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  • weezticket

    Ticketing & Registration

    Create your customised online tickets in minutes. Simply create and publish your event with a few clicks, or integrate the ticketing plug-in to your website and Facebook page and get ready to sell your tickets, send your invites, register attendees and manage your memberships online!

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  • weezaccess

    Access Control

    Easily validate your attendee’s tickets, with an app or on paper! Transform your smartphone into a validation device with the WeezAccess Mobile or use our synchronised devices WeezAccess Pro to validate entries and scan tickets. Whatever the size of your event, we have the best solution for you to prevent fraud and optimise flow and attendance management.

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  • weezpay

    Cashless Payment

    Go one step further into making your event digital. Increase your sales speed and improve the experience for both your team and your attendees with our dematerialised payment solution. Completely secure, our cashless solution works offline and provides you with the features and devices (NFC wristbands, cashless cards, etc.) that are best suited to your event. Having already provided our services to 100+ cashless events and festivals, Weezevent is the cashless tech partner you need to minimise queues, reduce risk of theft and improve your money tracking process.

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How to find a sponsor for your event

Do you have big ambitions for your event? Would you like to increase your attendance? Think about getting a sponsor! Before contacting a potential sponsor, you need to know how to convince them: Firstly, you should identify your commonalities, whether it is a shared passion, a commitment, or something else. This is what will pique the interest of the brand and convince its representatives to invest in your project.

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Reviewing your event: key indicators to use

Once your event is over, it is very important to take stock. It can be difficult to know what to look for among all the data collected. At the end of your event, naturally you will seek the return on investment of all this organisation and the positive impacts of your choices and decisions. What are the data and indicators to track in order to know how to make a clear and solid assessment of your event?

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How to create the perfect online registration form

Creating a registration form is one of the first steps in your event organisation. It allows you to register the attendees and collect information that will help you refine your planning. The quality of your online registration form will impact the quality of your event. We have compiled some valuable tips to help you create the perfect online registration form, and successfully organise your event.

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