Cashless: A project involving the whole organisation

Cashless: A project involving the whole organisation

In most organ­isa­tions, the various components of the event come together naturally, like pieces of a puzzle, thanks to the teams » exper­ience and habits. Every manager takes care of imple­menting and organ­ising the assign­ments falling within their scope.

Imple­menting a cashless system is a different project because it falls under the respons­ib­ility of everyone involved: commu­nic­ation, ticketing, bars, catering, merchand­ising, general services, etc. Every service needs to rally!

For many organ­isa­tions, this is the first time in a very long time that such a compre­hensive project is being carried out. When the decision is made to integrate and roll-out a demater­i­alised payment solution, it impacts the entire event. The decision is taken early on and thus will fit into the various stages of event planning.

It often turns out that unit managers are not familiar with their colleagues’ processes and working methods. Internal commu­nic­ation problems can surface when rolling-out the solution.

Therefore, a cashless project must be managed at the highest level of the organ­isation, i.e. the general manager and / or the CEO, because they will have to make decisions that can impact the whole event (setting up banks, impact on the number of queues at entrances, pricing policy for the service, etc.).

It is also important to hold regular meetings with all key managers so that they all have access to the same level of inform­ation and can share their concerns.

However, to ensure the cashless system roll-out goes smoothly for everyone and is a complete success, it is essential to appoint a Mr. or Mrs. Cashless! This cashless manager will be responsible for collecting queries from all the units of the organ­isation and act as a point of contact with the chosen provider.

This point of contact can be a current employee (general services, ticket manager, production manager, treasurer, etc.) or a new recruit dedicated to this project. Some major events even went so far as to create a role specifically for this function.

To go further and find out more about cashless systems, download our free white paper here.

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Payment is but a small part of the possible uses that “cashless” enables. Its main interest lays in building a complete eco-system. Integrating cashless to your event requires involvement of your entire organization, it enables you to not only manage your organisation but also develop new areas such as access control, management of specific audiences and partner activations for a richer user-experience.

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