Trade show, gift voucher, workshop, ball…online ticketing for everyone!

Trade show, gift voucher, workshop, ball…online ticketing for everyone!

Online ticketing is not just for organ­ising cultural events. Weezevent’s ticketing solution is used by a multitude of event organ­isers of all kinds.

Create ticketing to:

Organise a running race

Weezevent is suitable to organise running races. Indeed, the platform offers several possib­il­ities:

  • Downloading your parti­cipants’ medical certi­ficates, if necessary, using the regis­tration form
  • Offering to sell goodies or by-products at the end of the order (T‑shirt, caps, etc.) using cross-selling
  • Turning the e‑ticket into a bib collection voucher using the pairing mode

Read our dedicated article to find out more on how to use Weezevent to plan a running race.

Organise a workshop, a class or a session

Many organ­isers use Weezevent for cooking classes, sewing workshops or escape game sessions.

You can set up a session mode for your repet­itive events, which will allow parti­cipants to choose the date they wish to attend.

The session mode does not allow parti­cipants to select multiple dates for the same order since it relates to the same event occurring repeatedly. If this mode does not suit you, you can create different ticket types.

In the context of an escape game session, for example, where a minimum number of parti­cipants is required, you can apply a minimum quantity per order when setting up your price. We recommend that you apply a quota to your tickets to avoid being overwhelmed on D‑day.

Sell gift vouchers

Even if it is a step away from event planning, many of our customers use Weezevent to sell gift vouchers, whether for beauty salons or parachute jumps.

If you wish to sell gift vouchers, we recommend that you create a form and make the attendee fields (surname, first name) mandatory. Therefore, when a person places an order for a gift voucher, he or she will be able to enter the first and last name of the recipient of the voucher. This inform­ation will appear on the e‑ticket and in the list of parti­cipants.

In the case of a gift voucher it is also preferable not to display the dates of your event on the e‑ticket since the benefi­ciary will be able to benefit from the voucher over a given period of time from the date of purchase, also specified on the e‑ticket.

Create a fundraising campaign

It is also quite common to use Weezevent to collect donations or raise money.

In this case, we recommend that you apply the “pay what you want” option to your ticket type. Then your parti­cipants are free to give what they want. You can also, if you wish, apply a minimum amount to your “pay what you want” option to cover certain expenses related to your event.

Organise a professional event: conferences, professional meetings, trade shows, seminars and team building events

Weezevent is very often used to organise a profes­sional event because of the features offered, which are specially designed for this type of event. In particular, custom­isation of A6 badges is highly appre­ciated and adapted to this type of event. Weezevent also allows you to moderate regis­tra­tions for your event, so you can then regulate accred­it­a­tions.

Organise a graduation or an award ceremony

Weezevent is also very popular for gradu­ation or award ceremonies. For this type of event, it is customary to apply a maximum number of selectable tickets (usually 2 per order), which allows graduates or nominees to invite someone to accompany them. Moder­ation is also often applied to regulate regis­tra­tions.

Plan your next party with friends

Few know it, but many of our organ­isers are private individuals and some of them use Weezevent to organise parties, galas or even student parties. Indeed, the ticketing solution  allows them to collect every­one’s contri­bution to the costs (food, drink…). Their event being private, they choose to create a private mini-site accessible with a password, so as not to see strangers knocking on their door.

It’s up to you to organise your next event!

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