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Whether you are an entertainment promoter, a tour organiser and producer, or simply a fan wishing to plan a concert, we can support you in your event planning and offer you an adapted solution. Choose Weezevent to sell and distribute your tickets online and on location, manage access to your venue and handle transactions!

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Hit all the right notes

Just like any other event, planning a concert requires a special kind of logistics. Like a conductor, an event planner coordinates various players: audience, safety agents, talent, etc. Whether this is your main job or not, using Weezevent will provide you with a solution adapted to your event planning needs!

A bespoke box office with WeezTicket

  • Adapt the sales tool to your brand

    Integrate your ticketing system directly on your website. If you don't have one, create a mini-site in a few clicks.

  • Customise your ticket office

    Create a visual identity for your tickets and set up different rates for your event depending on the type of audience.

  • Design your invitations

    Roll out the red carpet for your VIPs, your partners or the media. Adapt your emails and e-tickets to the recipient.

Why set limits?

  • Create promo codes
  • Print tickets in advance
  • Import tickets from other providers (Digitick, TicketMaster, Fnac, etc.)
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Communicate about your concert

Producing and promoting music shows requires a good communication plan. Social media are an essential tool to share your news, promote your concert, etc. You can directly integrate your box office to your Facebook event with Weezevent.


Build a customer database

Design a form to fill at the time of ticket purchase in order to know your audience. Collect key information about your attendees. The form can be customised and made unique for each one of your events. Your customer database is automatically created using the collected data. All you have to do is to use it according to your needs!


Your information secured

Weezevent ensures the safety of your data as well as that of your attendees. Confidentiality means that we do not have access to your customer database.

Manage access to your show

You have ticked all the boxes in terms of safety measures for your concert? Access to emergency exits is free, you have insurance, all work contracts comply with the Law? Think about managing access. WeezAccess is a great planning tool to control the comings and goings of your different audiences: entrance of the general audience, or access to restricted areas (a VIP area for instance).

Illustration terminaux de contrôle d'accès WeezAccess

Use a reliable access control solution

  • Set-up your guest lists
  • Choose your preferred mean of validation (scan, manual entry, paper list)
  • Sync your data to have a back-up in case of an internet failure
  • Access detailed attendance reports
  • Export your lists in PDF or CSV formats
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Adapted to concert venues of all sizes

Choose the venue management system best adapted to your concert:

  • Download the WeezAccess app directly to your smartphone and turn it into an access control device for the concert. This app is free and easy to use by all. You can find it on the Android and iOS stores.
  • WeezAccess Pro is the access control terminal designed for professional event planners. Its long-life battery means you do not need to use your personal smartphone anymore. Reliable, robust and easy to use, the device will meet your needs.
  • If you expect a lot of people, you can also use our WeezAccess Box. They are fixed terminals using an NFC system. WeezAccess Box requires few members of staff and will significantly save time!

Offer more than tickets

Do not restrict yourself to selling tickets only. With our cross-selling feature, your attendees can purchase other products (goodies, clothes, items, etc.) or services (meals, parking space, etc.) using your online registration and ticketing platform. They can access it when they purchase their concert tickets. Setting this up takes only a few clicks.


Set-up allocated seating

Each concert venue is different. Allocated seating prevents your audience from having a bad surprise. Create a 2D or 3D map of your venue and integrate it into your online box office. Thus, your attendees can select which area they would like to stay in (free or allocated seating), for a price you will have decided when you set-up your box office.

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Prevent fraud

There are fraud attempts, especially when concerts are sold out. To prevent this, Weezevent offers an unfailing solution with WeezAccess. You only need to define, before the show, the number of times someone can come in and out with the same ticket. The access management system will take care of the rest.

  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Designed for your event
  • No commitment and no minimum required
  • Earnings paid every 2 weeks

Set up a box office on location

You wish to sell tickets on location the day of the show? Weezevent gives you the possibility to set-up a box office using a touch screen tablet and a thermal printer. It can also be used at the bar. Handle payments, give refunds and print invoices effortlessly. You don’t have an electronic payment terminal? We can provide one for you.


Easy payments

Secure all types of transactions with WeezPay and its cashless management system: payments at the bar, online top-up, refunds at the end of the show. Web-based top-up easily integrates to your website using the cashless system. Cards or NFC bracelets – choose the cashless device best suited to your concert.

Your partners deserve the best

Using WeezPay cashless system, adjust your prices at the bar for your partners and team. You only need to set up a credit or freebie system. Sales data for each point of sale can be accessed in real time. See your revenue data at the end of your show. No more accounting errors!

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Improve queuing flow

Using WeezPay, say goodbye to endless queues and say hello to additional sales. Prevent long waiting times at the bar, at entrances, and improve your brand image. Our cashless solution ensures fast and reliable transactions at your concert.


A worry-free management system for your HR

Managing a team is no easy feat. Yet it remains one of the pillars of concert planning. Our WeezPay cashless system is a task management system for your staff, it registers each person’s working hours and allocates access rights and special permissions.

Endless features

  • Create your web-based in 3 steps
  • Track your inventory and online sales in real time
  • Manage access rights and permissions for your teams
  • Set up top-up and sales points
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Get a detailed sales report

WeezPay is the best management system for your stock and sales tracking in real time. You can view your transaction history online and on location at any time, then export it in Excel. No more calculation mistakes! The WeezPay solution helps you keep your books accurate and worry-free.

  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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