5 marketing strategies to try for your next events

5 marketing strategies to try for your next events

You have hosted events in the past and sigh when the event happens, and barely anyone shows up. This does not have to be a problem any longer. Take some steps to sharpen different marketing strategies so more people attend your events every time.


    1. Try a go-to marketing strategy

    Implementing a go-to-market strategy you will get on track with enhancing attendance output for your next event.

    A go-to-market strategy defines your specific product or service, its customer base, and how you will distribute this to the public. This strategy will:

    • Boost your brand image.
    • Increase sales.
    • Define value propositions for each product or service you offer.
    • Integrate different tactics for attracting your customer base.

    As the needs of your customer base change, you may have to refine your go-to-market strategy to fit buyer trends. The most important tactic is to have multiple public relations efforts to get your event’s name out to the public. Think press releases, or partnering with a notable company to do a giveaway.

    2. Host a giveaway to promote the event

    Speaking of giveaways, you can host a social media campaign where you have your followers promote a post about your upcoming event. The giveaway item can be a ticket for your event or a credit towards a a product or service you offer during the event.

    Have each follower like the post, tag at least three friends in the comments, and share the post to their Facebook or Instagram stories. Your event will have the opportunity to reach new people that already do not follow your social media page.

    Give followers opportunities for additional entries. For example, if your giveaway lasts for five days, you can have your followers share the post to their stories at least once a day for additional entries.

    As your current followers spread the word to their friends, it will boost how many people know about your upcoming event. Plus, you may receive additional followers during the social media campaign if the people tagged in the comments find that they like your event enough to follow your social media page.

    Think of it as a Domino effect. As more people are informed about your event and continue to share it on social media, it is a free way to increase followers and sales.

    3. Host a digital or hybrid event

    Go beyond in-person events and try a digital gathering to increase the likelihood of more people joining. Your digital event will not be limited to people within the local area.

    Not everyone can attend in-person events due to a lack of babysitting arrangements for children, or other scheduling difficulties. Going digital allows attendees to come to your event and still enjoy your content.

    Find a platform that works best for you so you can host more digital events as you are waiting to host your next in-person event. Regular digital events in between physical ones can increase customer engagement.

    Stream the in-person event for people to watch digitally

    Another option is to organise hybrid events. It is a great combination of a virtual, live, and in-person event with many advantages. Aside from greater engagement and more exposure, it can significantly improve the return on investment.

    Streaming an in-person event for other people to watch on a digital platform is a great way to increase attendance output even if those digitally joining are not organically present. Hosting the event physically and digitally can also enhance your brand image so that those attending digitally may become interested in attending your next event in person.

    You should try to have virtual tickets available for a digital experience of your in-person event. Brainstorm ways that digital attendees can get value from your company out of joining your event.

    Try these tactics to create value for your digital attendees:

    • Give out digital coupons for clients to use towards their next purchase of a ticket for your in-person event.
    • If you offer additional products or services at your in-person events, like merchandising or parking service, give them a credit to use in your next in-person event.
    • Offer a discount for ordering your event’s merchandising.

    Another fun way to create value is to dish out free digital merch, such as:

    • Virtual calendar.
    • Virtual wallpapers for their smartphone.

    4. Do online ticketing

    Online ticketing makes it easier to complete event check-ins for attendees. Rather than attendees picking up a physical ticket from a venue before the event, they can pull up the ticket code on their smartphone during check-in.

    When potential attendees see your event post, they will be more desiring to complete the ticket purchase virtually for convenience purposes.

    If you have a free event that requires registration, attendees can register within minutes and receive their tickets via email. With Weezevent, you will not have to pay a fee if you are hosting a free event.

    5. Host a sale

    If clients hear that they will be getting a deal for the tickets for your event, as well as for the additional products and services you offer, they will be more apt to make a purchase. While you will sell at a lower price per unit, more people may be attracted to the possible savings.

    Reduced price ticket sales

    You can try to encourage people to purchase virtual tickets in advance rather than tickets at the door. For example, your tickets sold in advance may cost £15 online and £20 at the door. It will persuade attendees to purchase tickets ahead of time so that they can save the extra £5 they would be spending at the door.

    You can go one step further by playing with different rates depending on how far in advance the ticket is purchased, establishing an early bird ticket strategy.

    6. Final thoughts

    Marketing is a creative interpretation of how you want to present your products and services to your clientele. As long as you make the experience valuable for your customers, they will be more willing to support your event.

    Crafting a go-to-market strategy is as simple as answering the questions of who, how, and, where. Who is your customer base? How will you distribute your event tickets to your potential clientele? Where will your event take place?

    Enhance your brand image with a go-to-market strategy that works for your event!

    Are you organising an event and need help with your online ticketing, access control or cashless payments? Don’t hesitate to check with our team how Weezeevnt’s technology can help:


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