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Planning a sports event such as a hike is no easy feat. Beyond logistics and commu­nic­ation, you need to think of the hikers’ safety. Create a regis­tration or booking system, sell online or on location, offer various circuits, add time slots…Get ready for an adventure with Weezevent!

  • Create your account and your event for free on Weezevent
  • Customise your booking system by adding artwork and branding
  • Plan time slots and adapt to the level of participants

Be ready from the start

Prepar­ation varies depending on the chosen envir­onment, i.e. forest, mountain, coast, etc. Adapt to the location of your hike and offer several circuits to your parti­cipants. Create different ticket types and name them based on your trails. Add a description with the distance to cover and the diffi­culty level. Create time slots and quotas for available spaces. Weezevent will help you lead the way!

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From booking to getting to the top

Each hike is different. If your event is free, Weezevent will not charge you any fee on your tickets. You can also offer a booking service if you would like to manage sales on location. Or even better: combine online booking and sales. It’s your hike, you decide!

  • At your own pace

    Create ticket categories for children and adults, for beginners and experts. Offer batch bookings, and time slots by level and by day. Go one step further in tailoring by adding a specific artwork and description to each ticket category. Don’t limit yourself in your event design.

  • Offer more than a walk

    Generate additional sales using our cross-selling feature. Offer hikers the possib­ility to combine ticket booking with the purchase of products and services. You can suggest pre-ordering a prepared meal for a great picnic; or booking a cottage or camping space if you are planning a multi-day hike. Make shuttles available to access the location of your event. Whatever your parti­cipants’ preferred transport method, offer them the best.

  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • No exclusivity requirement
  • No commitment and no minimum sales
  • Earnings paid twice a month
  • A safe ride

    Signage is not the only topic to address when dealing with safety. Ask hikers for a medical certi­ficate or a proof of membership to a Hiker’s associ­ation using an online regis­tration form. Choose the required documents based on the distance, the route and the elevation. Ask for proof if your ticket type is based on the hikers’ age or status, e.g. student, jobseeker, senior…Adapt your tickets to your audience.

  • Move forward!

    Tell the world about your hike! Raise awareness about your event by integ­rating your regis­tration or booking module to your website or Facebook page. Create your dedicated minisite for free if you don’t have a website. Create promo codes and share them with your partners and loyal parti­cipants. Anything is possible!

Ready, set, communicate!

Create an online regis­tration form to collect inform­ation about your hikers. Build a parti­cipant database and download it in CSV format. Using our solution, you can schedule an emailing campaign the day before the event to remind your parti­cipants to bring what they will need to stay hydrated, maybe some food, instruction on how to get there, and the appro­priate clothes based on the weather forecast…

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A smooth sailing

Ask everyone to meet at the starting point on the day of the event. Make sure that everyone is here using our free mobile app, WeezA­ccess — available on iOS and Android. Manage payments on location using a guest list or Weezevent’s box offices. Finally, relax and enjoy the ride.


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Weezevent helps 160,000+ planners of all kinds to organise sports events. Plan a successful:

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