How to plan a successful End-of-Year Party

How to plan a successful End-of-Year Party

The end of the year is approaching fast. It is a great time to celebrate with friends, co-workers and loved ones and reminisce over the past year. Organising an End-of-Year or New-Year’s Eve Party requires following a few key steps to provide your guests with the best possible experience on this special night.

You are thinking about organising a party, a dinner with friends or an office holiday party? Here are some instructions to follow:

The key steps to organise your party:

The steps you should follow to plan your Party or New Year’s Eve are the same as those of any party — whether it be a gathering with friends, an office party, or any big event with a large audience.

1. The budget

Any event requires setting a budget. It can be flexible but it will be a good way to set a limit between what you want and what can realistically be achieved. It is important to plan an End-of-Year Party that matches your means. Spending too much or too little is unnecessary as this means taking risks on some aspects. You can define a budget per head, or even ask for a contribution, ask guests to buy a ticket or register for your event.

2. The planning

Organisation is a matter of planning! The size and scope of your event will factor in how early you need to start planning as well as the number of tasks you’ll need to accomplish before making your assessment. You should really take the time to list all the steps and their status, and plan each step carefully for a clear view of your milestones and whether or not you should delegate some tasks. Start from the date of your party to establish what should be done 1 month before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before and the day before.

3. The perfect venue

This should be done well ahead of the big day. Finding the perfect venue can be tricky. There are many parties during the holiday season and the most unique and interesting places will be grabbed quickly. Start your research by sorting your criteria between the must-have, the important and the nice-to-have. Define those in relation to the number of expected guests, your budget, the equipment you need (dancefloor, sound system, presentation or slideshow equipment, etc.), the atmosphere you wish to create for your party, etc.

4. The service providers

Obviously, your party requires food and drinks. These are often included in the rental of the venue but you can also opt for a “dry hire” and look for external providers: caterers and bartenders tailored to the type of Party you’re planning — whether it is a dinner, a cocktail or a party. The search for a provider can be painstakingly difficult, but we addressed it in a separate post.

Once your guests are fed and have their choice of drinks from the bar, you may want to look into entertainment. You’ll need to ensure there is music if it’s not included in the venue hire. Choose the option that best suits you: a playlist, a DJ, etc. Ask around you, friends and relatives can be a great help in these situations.

Turn your party into an unforgettable evening! If you wish to give your guests a memorable evening, don’t hesitate to provide a real experience, a token to bring home: a photo booth, a small gift, a challenge, a friendly game, a karaoke or a quiz. Any idea that will provide entertainment and impress your guests is a good one! Some venues will offer entertainment, don’t hesitate to look into it.

5. The guest

Here comes the main part: your guests! Don’t take communication lightly if you want to reach a wider audience than the people you know, and more importantly please your guests and send a positive message.

Speak about your event around you, send early invitations and keep in touch so that your guests keep the date and the key information in mind, and more importantly that they don’t forget about your Party or accept another invitation.

When you send your invites, why not take that opportunity to ask a few questions using a form.  Some information may be useful to you: food allergies, most convenient dates, if people want to bring a +1, etc. This is also the moment to survey the teams, a theme may be appreciated which will give you a guideline for your decoration, entertainment and gifts.

If you would like to organise a professional event or a party with friends, some aspects will be different and should be taken into account. 

An office party will need to meet some specific criteria that depend on the company culture: for instance, you may need to include an assessment of the year, a presentation of company results or the great projects for the year to come. Some of these elements will require equipment. Your co-workers should be told the date ahead of time so that they make sure they are available. A weekday evening may be easier, the teams will then attend the party after their workday.

organise a perfect New Year’s Eve or Christmas Party. Perhaps you would like everyone to contribute to the party? If so, you can create a registration platform where guests can contribute what they want or pay a fixed price. Setting up a form can be the most convenient way to organise amongst yourselves. You want to keep the party private? Set up your event so that it is private and only accessible with a password that you’ll communicate to your friends.

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