2. Offer a ‘pay what you want’ option for donations or membership fees

If your associ­ation or club gives its members the possib­ility to choose the amount of their membership fee, or if you are collecting donations, your ticketing system allows them to choose the amount they would like to give you.

Enabling the ‘pay what you want’ option can also be a good way to encourage your members to donate some money in addition to their yearly membership fees. You need to create a ‘membership fee’ ticket type with a fixed amount and a ‘donation’ one that the member can complete as they wish.

Tip: you can set-up a ‘pay what you want’ option with a minimum amount. For instance ‘Pay what you want yearly membership fee (min. €50)’.

This article teaches you how to create and structure your ticket types. Section 1 will be partic­u­larly helpful in this situation.

3. Create a promo for a limited time only

Now that the new season is upon us, what could be better than a promo­tional campaign to attract new people and boost your sales? We recommend that you create a promo campaign and commu­nicate about it widely: Facebook, Instagram, emailing your previous customers, flyers, partnerships…Your imagin­ation is the limit!

Create a promo code is very simple using your ticketing software. You can offer the first session or give a discount on the yearly membership. Be creative and aim for simplicity. If the people targeted by the promo don’t under­stand how they can benefit and how to use the promo within a couple of seconds, you risk losing poten­tially inter­ested parties.

Fortu­nately, this article will turn you into a champion of promo codes.

4. Collect all the information you need

To collect the data you need about your attendees, you need to create a form.

First and last name as well as the email address are a strong basis to identify your attendees. Furthermore, you can ask other useful pieces of inform­ation – age, gender, address, phone number, size, dietary requirements…Be careful not to go too far though, as it could be tiresome for your attendees, or even prevent them from filling the form. To make things easier for your parti­cipants, and to simplify data processing, questions can be set-up as text boxes, tick boxes, drop-down menu, date, etc.

Another very useful feature for members of a sports club or cultural organ­isation is the option to upload files. This enables your members to easily send you documents such as proof of ID, medical certi­ficate or other. This is a time-saver for your members and for you! Imagine the number of minutes saved multi­plied by the number of members.

You can read this article to learn how to create a regis­tration form.

5. Sell tickets on location

Are you taking bookings or selling on location – at games or before classes? Weezevent allows you to sell directly to the attendee at the venue, or to delegate part of your ticketing system to partners. You and your partners can print tickets directly on your office printer.

To do this, you need to create as many ticket offices as points of sale and as many operators as the number of people who will be using the ticket office. For instance, if two tourist offices have 4 staff members each, two ticket offices and eight operators will need to be created.

This article shows you how to quickly set-up a ticket office.

Weezevent thought of everything for the new season. Whatever you need, there is a solution for it. Feel free to visit help.weezevent.com to read illus­trated articles that will guide you step by step.

You can also visit our page dedicated to sports clubs to under­stand how to use Weezevent to collect your member­ships online:

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