Now you can offer your attendees the option to pre-order online!

At Weezevent we are strengthening our digital payment solution with a new feature: online pre-orders. This option now allows buyers to order drinks, food and any other goods remotely, wherever they are. Discover all the advantages of this feature, designed to boost your performance and your audiences’ experience.


  1. Pre-ordering with Weezevent: who’s it for?
  2. Why opt for online pre-ordering?
  3. Pre-order: two complementary options

Pre-ordering with Weezevent: who’s it for?

Whether you work in catering, camping, festivals or at a sports club, Weezevent’s pre-order solution is designed with you in mind.

  • Catering: Allow your customers to order from their smartphone without waiting for a waiter or waitress to come to their table.
  • Camping: Place a QR code in your holidaymakers’ accommodation so they can make orders without having to move.
  • Sports club: Reduce the waiting time at bars and food stands by up to 30% when ordering from seats/stands.
  • Festivals: Offer your audience the option of placing an order wherever they may be at a festival which will reduce queues.

Why opt for online pre-ordering?

Setting up an online pre-order system allows organisers to generate continuous revenue by eliminating the need to go through a physical point of sale and its queue. It’s also a way of offering audiences a consumption experience through a new digital point of contact, allowing organisers to send targeted offers and communications. Finally, opting for a pre-order system provides a solution to the public health constraints linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Weezevent’s pre-order solution can be configured in less than 2 days thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, which is connected to our 3-in-1 payment terminals — covering cashless, card and cash payments.  This means you can guarantee your audiences a swift and secure purchasing experience.

Pre-order: two complementary options

Click & Collect

The buyer orders and pays online, then collects their items from a collection point.


  • Very simple to implement;
  • Saves time at the point of sale, which becomes a collection point only — this is 30% faster than a system with payment at the point of sale;
  • Allows the implementation of offers that require detailed stock preparation or management.

Click & Delivery

The buyer orders and pays online. They enter their seat when making the purchase — for example: Block A, Row 3, Seat 15. Their order is delivered by a member of staff (*).


  • Suitable for structures where seat/stand service is the ‘rule’, as in restaurants. It allows you to ‘skip’ the step of ordering with a waiter/waitress;
  • Seen as a ‘premium offer’;
  • Guarantees a continuous entertainment experience — e.g. delivery to the spectator’s seat during a match.

(*) The buyer’s seat number can be identified by scanning a QR code positioned in your venue. Eg: QR code on a table, in a mobile home, etc.

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