8 essential tips for organising an event to mitigate the impact of Covid-19

The authorities have revealed a timetable for lifting restrictions with regards to holding events. This gradual phasing out of restrictions begins as we enter the summer months and requires organisers to adapt to the protocols dedicated to each venue and activity. Discover 8 tips to put in place when organising an event once restrictions are lifted.

Think ahead when preparing the event

1. Get in touch with the authorities

Amid all the uncertainty hanging over the events sector, organisers must check with the appropriate local authorities that their event is allowed to be held. Offer to work with them to set up a strict and safe protocol in order to reassure them and demonstrate your expertise. You have everything to gain by thinking ahead and will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

2. Adapt your event’s venue, format and content

How can you meet your event’s aims when you can’t organise it in the conditions you’d initially imagined? Here are three possible ways, among others, of combining flexibility and profitability:

  • Reduce costs by choosing local speakers/artists
  • Consider changing the format from one large event to several smaller ones over a longer time period
  • Offer an online version in addition to the physical edition

Chances are you won’t be able to hold your event in the same conditions as your previous ones. Adaptability is the key to stacking the odds in your favour.

3. Use an online ticketing solution

The capacity limits that apply to events can be easily managed with an online ticketing system. Sell online with a quota of available tickets so that the number of attendees doesn’t exceed the limit authorised in your venue. Set some aside for those who visit the venue on the day if you wish. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to track sales in real time and limit queues on site.

For seated events integrate a distanced seating feature into your ticketing module. Attendees can choose their seats and the system automatically optimises the spacing according to your predefined settings — number of seats between each group of people, maximum size of ‘social’ groups, etc.

Also make sure that your ticketing and access control partner can work with a potential ‘health passport’ currently under discussion among European and national authorities.

4. Communicate regularly with attendees

Show your attendees that you’re doing as much as possible to ensure your event takes place in the safest  possible conditions. Target your attendees from previous editions to hit your capacity and send practical information and instructions by email to attendees who’ve already bought their tickets.

Take care of the details on your event day

5. Control access with efficiency and precision

Optimise your access control, limit your queues, and track your fill rate in real time with a scanning solution designed for events. Check each attendee’s ticket in seconds with the WeezAccess mobile app or use our professional scanning terminals if your event requires a large number of tickets to be checked.

6. Optimise hygiene levels

Regularly clean the most frequently visited areas, including entrances, toilets, bars, and so on. Have hand sanitiser and masks in strategic places. Equip your staff with everything they need to make all employees and the public feel safe.

7. Improve signage and ensure information is clearly displayed

Posters, floor markings, dedicated volunteers are all worthwhile methods for guiding your attendees to the various areas of the event while respecting the hygiene plan and reminding them to adhere to the hygiene measures that protect everyone on site.

8. Ensure safety in and around the catering areas

Space out tables and chairs so that people can eat in small isolated groups or by themselves. Offer a Click & Collect service so that attendees can order via their phone and collect their purchases at a designated point. This is the best way to limit unnecessary contact, especially when queuing.

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