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Optimize entry flow with Weezevent’s access control solution. Suited to any situation, from the simple to the complex.

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Track the number of scanned tickets in real time!

Con­nect your con­trol devices to the Inter­net to track in real time the num­ber of peo­ple onsite and man­age your per­for­mance, while mak­ing it easy for your team on the field to do their job.

  • Validate tickets for 10 to 100,000 attendees and more…

    Dif­fer­ent means of val­i­da­tion are avail­able to suit the needs of very small to very large events. Whether you use an app or a paper list, con­trol all your atten­dees’ tick­ets with Weezevent.

  • Beep, OK, go!

    Weezevent access con­trol was designed to be as easy and user-friend­ly as can be, and does not require any train­ing. Scan your atten­dees in a jiffy with our free WeezA­c­cess Mobile (avail­able on iOS and Android) or our WeezA­c­cess Pro devices. Red means no, green means you’re good to go!

  • Prevent frauds for your events.

    Access con­trol solu­tions pro­vid­ed by Weezevent ensure that no one can access your event with a fake tick­et. You define the num­ber of allowed entries and the sys­tem does the rest, enabling a secure access to your event.

Reliable, even offline.

Once your access con­trol devices are syn­chro­nized, the data is local­ly stored on each device. That way, you can con­tin­ue to scan the atten­dees’ tick­ets even if your device is offline.

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    Your own personal laser reader.

    Trans­form your smart­phone in a con­trol device by down­load­ing our free WeezA­c­cess Mobile on your smart­phone! Avail­able from your iOS or Android app store.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-terminalaccess-1900x1425

    WeezAccess Pro, the best control device on the market.

    Fit­ted with a high end laser read­er and syn­chro­nized in real time across your entire event, our WeezA­c­cess Pro mobile devices allow you to man­age access safe­ly in all situations.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-access

    Our Access Boxes, the access control solution for bigger crowds!

    Dis­cov­er our access con­trol devices to ensure good access flow and opti­mise your field teams. Thanks to their NFC wrist­bands, atten­dees only need to place the chip against the device. It works the same way as our oth­er devices: red means no, green means you’re good to go!

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What our clients feel

“We are work­ing with Weezevent for two tradeshow type events where 300 com­pa­nies present their prod­ucts to between 14 000 and 19 000 atten­dees. With the great amount of data WeezA­c­cess allows us to col­lect on entries and on client’s behav­iour, we are able to assess if our plan­ning is con­ve­nient, if the entry points are well dis­posed and if the employ­ees sched­ul­ing is opti­mal. Since switch­ing to Weezevent, we feel like the noto­ri­ety of our events has improved. I rec­om­mend Weezevent to every organ­is­er, no mat­ter the size of your event.
Élodie Rochon-Jobin
St-Hyac­inte Agri­cul­ture Tradeshow and Expochamps St-Hyacinte

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