The solution for collecting donations and membership fees online

Weezevent offers you the best tools to collect donations and membership fees, including an online payment module, registration forms, donor and member management and more.

Collect donations online.

An online solu­tion to col­lect dona­tions and mem­ber­ship fees:

  • Pub­lish a mini-site for col­lect­ing online dona­tions in just a few clicks
  • Inte­grate a dona­tion mod­ule into your website
  • Cus­tomise your dona­tion form
  • Con­fig­ure fixed and option­al amounts accord­ing to your needs
  • Add an online dona­tion mod­ule to your social networks
  • Sched­ule start and end dates for col­lect­ing donations
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  • Easy to set up
  • Earnings paid every 2 weeks
  • Ready in 5 minutes

Manage your membership fees online with ease.

  • Avoid account­ing errors with online mem­ber­ship fees
  • Track pay­ments in real time
  • Spec­i­fy an open­ing and clos­ing date for mem­ber­ship fees
  • Con­fig­ure fixed and option­al amounts accord­ing to your needs
  • Set an over­all quo­ta or a quo­ta by price to lim­it the num­ber of mem­ber­ship fees
  • Col­lect infor­ma­tion and sup­port­ing doc­u­ments as attachments
  • Offer book­ings for pay­ment in cash or by cheque
  • Con­firm once the pay­ment has been made and send a con­fir­ma­tion email
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Essential functions for collecting donations and membership fees.

  • Send reminders for the renewals
  • Offer a sub­scrip­tion sys­tem to your donors and members
  • Cen­tralise dona­tions or mem­ber­ship fees paid online and on site
  • Cre­ate a data­base and export it in CSV format
  • Down­load your accounts at any time
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Boost your collection of donations and membership fees!

  • Send invi­ta­tions to your part­ners, VIPs, press con­tacts, and so on, or dis­trib­ute pro­mo­tion codes.

  • Make addi­tion­al sales, includ­ing mer­chan­dise, pre­mi­um ser­vices and more. 

  • Sell tick­ets onsite and share dig­i­tal box offices with your partners.

Do you collect donations or membership fees?

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