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Plan a sports event. Effortlessly.

Managing a sports event requires a specific organ­isation. Many people, sometimes various categories, attend those events. Sports events can include several sports or rounds. Whether you are organ­ising a running race, a hike, a compet­ition or a trail run, Weezevent has the winning tools you need: online ticketing and regis­tration, access control, cashless payments…Weezevent helps your sports event run smoothly.

  • Easy to set up
  • Earnings paid every 2 weeks
  • Pay only if you sell
  • Ready in 5 minutes
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    Get a head start!

    Create your online ticket sales in a few clicks and offer a regis­tration service. Set-up ticket types for the various categories of parti­cipants and your audience. Offer regis­tra­tions in sessions if you have several rounds. Customise your regis­tration and ticketing module in your branding and add your logo, an image and a short description. Add it to your website, Facebook page or create a free minisite.

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    Don’t leave your attendees on the sideline.

    Use our attendee management interface to create lists and send emails with useful inform­ation about the schedule of your sports event. Customise your regis­tration form to simplify your admin and collect inform­ation about your parti­cipants. Offer to upload medical certi­ficates online. Manage your fees if you are a club. Planning a sports event has never been so easy!

Blow the competition away…

  • Choose the right tools.

    Our services help you plan your sports events: online ticketing and regis­tration platform, access control and cashless payments…

  • Start selling in a few clicks.

    Set-up quotas, by ticket type or general – and plan the sale of your tickets.

  • Manage access effortlessly.

    Control access of your parti­cipants and audience using Weezevent’s check-in solution – WeezA­ccess!

Be ready at kick-off!

For a sports event to run smoothly, a reliable check-in solution is necessary. Use our WeezA­ccess solution to check-in parti­cipants and audience safely. Welcome your parti­cipants using our profes­sional access control devices or the free app to download to your smart­phone. Our Weezevent ticket offices help you sell tickets on location and products at booths.

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  • Manage flows in seating areas! Choose our allocated seating solution to assign a seat to your audience members when they purchase their ticket.

  • If you are organ­ising several sessions, our sessions mode will help you sell your tickets and offer a great user-exper­ience.

  • Collect valuable inform­ation about your parti­cipants using a fully custom­isable regis­tration form and assign bib numbers…

Avoid red cards.

Go for cashless payments using WeezPay and secure your trans­ac­tions on the day of your sports event. Reduce queueing times at points of sale and prevent fraud. Enable food&drinks booths and points of sale to use our reliable cashless technology. Offer an online top-up service to your attendees before the event and top-up and refund kiosks at the event. Choose the most suitable device (card or wristband) and get into full swing.

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What kind of sports event are you planning?

Weezevent supports 160,000+ event planners of all types in the management and success of their events. Find out more about the way our solution can help you :

  • Organise a sports compet­ition
  • Organise a running race
  • Organise an obstacle course
  • Organise a bike race
  • Organise a road race
  • Organise a multi­sport raid
  • Organise a hike
  • Organise a run and bike
  • Organise a tournament or a compet­ition
  • Organise a trail run
  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Optimise your communication channels

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