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Planning an event can be very time-consuming, especially when you want to make each detail absolutely perfect. The time you allocate to each task is precious, all the more reason to ensure that you use your time well.

Managing attendees is one of the most important aspects of event planning. Your turnout will greatly influence the event overall. Managing online registrations is therefore an efficient way to handle this key step while spending as little time as possible on it. It can also save you money given that managing registrations online can be done free-of-charge. The time and money you save will be useful to handle the many other tasks you have on your to-do list when planning an event. Here is a quick guide to online registration management to ensure that you use your time wisely.

Create detailed registration forms

The registration form is the first data collection tool at your disposal to get to know your attendees. It should be used to collect as much information as possible about the people who will attend your event, as this data will help you plan your event. It should help you collect relevant and important information about your guests. Some information is useful for you to know, but always remember to remain professional – asking very personal (or inappropriate) questions about your attendees’ private life is not a good idea. Your questions should be short even if you require a detailed response. In addition to any questions you have, your form must include useful information about the upcoming event. This is why we strongly recommend that you clearly display the name, date, location and description of the event on the form.

Choosing an online registration and ticketing solution

To facilitate event management as well as registration management, you need a good online management tool at your disposal. There are a few on the market, some of them have even specialised in registration management. However, you can also find solutions that will help you design, share and sell online tickets in addition to managing registrations, and creating and managing forms. If registration for your event is free, you can use Weezevent to manage your event registrations free-of-charge. You will oversee all operations and will be able to do things your way. Your tasks will be made much easier thanks to the support you will receive. Whether you are IT savvy or a newbie, our online solution is user-friendly and our high-quality support will help you save a lot of time to finalise your event planning to perfection.

Offer several ways to register

Emailing registration forms to a few friends is great, but if you want to have a strong impact, you should consider using several channels to get registrations. One of the most common ways is to insert a link to your registration form directly on your website. To ensure you get a lot of registrations, we recommend that you keep your registration process short and easy to complete. It would be a shame if a simple registration required filling in a plethora of useless fields. Social media are also an easy way to register for an event. Make the most of it and give your guests the possibility to finalise their registration in a few seconds via your page or using a link to your website. You can also insert different registration modules on partner sites, other pages and many other channels. Don’t restrict your registrations to a single channel!

Group your attendees into categories

Whether at registration stage or on site, attendees will need to be categorised in order to improve your event organisation. It is therefore important to categorise them as soon as they register. These categories can include age, job title, or even gender. It is an important step as it helps you understand whether your message has reached your target audience. For instance, if you are planning a workshop to raise awareness about the various aspects of pregnancy among young women and you have a higher number of registrations from men, you may want to restrict the number of tickets available to men so that you have enough space for the audience you had in mind. Think to include a way to categorise participants in your registration channel based on your target audience.

Customise your registration to each attendee

When we think of “customised registration”, we think about a customised registration form but not only… Customising a registration form means making it flexible and adapting it to the user. Beyond visually translating your event’s identity, you will need to take into account the various categories of attendees based on the previously mentioned categorisation. Then, think about customising the various registration channels that you are making available to attendees. If you have chosen your website as a registration platform, you should also design it in line with your event’s branding. Don’t just create a few boxes over a plain grey background – inspire your future attendee to click and enter all their information with compelling visual effects!

Things are in your hands now! You have all the information you need to create free and efficient ways to register for your event.

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