General Terms and Conditions of Sale – WeezPay


Weezevent is a spe­cial­ist site offer­ing cus­tomers the abil­i­ty of pur­chas­ing, direct­ly via its web­sites, Tick­ets for Events organ­ised by Event Organ­is­ers (here­inafter the “Organ­is­ers”).

Weezevent also mar­kets a “cash­less” solu­tion with Organ­is­ers (here­inafter the “Ser­vice”).

This solu­tion does not con­sti­tute a pay­ment ser­vice nor a dig­i­tal cur­ren­cy issuance or dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vice for elec­tron­ic money.

These Stan­dard Terms and Con­di­tions gov­ern­ing Use of the Ser­vice (here­inafter the “T’s & C’s of Use”) apply, with­out any restric­tion or reser­va­tion, to any use of the Ser­vice offered by Weezevent to Participants.

The essen­tial fea­tures of the Ser­vice are pre­sent­ed below and on Weezevent’s Website.

The Par­tic­i­pant is required to read these T & Cs before using the Ser­vice. Use of the Ser­vice is the sole respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Participant.

Weezevent’s con­tact details are as follows:
Weezevent, a Sim­pli­fied Joint Stock Com­pa­ny with cap­i­tal of €72,212 hav­ing its reg­is­tered office at 14 Rue de l’Est, Dijon (21000), reg­is­tered with the Reg­istre du Com­merce et des Sociétés of Dijon under num­ber 503 715 401, act­ing through its Chief Exec­u­tive Officer.

These T & Cs apply to the exclu­sion of all oth­er con­di­tions, and in par­tic­u­lar those that the Organ­is­er could or could present to the Par­tic­i­pant. These T & Cs are acces­si­ble at any time on the web­site and will pre­vail, where applic­a­ble, over any oth­er ver­sion or any oth­er con­tra­dic­to­ry doc­u­ment. Unless proven oth­er­wise, the data record­ed in WEEZEVEN­T’s com­put­er sys­tem con­sti­tutes proof of all the trans­ac­tions con­clud­ed with the Participant.

The Par­tic­i­pant has, at any time, a right of access, rec­ti­fi­ca­tion, and oppo­si­tion to all of his per­son­al data by writ­ing, by mail and by prov­ing his iden­ti­ty, at the fol­low­ing address: WEEZEVENT, 164 rue Ambroise Croizat in SAINT-DENIS (93200).

The Par­tic­i­pant declares to have read these T & Cs and to have accept­ed them by check­ing the box pro­vid­ed for this pur­pose before using the Service.

These T & Cs may be sub­ject to sub­se­quent mod­i­fi­ca­tions, the ver­sion applic­a­ble to the Par­tic­i­pant is the one in force on the web­site when the Ser­vice is used for the first time for a giv­en Event.

The Par­tic­i­pant acknowl­edges hav­ing the required capac­i­ty to use the Ser­vice offered by WEEZEVENT.

Section 1 : Description and operation of the Service

The “Cash­less” Ser­vice allows peo­ple (here­inafter the “Par­tic­i­pants”) who attend an event or who go to a place man­aged by the Organ­is­er (here­inafter “the Event”) to reg­is­ter units on a Mate­r­i­al Sup­port (here­inafter the “Device”) and to make pay­ments before and dur­ing the Event, so as to be able to make pur­chas­es dur­ing the Event at the var­i­ous points of sale, present at the loca­tion or venues of the Event (here­inafter “the Venue”). This Device can only be used with the Organ­is­er and, where applic­a­ble, with its Part­ners, that is to say with peo­ple to whom the Organ­is­er has entrust­ed the task of man­ag­ing one or more points of sale (here­inafter “the Part­ners”), for a lim­it­ed range of goods or ser­vices cor­re­spond­ing to a the­mat­ic offer, and only for the Event or Events (here­inafter “Sea­son”) that it organises.

These con­di­tions aim to define the respec­tive rights and oblig­a­tions of WEEZEVENT and the Par­tic­i­pants in the con­text of the estab­lish­ment and oper­a­tion of the Service.

Section 1–1 : Use of the Device by Participants

The Device con­sti­tutes, as the case may be, the one and only means, the main or one of the means that can be used by the Par­tic­i­pants to make pur­chas­es at the var­i­ous points of sale present in the Event Site, said points of sale being man­aged by the Organ­is­er or by its sub­con­trac­tors and Partners.

The Device can only be used by the Organ­is­er and only for the Event(s) it organises.

Pur­chase trans­ac­tions will be car­ried out using ded­i­cat­ed ter­mi­nals. Dur­ing the pur­chase oper­a­tion, the Device will be direct­ly deb­it­ed for the num­ber of val­ue units cor­re­spond­ing to the val­ue of the purchase.

If applic­a­ble, the Vir­tu­al Account of Par­tic­i­pants who have cre­at­ed one will track the trans­ac­tions record­ed on the Device.

The Device remains in any event inde­pen­dent from the Vir­tu­al Account, the lat­ter only being syn­chro­nized with the Device in order to track their interactions.

How­ev­er, unlike the use of the Sup­port for the “Mobile” solu­tion as pre­sent­ed in the sec­tion “Cash­less” Solu­tion via the Par­tic­i­pan­t’s “mobile” below, it is the Vir­tu­al Account that will be tak­en into account for the num­ber of units that can be used and that have been used by the Par­tic­i­pant. To this extent, and in par­tic­u­lar in the event of net­work fail­ure or poor con­nec­tion to the net­work of one of the ter­mi­nals, cas­es where a QR code could be used sev­er­al times by the Par­tic­i­pant so that the con­sump­tion by the Par­tic­i­pant exceeds the amounts actu­al­ly paid. Like­wise, if at the request of the Organ­is­er, a point of sale oper­ates only by query­ing the Vir­tu­al Account and with­out direct­ly deb­it­ing the Device for the units cor­re­spond­ing to the pur­chas­es made, the Vir­tu­al Account will be the proof of the num­ber of units that can be used and have been used by the Par­tic­i­pant. To this extent, and in par­tic­u­lar in the event of net­work fail­ure or no con­nec­tion to the net­work of one of the ter­mi­nals, the Device could no longer be syn­chro­nised with the Vir­tu­al Account, so that the con­sump­tion by the Par­tic­i­pant becomes greater than the amounts already paid.

Section  1–2 : Setting up a Virtual Account before an Event

Par­tic­i­pants who wish to cred­it their Device before an Event have the pos­si­bil­i­ty of cre­at­ing a per­son­al space (here­inafter the “Vir­tu­al Account”). To set up a Vir­tu­al Account, they should go to any com­mu­ni­ca­tion media of Organ­is­er that is com­pat­i­ble with the Ser­vice, in par­tic­u­lar the Website(s) or the mobile appli­ca­tion of the Event, and iden­ti­fy them­selves using the num­ber on their access pass, typ­i­cal­ly the bar­code on the tick­et (here­inafter the “Access Pass”). 

The Vir­tu­al Account is per­son­al to each Par­tic­i­pant, who may only set up one Vir­tu­al Account with their ticket.

The Participant’s Vir­tu­al Account may then be cred­it­ed with funds, in the accept­ed cur­ren­cy, which are intend­ed to be spent at the Venue.

The amounts paid by Par­tic­i­pants before the Event are col­lect­ed direct­ly by Weezevent in respect of the sale trans­ac­tion entered into between Par­tic­i­pants and Weezevent pur­suant to the pro­vi­sions of the Sec­tion ‘Sales mech­a­nism in an Online Top-Up con­text with Weezevent’ and are deposit­ed into an account opened in the name of Weezevent with a bank (here­inafter the “Weezevent Account”), or direct­ly col­lect­ed by the Organ­is­er under the sale trans­ac­tion con­clud­ed between the Par­tic­i­pants and the Organ­is­er in accor­dance with the pro­vi­sions of the Sec­tion ‘Sales mech­a­nism in an onsite Top-Up con­text to the Organiser’.

Pay­ments by Par­tic­i­pants will be made using all the tech­ni­cal devices that can cur­rent­ly be rea­son­ably used to ensure the secu­ri­ty of trans­ac­tions and through recog­nised operators.

The trans­ac­tion data will be record­ed in Participant’s Vir­tu­al Account locat­ed on a Weezevent serv­er, each trans­ac­tion made by Par­tic­i­pant being record­ed immediately.

Section 1–3: Supply of a Device to a Participant who has set up a Virtual Account and system via their “mobile”

Section 1–3‑1: “Cashless” solution via use of a Device

At the entrance to or with­in the Event Venue, upon pre­sen­ta­tion of their Access Pass, each Par­tic­i­pant hav­ing set up a Vir­tu­al Account before the Event will be giv­en a Device, typ­i­cal­ly but not always, a plas­tic card or a wrist­band, con­tain­ing an NFC chip.

The Device is personal.

A num­ber of units cor­re­spond­ing to the sums paid to the Organ­is­er or Weezevent before the Event will be loaded on the Device. These units can be expressed in GBP or anoth­er unit of val­ue cho­sen by the Organiser.

The Device is syn­chro­nized with the Vir­tu­al Account, which will record all deb­it and/or cred­it trans­ac­tions. This syn­chro­niza­tion will take place either in real-time or on a deferred basis depend­ing on the tele­com net­work access of the point-of-sale terminals.

The Devices will remain inde­pen­dent of the Vir­tu­al Account under all cir­cum­stances, the lat­ter being mere­ly syn­chro­nized with the Devices to track movements. 

Section 1–3‑2: “Cashless” solution via Participant’s “mobile”

If so decid­ed by the Organ­is­er, the Cash­less Ser­vice can be set up with­out hav­ing to use a Device via a Participant’s smart­phone. Mak­ing a pur­chase via the Par­tic­i­pan­t’s smart­phone is exclu­sive of the use of the Device referred to in the sec­tion “Cash­less” Solu­tion via the use of a Device. It nec­es­sar­i­ly requires the cre­ation of a Vir­tu­al account retrac­ing the oper­a­tions car­ried out by the Par­tic­i­pant. Also, the Par­tic­i­pant who has decid­ed to acti­vate their Device will not be able to make pur­chas­es via their smartphone.

The “mobile” solu­tion works in the same way as that described in the sec­tion Use of the Device by Par­tic­i­pants, not hav­ing cre­at­ed a Vir­tu­al Account here­of con­cern­ing the use of a Device. A Par­tic­i­pant wish­ing to make pur­chas­es will have to scan a QR CODE appear­ing on their mobile to make the said pur­chas­es, the Vir­tu­al Account then being deb­it­ed by the num­ber of units cor­re­spond­ing to the pur­chase made.

Section 1–4: Use of a Device by Participants who have not set up a Virtual Account

If the Organ­is­er allows it, Par­tic­i­pants who have not set up a Vir­tu­al Account may make pur­chas­es at the Event Venue by obtain­ing a Device at one of the coun­ters in the Venue pro­vid­ed for that pur­pose by the Organiser. 

The Device will oper­ate independently. 

When a Device is pro­vid­ed to a Par­tic­i­pant, units of val­ue cor­re­spond­ing to the amounts paid by a Par­tic­i­pant to the Organ­is­er will be loaded on to the Device, sub­ject to the fees referred to in the Sec­tion ‘Acti­va­tion and Refund fees’ and under the sole respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Organiser.

The Organ­is­er will have sole respon­si­bil­i­ty for col­lect­ing the amounts paid by a Par­tic­i­pant, Weezevent play­ing no role in the mon­ey remit­tance transaction. 

Section 1–5: Topping Up Devices

Par­tic­i­pants may top up their Device, either via a Remote Top-Up, or via a Counter Top-Up.

The Device can­not con­tain a num­ber of units in excess of the equiv­a­lent of £250.

How­ev­er, the Organ­is­er shall be free to pro­vide for a high­er or low­er top-up capac­i­ty for the Device upon giv­ing instruc­tions to Weezevent.

Section 1–5‑1:  Counter Top-Up

A Counter Top-Up shall be made direct­ly with the Organ­is­er at a counter present at the Event Venue, based on the pay­ment method cho­sen by the Organ­is­er, typ­i­cal­ly by pay­ment card, or in cash (here­in referred to as a ‘Counter Top-up’). Regard­less of the top-up method used, the amounts paid by Par­tic­i­pants are paid direct­ly to the Organ­is­er, under its sole respon­si­bil­i­ty, with­out tran­sit­ing through the Weezevent Account. A num­ber of units cor­re­spond­ing to the top-up will be loaded on the Device under the sole and entire respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Organ­is­er who indem­ni­fies Weezevent against any recourse in the event of human error, mis­use, theft or fraud. 

Par­tic­i­pants who have set up a Vir­tu­al Account will be cred­it­ed for the amount topped up.

Section 1–5‑2: Remote Top-Up

If the Organ­is­er has pro­vid­ed for this option and if inter­net access con­di­tions allow, Par­tic­i­pants may top-up their Device online by using their smart­phone, for exam­ple, and cred­it the desired num­ber of units by using their bank pay­ment card or any oth­er means of pay­ment autho­rised by the Organiser.

A Remote Top-Up requires Par­tic­i­pant to have set up a Vir­tu­al Account under the same con­di­tions as indi­cat­ed in the Sec­tion ‘Cre­ation of a Vir­tu­al Account before an Event’.

Sim­i­lar­ly, if the Organ­is­er has pro­vid­ed for this option and if the Par­tic­i­pant choos­es to do so, an auto­mat­ic online top-up sys­tem will per­mit the Par­tic­i­pant to cred­it their account auto­mat­i­cal­ly by a pre­de­fined amount once the num­ber of units on their account fall below a pre­vi­ous­ly defined thresh­old. The top-up agreed to by the Par­tic­i­pant will be effec­tive once the Participant’s bank has been queried, the cred­it only becom­ing effec­tive once autho­ri­sa­tion has been received to deb­it the Participant’s bank account. 

Section 1–5‑3: Top-Up in a “mobile” solution context

Par­tic­i­pants who have set up a Vir­tu­al Account and have opt­ed for the cash­less solu­tion via their smart­phone will only be able to make a Remote Top-Up. 

Par­tic­i­pants will thus be able to cred­it their Vir­tu­al Account by mak­ing an online pay­ment under the con­di­tions set out in the Sec­tion ‘Cre­ation of a Vir­tu­al Account before the Event’. The Vir­tu­al Account will track this top-up operation.

Section 1–6: Specific features of the Service

The Organ­is­er has the option of agree­ing with Weezevent on a spe­cif­ic con­fig­u­ra­tion of the Ser­vice. In par­tic­u­lar the Organ­is­er may remove cer­tain fea­tures, intro­duce restric­tions or cre­ate new fea­tures. Accord­ing­ly, the descrip­tion of the Ser­vice as set out in the Sec­tion ‘Descrip­tion and oper­a­tion of the ser­vice’ is only intend­ed to describe the gen­er­al fea­tures of the Service. 

For the avoid­ance of doubt, the Ser­vice is con­fig­ured by Organ­is­er direct­ly, with the result that Weezevent dis­claims any and all lia­bil­i­ty for any con­fig­u­ra­tion of the Ser­vice that may infringe applic­a­ble laws or regulations.

Weezevent accord­ing­ly invites Par­tic­i­pants to go to any com­mu­ni­ca­tion media of the Organ­is­er, in par­tic­u­lar the website(s) or the mobile appli­ca­tion of the Event, or to con­tact the Organ­is­er to find out more about the oper­a­tion of the Ser­vice and any spe­cif­ic oper­at­ing meth­ods cho­sen by the Organiser.

Section 2: Conclusion of sales

In the con­text of the “Cash­less” solu­tion imple­ment­ed by Weezevent, sales of goods or ser­vices will be con­clud­ed either direct­ly between the Par­tic­i­pant and the Organ­is­er or its Part­ners, or between Weezevent and the Participant.

Section 2–1: Sales mechanism in a Top-Up context with the Organiser

In the event of a Top-up with the Organ­is­er, whether the Par­tic­i­pant uses a Device or his smart­phone, the sales of goods or ser­vices are con­clud­ed from the moment of the top-up between the Par­tic­i­pant and the Organ­is­er, the top-up oper­a­tion mate­ri­al­iz­ing the agree­ment between the Par­tic­i­pant and the Organ­is­er on the sup­ply of goods or ser­vices offered at the Venue by the Organ­is­er. The Par­tic­i­pant will there­fore pay the price of the goods or ser­vices that are con­sumed at the Event Venue pri­or to their deliv­ery or pro­vi­sion by the Organ­is­er or one of its Partners.

The choice of the goods or ser­vice acquired, and paid in advance by the Par­tic­i­pant to the Organ­is­er, is made by the Par­tic­i­pant when they go to one of the points of sale present at the Venue. It is at this time that the Organ­is­er deliv­ers the cho­sen good or pro­vides the ser­vice cho­sen by the Par­tic­i­pant, pro­vid­ed that the Par­tic­i­pant has pre­vi­ous­ly paid the price of the ser­vice or the good, that is to say sub­ject to that the Par­tic­i­pant ben­e­fits from a num­ber of units allow­ing this oper­a­tion to be car­ried out.

In the con­text of a Top-up with the Organ­is­er, WEEZEVENT remains a third par­ty to the trans­ac­tion for the sale of goods or the pro­vi­sion of ser­vices con­clud­ed direct­ly between the Organ­is­er and the Participant.

Section 2–2: Sales mechanism in an Online Top-Up context with Weezevent

In the case of a Remote Top-up or a top-up before the Event (here­inafter “Top-up with the Organ­is­er”), whether the Par­tic­i­pant uses a Device or their smart­phone, a sales con­tract cov­er­ing the goods or ser­vices avail­able in the Venue is direct­ly con­clud­ed between the Par­tic­i­pant and WEEZEVENT, which acts as sell­er with­in the frame­work of this relationship.

The top-up oper­a­tion con­se­quent­ly mate­ri­alis­es the agree­ment between WEEZEVENT and the Par­tic­i­pant regard­ing the sup­ply by WEEZEVENT, or by any per­son it sub­sti­tutes, of the goods or ser­vices offered at the Venue. By top­ping-up, the Par­tic­i­pant pays WEEZEVENT the price of these goods or ser­vices before their deliv­ery to the points of sale present for this purpose.

As soon as the Par­tic­i­pant goes to one of the points of sale present at the Venue and orders a good or a ser­vice, WEEZEVENT trans­fers to the Organ­is­er its capac­i­ty as con­trac­tor and all the rights and oblig­a­tions aris­ing from the sales con­tract bind­ing it to the Participant.

Con­se­quent­ly, the Par­tic­i­pant now autho­ris­es WEEZEVENT to trans­fer to the Organ­is­er the con­tract for the sale of goods or the pro­vi­sion of ser­vices between WEEZEVENT and the Par­tic­i­pant in respect of the Top-up with WEEZEVENT. To this end, it is already not­ed that pri­or to the con­clu­sion here­of, the Organ­is­er has agreed to sub­sti­tute WEEZEVENT in the rights and oblig­a­tions drawn from the sales con­tracts con­clud­ed between WEEZEVENT and the Participants.

Section 2–3: Responsibility in relation to sales

In accor­dance with what has just been indi­cat­ed, WEEZEVENT can in no way be held liable under the sales con­tracts con­clud­ed with the Par­tic­i­pants, said con­tracts being either con­clud­ed between the Organ­is­er and the Par­tic­i­pants with­in the frame­work of a Top-up with the Organ­is­er or con­clud­ed with WEEZEVENT in the case of Top­ping-up with WEEZEVENT. In the lat­ter case, WEEZEVENT will trans­fer its capac­i­ty as sell­ing par­ty to the Organ­is­er, who will per­form the con­tracts in its own name and for its own account.

Con­se­quent­ly, it is express­ly agreed and accept­ed by the Par­tic­i­pant that it is the Organ­is­er who will have to assume all respon­si­bil­i­ty for the exe­cu­tion of said con­tracts (safe­ty, con­for­mi­ty, hid­den defects, defec­tive prod­ucts, impos­si­bil­i­ty of deliv­er­ing with­in the in the case of click & deliv­ery, non-with­draw­al of prod­ucts and ser­vices in the case of click & col­lect, etc.), WEEZEVENT only tem­porar­i­ly endors­es the legal sta­tus of co-con­tract­ing par­ty in order to allow top-ups, WEEZEVENT hav­ing no spe­cif­ic voca­tion to sup­ply goods or ser­vices with­in the Event Venue.

Section 2–4 : Pricing

The goods and ser­vices acquired by the Par­tic­i­pant are pro­vid­ed at the rates in effect with­in the Event Venue and decid­ed by the Organ­is­er and or its Partners.

These prices do not include any acti­va­tion, top-up or refund fee which will be decid­ed by the Organ­is­er and which will be deduct­ed from the num­ber of units acquired.

The pay­ment request­ed from the Par­tic­i­pant cor­re­sponds to the total amount of the pur­chase, includ­ing these costs.

Section 3: Features of the Devices

Section 3–1: General features of the Devices

The Device shall con­sti­tute, as the case may be, the sole, the main or one of the means that can be used to make pur­chas­es from the Organ­is­er at the Event Venue.

Sub­ject to excep­tions, the Devices are hand­ed over to Par­tic­i­pants at the Event loca­tion. Unless oth­er­wise decid­ed by the Organ­is­er, they shall remain the sole and exclu­sive prop­er­ty of the Organiser.

Par­tic­i­pants shall, upon being hand­ed over the Device, check that it works cor­rect­ly and inform the Organ­is­er of any mal­func­tion as prompt­ly as pos­si­ble, to enable them to replace any defec­tive Device.

Par­tic­i­pants are respon­si­ble for the safe­keep­ing of the Devices dur­ing the entire Event. To that end, Par­tic­i­pants shall use the Devices as per the instruc­tions giv­en to them to avoid dam­ag­ing them.

In case of loss of a Device by a Par­tic­i­pant, Weezevent shall be under no duty to refund the Organ­is­er or a Participant.

How­ev­er, if a Par­tic­i­pant has set up a Vir­tu­al Account, and if request­ed by the Organ­is­er, it may be pos­si­ble to pro­vide a Par­tic­i­pant a replace­ment Device con­tain­ing the same num­ber of units as the pre­vi­ous­ly deac­ti­vat­ed first Device. To deac­ti­vate the first Device, the lat­ter must first come into con­tact with a ter­mi­nal that is con­nect­ed to the inter­net to be deac­ti­vat­ed. This being the case, between the time the Device is lost and is effec­tive­ly blocked, units may be deb­it­ed from it, in par­tic­u­lar in case of fraud­u­lent use of the lost Device. The sec­ond Device will only be cred­it­ed with the bal­ance of the units avail­able on the first chip at the time it was effec­tive­ly blocked.

The Devices do not require a pass­word or a PIN code. Par­tic­i­pants remain ful­ly respon­si­ble in case of loss or theft of their Device and in par­tic­u­lar fraud­u­lent use by a third par­ty. Weezevent accord­ing­ly dis­claims any and all lia­bil­i­ty in case of fraud­u­lent use of a Device by an unau­tho­rized per­son. In case of theft or loss, Par­tic­i­pants are invit­ed to imme­di­ate­ly inform the Organ­is­er in view of deac­ti­vat­ing the Device.

Section 3–2: Activation and refund fees

As part of the imple­men­ta­tion of the “Cash­less” solu­tion, the Organ­is­er has the pos­si­bil­i­ty of ask­ing Weezevent to apply an acti­va­tion fee, which will not be refund­able fol­low­ing the Event. The acti­va­tion fee charged by the Organ­is­er to the Par­tic­i­pant is deduct­ed from the amount of the units of val­ue that may be con­sumed at the Venue and cor­re­sponds to the invoic­ing of the “cash­less” Ser­vice offered to Participant:

  • Use of a Device for order­ing and pay­ing online or at a counter goods or ser­vices that will sub­se­quent­ly be con­sumed at the Venue;
  • Reten­tion of the Device by Participant;
  • Ben­e­fits of using the “cash­less” solu­tion enabling all con­cerned to avoid the pit­falls asso­ci­at­ed with many peo­ple being gath­ered togeth­er (cash reg­is­ter errors, loss of means of pay­ment, online mon­i­tor­ing of con­sump­tion, etc.).

Like­wise, the Organ­is­er may request the set­ting up of refund fees to be deduct­ed from the sums to be returned to the Par­tic­i­pants at the end of the Event, the refund oper­a­tions requir­ing the instal­la­tion of sig­nif­i­cant tech­ni­cal and human resources.

The deci­sion to invoice these costs (acti­va­tion and refunds) is the sole respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Organ­is­er. It is also recalled that WEEZEVENT does not col­lect these funds. Con­se­quent­ly, the Par­tic­i­pant irrev­o­ca­bly waives any recourse against WEEZEVENT con­cern­ing the charg­ing of these costs or con­cern­ing their return.

Section 4: “Cashless” solution via Participant’s smartphone 

Section 4–1: Loss of smartphone by a Participant

The Par­tic­i­pant is respon­si­ble for the safe­keep­ing of their smart­phone and Weezevent dis­claims any and all lia­bil­i­ty for any fraud­u­lent use made of a smart­phone by an unau­tho­rised per­son. In case of the loss of a smart­phone by a Par­tic­i­pant, Weezevent shall be under no duty to refund the Organ­is­er or the Participant.

Section 4–2: Maximum top-up capacity of the Device

The use of the “cash­less” solu­tion via a Participant’s smart­phone may not result in the lat­ter hold­ing a num­ber of units in excess of the equiv­a­lent of £250.

How­ev­er, the Organ­is­er shall be free to agree with Weezevent on a high­er or low­er max­i­mum top-up capac­i­ty for the Devices.

Section 4–3 : Activation fees and Refund fees

As with the use of the Devices, the Organ­is­er may ask Weezevent to apply an acti­va­tion fee to the use of the solu­tion via Participant’s smart­phone. Acti­va­tion and refund fees will not be refund­able fol­low­ing the Event.

Section 5: Non-transfer of units of value by Participants between their respective Virtual Accounts and/or their respective Devices

Vir­tu­al Accounts and Devices are per­son­al to each Par­tic­i­pant. These tools are intend­ed to enable a Par­tic­i­pant to make pur­chas­es from the Organ­is­er alone.

Vir­tu­al Accounts and/or Devices may in no way be used to make trans­fers between Par­tic­i­pants, in par­tic­u­lar trans­fers of units of value.

It is there­fore not pos­si­ble to trans­fer units of val­ue between the respec­tive Devices of Par­tic­i­pants. Sim­i­lar­ly, Par­tic­i­pants may not make trans­fers to each oth­er via their respec­tive Vir­tu­al Accounts, if they have one.

Section 6: Modification and cancellation of the Event — Allocation of unused units of value — Reimbursement of the Participant at the end of the Event

Section 6–1: Modification and cancellation of an Event

All Par­tic­i­pants will be informed of any can­cel­la­tion of an Event, its resched­ul­ing or any sub­stan­tial change made by the Organ­is­er or by Weezevent, pro­vid­ed Weezevent has pre­vi­ous­ly been informed by the Organ­is­er. Indeed, WEEZEVENT is only a tech­ni­cal ser­vice provider and accepts no respon­si­bil­i­ty for the organ­i­sa­tion of the Event.

In such cas­es, an Organ­is­er may decide to refund any amounts that have been paid by Par­tic­i­pants to Weezevent before the Event.

Weezevent shall make this refund if and to the extent that Weezevent is still in pos­ses­sion of suf­fi­cient funds to car­ry out such refunds, it being borne in mind that Weezevent only ensures the sale of goods and ser­vices to Par­tic­i­pants to the extent such sales are ful­filled by the Organiser.

By using the Weezevent Ser­vice, the Par­tic­i­pant express­ly waives any rem­e­dy or recourse against Weezevent in con­nec­tion with any such refunds. Weezevent shall, how­ev­er, take all rea­son­able mea­sures to enable Par­tic­i­pants to obtain a refund from the Organiser.

It is recalled that any deci­sion to can­cel, post­pone or mod­i­fy an Event is the sole respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Organ­is­er and that WEEZEVENT can­not replace the latter.

In any event, WEEZEVENT can­not be held liable for the reim­burse­ment of units result­ing from a top-up or pay­ment to the Organ­is­er, an oper­a­tion in which WEEZEVENT is a ful­ly third party.

Section 6–2 : Organiser’s choice concerning unused units of value

The Organ­is­er alone shall deter­mine the allo­ca­tion of units that remain unused at the end of an Event. Depend­ing on this pol­i­cy, Par­tic­i­pants may request a refund of such units, donate the remain­ing bal­ance to the Organ­is­er, to a part­ner or char­i­ta­ble organ­i­sa­tion, trans­fer those units for the Organiser’s next event or events, etc.

Par­tic­i­pants are invit­ed to con­tact the Organ­is­er direct­ly, via any com­mu­ni­ca­tion media of Organ­is­er (i.e. Web­site of the Event, mobile appli­ca­tion of the Event, post­ing at the Event Venue. etc.) to find out what choice has been made by the Organ­is­er, specif­i­cal­ly as con­cerns any pos­si­ble refund process for the Event they will be attending.

Par­tic­i­pants release Weezevent from any and all respon­si­bil­i­ty or lia­bil­i­ty in con­nec­tion with any pos­si­ble refund, such refund being decid­ed upon by the Organ­is­er and a legal oblig­a­tion, the sales being per­fect­ed from the top-up oper­a­tions and the amounts paid to Weezevent and/or to the Organ­is­er not legal­ly qual­i­fy­ing as a down pay­ment or deposit in respect of a trans­ac­tion that can be rescind­ed by either Par­ty. It is there­fore the Participant’s respon­si­bil­i­ty to only make top-ups for goods and ser­vices they actu­al­ly intend to con­sume at the Event or Venue, any pay­ment being deemed final.

Section 6–2‑1 : Refunding Participants at the end of an Event

The deci­sion to refund Par­tic­i­pants at the end of the Event, or not, is made by the Organ­is­er alone. As regards refunds, Weezevent will mere­ly apply the pol­i­cy decid­ed upon by the Organiser.

In case of a refund, Par­tic­i­pants who have not used all of the units loaded on their Device at the end of an Event and whose Device shows a bal­ance of at least £0.50 may obtain a refund under the con­di­tions set forth below.

Section 6–2‑2 : Refund to Participants at a Counter

The refund of Par­tic­i­pants by the Organ­is­er is in prin­ci­ple made by WEEZEVENT in the name of and on behalf of the Organ­is­er via the Vir­tu­al Account. How­ev­er, the Organ­is­er has the option of request­ing a refund to be set up at the Counter with­in the Event Venue.

In this con­text, Par­tic­i­pants must go with their Device to the afore­men­tioned Counter for a refund. The Organ­is­er will remit under its sole respon­si­bil­i­ty the sum cor­re­spond­ing to the units of val­ue still reg­is­tered on the Device

The Device and, where applic­a­ble, the Par­tic­i­pan­t’s Vir­tu­al Account, will be deb­it­ed for the said amount.

Section 6–2‑3 : Setting up a Virtual Account in view to get a Refund

WEEZEVENT will only be able to refund Par­tic­i­pants who have cre­at­ed a Vir­tu­al Account. Par­tic­i­pants who have not cre­at­ed a Vir­tu­al Account will need to cre­ate a Vir­tu­al Account in order to be able to request a refund.

Section 6–2‑4 : Refund request

Any refund request from a Par­tic­i­pant must reach Weezevent with­in 7 days after the end of the Event, or with­in the time lim­it pre­vi­ous­ly agreed between Organ­is­er and Weezevent and com­mu­ni­cat­ed by the Organ­is­er to Participants.

To obtain a refund, the Par­tic­i­pant should pro­vide their bank account details (BBAN/IBAN) or their bank pay­ment card num­ber, which must nec­es­sar­i­ly be in the same cur­ren­cy as the cur­ren­cy of the top-ups made by the Par­tic­i­pant and in respect of which the account-hold­ing insti­tu­tion is locat­ed in the same geo­graph­ic bank­ing zone .

Weezevent shall refund Par­tic­i­pants with­in 30 days fol­low­ing the Event, sub­ject to hav­ing suf­fi­cient funds to car­ry out the refund, pro­vid­ed the amount of the refund request­ed by the Par­tic­i­pant does not exceed the amount of the Online Top-Up. It should be remem­bered that Weezevent does not car­ry out refunds using its own funds but only with the funds avail­able to it on the basis of Online Top-Ups, which are intend­ed for remit­tance to Organiser.

Where applic­a­ble and sub­ject to the same reser­va­tion, the refund peri­od may be extend­ed at the request of the Organ­is­er. WEEZEVENT there­fore invites Par­tic­i­pants to check with the Organ­is­er to find out the refund deadlines.

Section 6–2‑5 : Donations

Pro­vid­ed the time lim­it laid down by the Organ­is­er in which to request a refund has passed, any fail­ure to request a refund shall result in a dona­tion by the Par­tic­i­pant to the Organ­is­er, in respect of which the Par­tic­i­pant acknowl­edges being ful­ly informed.

The accep­tance of this clause is deci­sive in the con­clu­sion of this Con­tract. The Par­tic­i­pant know­ing­ly declares that he wish­es to donate any remain­ing units of val­ue reg­is­tered on his Sup­port at the end of the Event and for which he has not made any request for reim­burse­ment with­in the peri­od set by the Organiser.

Section 7: Suspension of the Service in case of legitimate doubt

WEEZEVENT reserves the right to refuse the exe­cu­tion of an oper­a­tion in the event of legit­i­mate doubt. The oper­a­tions con­cerned are in par­tic­u­lar refunds to Par­tic­i­pants or cer­tain top-ups or pay­ment oper­a­tions. WEEZEVENT may refuse such requests:

  • In the event of any doubt as to the exis­tence of a funds in the bank account of the Par­tic­i­pant wish­ing to car­ry out a remote top-up;
  • In the event of a mate­r­i­al error (for exam­ple: incor­rect iden­ti­fiers, invalid one-time password);
  • In the event of a refund request to a bank account that is not the one reg­is­tered by the Par­tic­i­pant when cre­at­ing their Vir­tu­al Account;
  • In case of doubt about the ben­e­fi­cia­ry of the funds or about the per­son request­ing the exe­cu­tion of a trans­ac­tion. It is recalled that the Ser­vice may not be used for fraud­u­lent pur­pos­es, fraud or mon­ey laundering.

In the event that WEEZEVENT refus­es to car­ry out an oper­a­tion, for any rea­son what­so­ev­er, it will inform the Par­tic­i­pant by any means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with­in a rea­son­able peri­od of time.

Section 8 : Disclaimer

It is recalled that with­in the frame­work of the imple­men­ta­tion of the Ser­vice, WEEZEVENT acts as the sup­pli­er to the Organ­is­er and on the lat­ter’s instructions.

The Organ­is­er under­takes, with­in the frame­work of the ver­i­fi­ca­tion pro­ce­dures car­ried out by WEEZEVENT, to trans­mit any doc­u­ment attest­ing to the hold­ing of the Event and the seri­ous­ness of the Organ­is­er: rental con­tract, alco­hol license, proof of address of the per­son in charge or iden­ti­ty doc­u­ment of the Organ­is­er, etc.

Thus, WEEZEVENT can in no way be held respon­si­ble for:

  • An inad­e­qua­cy of the Ser­vice to the needs of the Organiser;
  • Can­cel­la­tion, post­pone­ment or sub­stan­tial mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the Event, said deci­sions being the respon­si­bil­i­ty and choice of the Organ­is­er, WEEZEVENT can­not replace the latter;
  • Poor or lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion by the Organ­is­er on the oper­a­tion of the Ser­vice and the options select­ed, in par­tic­u­lar in terms of refund pol­i­cy (absence of refund, dead­lines, etc.);
  • Inabil­i­ty of the Organ­is­er to make refunds: WEEZEVENT will do every­thing pos­si­ble to ensure that the Organ­is­er makes the refunds it has under­tak­en to make. How­ev­er, WEEZEVENT can­not replace it and the Par­tic­i­pants will not ben­e­fit from any direct right to recov­ery against WEEZEVENT;
  • More gen­er­al­ly, the smooth run­ning of the Event and the prop­er per­for­mance of the Organ­is­er’s oblig­a­tions, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the con­text of its oblig­a­tions aris­ing from the oper­a­tion of the Service;
  • The nec­es­sary admin­is­tra­tive and fis­cal pro­ce­dures and the pay­ment of all relat­ed tax­es and duties which are incum­bent on the Organiser.

Section 9 : Right of Withdrawal

To the extent per­mit­ted under applic­a­ble law, the ser­vice pro­vid­ed by the Organ­is­er involves a leisure activ­i­ty to be pro­vid­ed at a defined date or peri­od, Par­tic­i­pants do not ben­e­fit from any right of can­cel­la­tion in the con­text of their use of the Service.

Section  10 : Force majeure

It is recalled that WEEZEVENT uses all the tech­ni­cal devices that can cur­rent­ly be rea­son­ably used to ensure the con­ti­nu­ity of its Ser­vice, also WEEZEVENT can­not be held liable if its serv­er or the serv­er (s) on which the nec­es­sary data are stored are unavail­able for rea­sons of force majeure such as in par­tic­u­lar fail­ure of the pub­lic elec­tric­i­ty net­work, strike, storms, wars, earth­quakes, fail­ure of the pub­lic telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions net­work, loss of Inter­net con­nec­tiv­i­ty due to pub­lic and pri­vate oper­a­tors on which WEEZEVENT depends.

WEEZEVEN­T’s oblig­a­tions will be sus­pend­ed dur­ing the Event con­sti­tut­ing a case of force majeure and the sus­pen­sion of the oblig­a­tions may in no case be a cause of lia­bil­i­ty for non-per­for­mance of the oblig­a­tion in ques­tion, nor induce the pay­ment of dam­ages and inter­est or penal­ties for late payment.

This clause is con­sid­ered essen­tial and deci­sive of the con­sent of WEEZEVENT.

Section 11 : Hardship

The Par­ties agree to assume their oblig­a­tions even if the con­trac­tu­al bal­ance is upset due to cir­cum­stances that were not fore­see­able upon the con­clu­sion here­of, even if the per­for­mance of such oblig­a­tions entails hard­ship and agree to bear any eco­nom­ic and finan­cial consequences.

Section 12 : Specific performance in specia and proportional reduction in the price

The Par­ties agree that in the event of a breach by either Par­ty of its oblig­a­tions, the Par­ty that is the vic­tim of the default may not request enforce­ment thereof.

In the event that either Par­ty fails to ful­fill its oblig­a­tions, the Par­ty that is the vic­tim of the default may not have the oblig­a­tion itself per­formed by a third par­ty, at the expense of the default­ing Par­ty. The Par­ty vic­tim of the default may, in the event of non-per­for­mance of any of the oblig­a­tions incum­bent on the oth­er Par­ty, request the ter­mi­na­tion of the con­tract in accor­dance with the terms defined in the sec­tion below ‘Ter­mi­na­tion of the contract’.

Fur­ther­more, the Par­ties waive their right to avail them­selves of the pro­vi­sions of a pro­por­tion­al reduc­tion in the price in the event of imper­fect per­for­mance of the obligation.

Section 13 : Service interruption — A Reminder of intrinsic characteristics of telecom networks

The Par­tic­i­pant con­sid­ers them­selves ful­ly informed of the risks inher­ent in the use of telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions net­works, even if WEEZEVENT uses all the secu­ri­ty stan­dards capa­ble of ensur­ing a high lev­el of secu­ri­ty and reli­a­bil­i­ty (https, ssl cer­tifi­cate, etc.)

It is recalled that the trans­mis­sion of data by com­mu­ni­ca­tion net­works only ben­e­fits from rel­a­tive tech­ni­cal reliability:

  • Data cir­cu­lat­ing on the Inter­net is not pro­tect­ed against pos­si­ble misappropriation;
  • The pro­vi­sion of soft­ware con­nect­ed to com­mu­ni­ca­tion net­works may be sub­ject to intru­sion by unau­tho­rised third par­ties and com­put­er offenses;
  • The tech­ni­cal capac­i­ties of the net­works are such that in cer­tain places and at cer­tain times of the day, Inter­net access can be sat­u­rat­ed (poor tele­phone con­nec­tion, insuf­fi­cient modem, insuf­fi­cient band­width, sat­u­ra­tion of the node, etc.)

As a result of the above and with full knowl­edge of WEEZEVEN­T’s Ser­vices, the Par­tic­i­pant waives any lia­bil­i­ty for WEEZEVENT in con­nec­tion with one of the facts or events men­tioned above.

It is also recalled that the WEEZEVENT Ser­vice may be sub­ject to inter­rup­tions, sched­uled or not, made nec­es­sary for the prop­er func­tion­ing of it, in par­tic­u­lar for rea­sons of main­te­nance, secu­ri­ty or stor­age man­age­ment. In the event of a sched­uled inter­rup­tion of the Ser­vices, WEEZEVENT under­takes to do its best to sched­ule said main­te­nance oper­a­tions so that they take place out­side the nor­mal oper­at­ing hours of the Ser­vice and its acces­si­bil­i­ty to Par­tic­i­pants and the Organ­is­er (ie gen­er­al­ly at night, after the Event), in order to min­i­mize their con­se­quences on the acces­si­bil­i­ty of the Ser­vice. Any unplanned and non-faulty inter­rup­tion of ser­vices can­not be the respon­si­bil­i­ty of WEEZEVENT. In the event of such a case of force majeure, WEEZEVENT under­takes to do every­thing pos­si­ble to restore the ser­vices as soon as possible.

Like­wise, the Par­tic­i­pant under­takes to inform WEEZEVENT if they become aware of or notice a mal­func­tion of the WEEZEVENT Services.

Section 14 : Personal data

The per­son­al data com­mu­ni­cat­ed by the Par­tic­i­pants is only pro­vid­ed for the pur­pose of enabling the use of the Ser­vice. This infor­ma­tion allows WEEZEVENT, where appro­pri­ate, to con­tact the Par­tic­i­pants, for exam­ple in the con­text of refund requests or in the event of can­cel­la­tion or mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the date, time or loca­tion of an Event, etc. Par­tic­i­pants have the right to access and rec­ti­fy data con­cern­ing them at any time in accor­dance with GDPR Regulations.

Par­tic­i­pants may also object to the use of their con­tact details each time con­tact is made to them by WEEZEVENT.

By val­i­dat­ing these T & Cs, the Par­tic­i­pants agree that WEEZEVENT will send their per­son­al data to the Organ­is­er and to its own rel­e­vant sub­con­trac­tors. It is recalled that it is the Organ­is­er who informs WEEZEVENT regard­ing the data that they intend to obtain. Any use of the Ser­vice there­fore con­sti­tutes recog­ni­tion of the trans­mis­sion of the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed to the Organ­is­er. In accor­dance with legal pro­vi­sions, the trans­mis­sion of data is nec­es­sary for the prop­er func­tion­ing of the Ser­vice. This data may be com­mu­ni­cat­ed to any WEEZEVENT part­ners respon­si­ble for the exe­cu­tion, pro­cess­ing, man­age­ment and prop­er func­tion­ing of the Service.

As such, WEEZEVENT can­not be held respon­si­ble for any use that may be made of this data, but it will ensure that the Organ­is­er and its own sub­con­trac­tors com­ply with the pro­vi­sions of the GDPR Regulation.

Request in writ­ing to: WEEZEVENT — 164 rue Ambroise Croizat, Le Verona build­ing — 8th floor, 93200 Saint Denis.

Section 15 : Intellectual property

The con­tent of the WEEZEVENT web­site is the prop­er­ty of WEEZEVENT and its part­ners and is pro­tect­ed by French and inter­na­tion­al laws relat­ing to intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty. Any total or par­tial repro­duc­tion of this con­tent is strict­ly pro­hib­it­ed and is liable to con­sti­tute an offense.

In addi­tion, WEEZEVENT remains the own­er of all intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty rights in the pho­tographs, pre­sen­ta­tions, stud­ies, draw­ings, mod­els, pro­to­types, etc, made for the pro­vi­sion of the Ser­vice. The Par­tic­i­pant there­fore refrains from any repro­duc­tion or exploita­tion of said stud­ies, draw­ings, mod­els and pro­to­types, etc., with­out the express, pri­or writ­ten autho­riza­tion of WEEZEVENT, which may make it con­di­tion­al on finan­cial compensation.

Section 16 : Termination of the contract

The fol­low­ing are not grounds for termination: 

  • An increase in price;
  • Unpre­dictabil­i­ty;
  • Force majeure.

The ter­mi­na­tion of the con­tract can only be made in the event of proven fault by one or the oth­er of the par­ties, it being under­stood that these con­sti­tute grounds for res­o­lu­tions, in par­tic­u­lar the fol­low­ing facts:

  • Default in payments;
  • Use of the Ser­vice by the Par­tic­i­pant out­side of these terms of use (fraud, mon­ey laun­der­ing, etc.)

It is express­ly under­stood that this res­o­lu­tion for fail­ure of a par­ty to ful­fill its oblig­a­tions will take place as of right, the for­mal notice result­ing from the sole fact of the non-per­for­mance of the oblig­a­tion, with­out warn­ing, or exe­cu­tion of formalities.

Section 17 : General provisions

The Par­ties express­ly agree that the debtor of a pay­ment oblig­a­tion here­un­der shall be deemed to have been giv­en for­mal notice upon and by virtue of the pay­ment becom­ing due and payable.

The ser­vices exchanged between the Par­ties from the con­clu­sion of the con­tract and until its ter­mi­na­tion hav­ing found their use­ful­ness as and when the rec­i­p­ro­cal exe­cu­tion there­of, will not give rise to resti­tu­tion for the peri­od pri­or to the last one that has not received its counterpart.

In any event, the injured Par­ty may seek dam­ages in court.

Section 18 : Applicable Law & Language

These T&Cs and the oper­a­tions result­ing from them are gov­erned and sub­ject to French law.

These T&Cs are writ­ten in French. In the event that they are trans­lat­ed into one or more for­eign lan­guages, only the French text will pre­vail in the event of a dispute.

Section 19 : Disputes

All dis­putes to which trans­ac­tions con­clud­ed pur­suant to these T & Cs may give rise, con­cern­ing their valid­i­ty, inter­pre­ta­tion, exe­cu­tion, ter­mi­na­tion, con­se­quences and con­se­quences and which could not be resolved between WEEZEVENT and the Par­tic­i­pant will be sub­mit­ted to the com­pe­tent courts under the con­di­tions of com­mon law.

In the event of a dis­pute with an Organ­is­er, cus­tomer ser­vices can be con­tact­ed by email at:

Section 20 : Pre-contract information — Acceptance by the Participant

The Par­tic­i­pant acknowl­edges hav­ing had com­mu­ni­ca­tion, pri­or to the con­clu­sion of the con­tract and before any top-up, pur­chase or pay­ment, in a read­able and under­stand­able man­ner, of these T&Cs and in par­tic­u­lar the fol­low­ing information:

  • The essen­tial char­ac­ter­is­tics of the Ser­vice, tak­ing into account the com­mu­ni­ca­tion medi­um used and the Ser­vice concerned;
  • The price of the Ser­vices and relat­ed costs being remind­ed that said Ser­vice is not invoiced by WEEZEVENT with regard to the Par­tic­i­pants and that the price of the goods and ser­vices offered by the Organ­is­er are avail­able at the Event Venue and / or on any Organ­is­er’s com­mu­ni­ca­tion medium;
  • In the absence of imme­di­ate exe­cu­tion of the con­tract, the date or the dead­line at which the Ser­vice Provider under­takes to pro­vide the Ser­vices ordered;
  • Infor­ma­tion relat­ing to the iden­ti­ty of the Ser­vice Provider, its postal, tele­phone and elec­tron­ic con­tact details, and its activ­i­ties, if it does not appear from the context;
  • Infor­ma­tion relat­ing to legal and con­trac­tu­al guar­an­tees and their imple­men­ta­tion methods;
  • The func­tion­al­i­ties of the dig­i­tal con­tent and, where applic­a­ble, its interoperability;
  • The pos­si­bil­i­ty of resort­ing to con­ven­tion­al medi­a­tion in the event of a dispute;
  • Infor­ma­tion relat­ing to the right of with­draw­al (exis­tence, con­di­tions, time lim­it, meth­ods of exer­cis­ing this right and stan­dard with­draw­al form), the terms of ter­mi­na­tion and oth­er impor­tant con­trac­tu­al conditions;
  • Means of pay­ment accepted.

The Par­tic­i­pant declares to adhere to and ful­ly accept these T & Cs and, in par­tic­u­lar, to waive any con­tra­dic­to­ry doc­u­ment which would be unen­force­able against the Ser­vice Provider. The data record­ed by WEEZEVENT is authen­tic and con­sti­tutes proof of all past trans­ac­tions. They also accept the Organ­is­er’s gen­er­al con­di­tions which may have been sent sep­a­rate­ly, which sup­ple­ment these conditions.

WEEZEVENT is a com­pa­ny that offers Event Organ­is­ers an online event tick­et­ing, access con­trol, CRM and CASHLESS solu­tion for Events.


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