Organise your conference in an unusual venue!

To organise a successful conference, you need impeccable organisation. Whatever the theme of your event, the chosen venue will always make a strong impression on your guests when they arrive on the day to attend your conference. This is why it is important to select your venue carefully. Once the location has been selected, setting up an online ticketing system will allow you to manage and communicate with your guests.

Some tips to organise a conference

At conferences, professionals, experts and audience meet to learn about and discuss a given topic, whether scientific, academic or political for example. In order for these meetings to go as smoothly as possible, a precise organisation is necessary.

First of all, it is necessary to create a list of guests and participants. You must also define the programme of your conference in order to know the necessary duration. If you plan several presentations interspersed with debates, it is recommended to spread them over several days. Your guests will be able to enjoy each session in the best conditions.

Once you have this information, you can search for the place that meets all your needs: accommodation capacity, facilities available, services offered, geographical location and easy access, etc. Don’t hesitate to choose an original venue that will make an impression on your guests as soon as your conference opens!

Choosing an unusual venue for a conference

A conference is not just a company meeting. Your guests are often recognised experts in their field. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make this occasion a prestigious event. Your conference will have even more success and impact.

Naturally, finding that rare gem is not easy and takes time. So, Privateaser has selected for you several unconventional places among which you may find the venue of our dreams for your conference.

Thus, the location of your conference must be in line with the image you want to give to your guests. There is nothing better for this than to leave the usual conference venues and choose an [atypical place] ( An unobstructed view of Paris, an atmosphere steeped in history… Nothing better to make a lasting impression and allow your guests to discover an unusual place.

Online ticketing: an essential tool to plan a conference

You have booked your venue and planned your guest list, but you still have a lot to prepare to finish organising your conference. Among the many tasks you have to do, you must of course keep an up-to-date list of the guests who registered. Have you thought about setting up an online ticketing for this purpose?

This tool will make your job a lot easier. Your guests will be able to register directly online, confirm (or not) their attendance and pay for their ticket if necessary, all in a few clicks. For an optimal welcome, when they register you can suggest accommodations in the area, give information about the location of your venue and any useful details about the event. In addition, the benefit of an online ticketing is to collect the information you need – create a form to collect useful information such as where each guest travels from, their availability, their expectations, etc.

For your part, you will benefit from a complete and up-to-date tracking of the actual number of attendees at your conference.

Thanks to online ticketing, you will avoid unpleasant surprises on the day, when your attendees arrive. It will allow you to concentrate fully on your conference and make the most of it!

Thanks to these few tips, you are sure to organise a successful conference that will leave a lasting impression on your guests! Choose the right partner and organise your own charity event with Weezevent:

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