How to sell-out your concert venue?

Organising concerts usually boils down to THE main question: How will I fill my venue? This very relevant matter deserves our attention considering it is a necessary condition to the longevity of your concert venue. Many venues use Weezevent to sell their tickets. Here, we list our best tips to attract attendees and retain your audience.


  1. Play the local card
  2. Take control of your ticketing
  3. Offer attractive prices
  4. Communicate on the right channels

1. Play the local card

Concert venues rarely attract an audience living more than a couple of hours away. Without being too chauvinistic, schedule local artists and add local references to your corporate communication material.

In addition to geographic proximity you can play on human proximity too. Your audience is not just customers. They are above all passionate, inquisitive people – just like you! Speak to them as equals, using the appropriate tone and words. Having a friendly impression of your venue will make them want to come back. The concert experience is more holistic than people think. The friendliness of the staff, the comfort level of the venue, and the appreciation of a loyal audience matter.

2. Take control of your ticketing

In selling your concerts tickets yourself via a ticketing platform, you have access to multiple features while maintaining visibility on who your audience is: number of people, time of purchase, etc. Using a self-distribution solution such as Weezevent allows you to add your ticketing to your website in a few clicks, which means your customers don’t need to leave your website.

If you don’t have a website, we give you the opportunity to create a minisite quickly and turn it into a valuable communication tool. Your ticketing gives a first impression of your concert, it should therefore grab your audience’s attention. There, you can include all your useful information and set the tone for your concert. You can immerse your audience in the atmosphere of your concert using words, colours, pictures and videos. In addition, the link to your minisite can be shared easily on all your communication channels. It would be a shame not to use it!

3. Offer attractive prices

Pre-sales systems and early bird prices are well known of concert-goers. Put your tickets on sale at discounted prices during a limited time to encourage your audience to buy theirs quickly. Then, gradually increase the price to reach the full price, with more or less tiers depending on the length of your sales period and your sales policy. This will help you sell over a longer time and will decrease your uncertainty in terms of fill rate.

4. Communicate on the right channels

The plethora of available communication channels can be dizzying. Rather than trying to use all of them to attract a maximum number of people, we recommend that you choose the most relevant based on your target audience, its habits and interests. You will probably not have enough time to cover everything and your audience is not present on all communication channels anyway.

An inspiring blog

On your website, post about your scheduled artists, news about your venue, the stage design, the sound system, etc. You can also interview the artists and get them to share your content on their social media.

Unique social media

Social media are too popular today for you not to be there. Start with creating a Facebook event for each concert, specifying all the information that your audience will need to know: date, price, location, useful info, etc. Add a direct link to your ticketing on the event page, and on your Facebook page.

About your Facebook page, make sure that you regularly create content to grow and retain your audience. Follow the trends that work on these media to pique the interest of people who don’t know you. Be careful not to be too similar to others and copy-paste things that work. Adapt your content to your venue’s branding, its history and its authenticity. Stand out!

Creating video content is a very good way to stand out on social media and fill your concert venue. You can even add it to your ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram as well as all other channels listed below.

Finally, creating competitions encouraging many people to like your posts will boost your exposure for a while.

Targeted emails

Thanks to a ticketing solution like Weezevent, you have all your audience members’ email addresses. You can therefore send them reminder emails whenever you schedule a concert they might be interested in. Target them based on the concerts they have previously attended and increase your chances to convince them.

Regular press relations

As a local/regional concert venue, you represent your geographic area. Local media – online or off – can therefore be considered as potential partners. You can bring positive things to one another. They are an important relay of information for your concerts, and you can give them a fair number of news that would interest their readers. Get in touch with them on a regular basis, either using press releases or in a more informal way.

Local poster campaigns

This communication tool can hardly fight the advancement of technology and social media. However, depending on your budget and ability to produce attractive visuals, you should consider displaying posters around your concert venue. Target neighbouring streets, as a reminder to the locals.

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