Planning a fair using Weezevent

Once you have booked your venue – exhibition centre or hall – it is time to create your online ticketing module using Weezevent! Sell your tickets, offer a booking service, send invitations to your partners and control admissions to your venue on the day!

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Effortlessly plan your fair

A fair is a profes­sional event that requires specific logistics. From booking the venue to the day of the show, certain steps need to be followed. A fair creates meeting oppor­tun­ities with suppliers and customers. Using Weezevent, you can start offering different ticket types, custom­ising your tickets, selling on location and controlling access now!

  • Create your Weezevent account free-of-charge
  • Customise your fair as much as you would like
  • Manage your registrations the way you want

Your custom fair

Fair are important events for your company: They represent an oppor­tunity to meet your suppliers and your potential customers, sell new products… Whether you are organ­ising a business, agricul­tural or crafts fair, increase your odds of success by creating your event on Weezevent! Give it a clear and precise name. Add a description, a location and a date. Set it up by inserting a link to your website and the artwork you designed for your fair.

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Create ticket types for each category of attendee

Selling your fair tickets will be easier if the entry price is attractive. Offer “limited time only” discounts to boost your sales! Create early bird tickets, offer special discounts — for families, kids, students. Add a description and warn that proof may be needed on the day (such as student ID). Set up batch sales for groups. Plan a start and end date for your ticket sales. Create an overall quota or quotas for each ticket type. Each fair is unique, make it your own!

Designed for all fairs

Whatever your fair needs, our online ticketing platform can help:

  • Create a tailored ticketing module in your branding
  • Customise your tickets by adding your artwork and your own words
  • Write forms and collect inform­ation about your parti­cipants
  • Sell additional products using our cross-selling feature
  • See your sales stats in real time
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  • Ready in 5 min
  • No exclusivity requirement
  • No commitment and no minimum sales
  • Earnings paid twice a month

Make your partners feel special

What is a fair without partners? Offer a unique exper­ience to your VIPs. Share a promo code with them so they can get a discount on the ticket price. Create targeted campaigns, limited in time or restricted to some of your attendees. Send as many invit­a­tions as necessary! Select the number of recip­ients, their contact details and customise the message they will receive… Offer the best to your partners!

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Turn your fair into an unmissable event

There are many fairs out there. Good commu­nic­ation will be one of your best assets to stand out from the crowd. Add a ticketing module to your website. Choose an iFrame widget to integrate it easily to one of your website pages, or favour a pop-up module if you would like your module to open as a separate window. If you don’t have a website yet, you can create a dedicated minisite for free – and it is completely custom­isable. Integrate your ticketing to your Facebook event and showcase it on your Page. Make your fair the place to be!


Make the right choice for your fair

Good organ­isation requires good planning ahead of time and on the day. Choose the best for your fair:

  • Sell on location using Weezevent’s box office
  • Anticipate crowds thanks to printed stocks
  • Track your sales on location in real time
  • Set up your guest lists and prevent fraud
  • View detailed reports of all scans
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  • Offer the best to your exhibitors…

    Because your sponsors and your exhib­itors are not just attendees, create unique passes for them. Just like tickets, passes are fully custom­isable. Add some artwork and practical inform­ation: date, location, times, highlights, etc. Your exhib­itors and sponsors will find it simple to access your fair using an easily scanned QR code!

  • … and your attendees

    Fairs welcome a lot of attendees. Enhance safety and reduce waiting times using Weezevent’s profes­sional access control terminals. Using WeezA­ccess Pro, you can scan attendees’ tickets at the entrance and at different locations of your fair. If you are expecting a crowd, choose fixed access control terminals — WeezA­ccess Boxes. Prevent fraud and choose serenity!

What type of professional event are you planning?

Weezevent helps 160,000+ planners of all kinds in the planning and success of their event. Plan a successful:

  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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