Creating video content before, during and after your event

Your event’s success partly depends on a good communication campaign. Videos are a prime tool with many benefits, such as the possibility to communicate across several channels at once. In a few clicks, you can share a promotional video on your website or Weezevent minisite, send it via email, post it on various social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and on video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo). All roads lead to creating video content and this guide will show you the way to get started easily, with user-friendly tools.


  1. Starting video communication before the event
  2. Bring your event to life
  3. Closing after the event

1. Starting video communication before the event

Create a teaser video about your event

A teaser trailer or teaser ad is essential to launch your communication campaign. It is defined as such: “initial phase of an ad campaign in the form of a riddle, designed to arouse  and maintain the audience’s interest.” According to the video hosting platform Wistia Video Analytics, 80% of people watching a video under one minute long pay attention to it; the longer the video, the more this proportion decreases. Your teaser should be short, to the point and grab the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds.

You should use quick transitions with compelling arguments and short messages to create a dynamic video. That way, you will be direct and keep the audience interested in every detail of your video.

Tell a story and share key figures

A video reminding people of the key facts and figures about your previous events is a good way to retrace the history of your event creation, with key dates and people who contributed to its success.

Launch your ticketing

When your ticket office goes live, it may be appropriate to post a video to inform interested parties about the launch date, booking procedures, ticket prices, etc. Your video will be a very good complement to your teaser, and will probably be seen by people who have missed the trailer. This video should be designed to inspire confidence and create desire in potential attendees. You must include a call to action, which can take the following forms:

  •       “Visit for more information”
  •       “Click on the button below to book”
  •       “Follow us on Instagram to find out our full programme”

Publish interviews and stories

Increase the pressure on people who are still hesitant to attend your event. Show behind the scenes footage of the event, conduct interviews with the main acts, and thus give the impression that your event is unmissable!

Keep your audience informed

This is the last video to be prepared before the event. Your audience needs to know the practical details to get to your event safely. Make their experience easier and gain their trust. Their loyalty will be all the stronger as a result. This is also a good time to send a reminder to laggards who have forgotten to book their tickets. Once again, think of the call to action that links back to your website or mini-site Weezevent.

2. Bring your event to life

The absent party is not always to blame. Especially when you are organising several events at different dates. If you are counting on a renewal of the audience, in addition to the regulars, you will have to capture your event’s important moments and broadcast them afterwards. Whether live or after the event, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other medium, share videos of your event. According to Facebook, live videos generate three times more views than traditional videos.

If you want to be active on social media, publish at different times of the day. Start with the programme of your event, its speakers/artists and highlights. Then publish exclusive information about the day’s proceedings: results, interviews with the protagonists, quotes from the participants. Instagram is very well suited to this practice, especially with IGTV, the principle of which is detailed here. In the evening, it is interesting to make a video summary of the day so that the audience can remember it and those who were not there can get a clear idea of what happened.

3. Continue after the event

Publish an aftermovie

After the event, it is important to continue to communicate to maintain a relationship with your participants. A summary, known as aftermovie, is appreciated by the participants. It is used to showcase your event’s highlights: testimonials from participants, awards presentation, key figures. As with the teaser, the format must be short and punchy. It should make participants want to come back and make those who were not there want to attend your next events.

Thank your audience and your partners

Show recognition to your participants, partners, and all those who contributed to your event by thanking them in a special video. They will feel valued and will understand that you appreciate their presence.

This can be an opportunity to tease your next event with photos or videos of the finished edition. You have many options, but you must keep in mind that communication around your event is essential. Attendance to your event – and therefore its success – depends on it.

It’s in your hands now! Before communicating through video, easily plan events using Weezevent by clicking on the link below:

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