10 tips to organise the best student party

10 tips to organise the best student party

Stu­dent par­ties and organ­is­ing them require spe­cif­ic plan­ning. Using online tools is a good way to adapt to student’s habits. As an online tick­et­ing plat­form, we have sup­port­ed organ­is­ers of stu­dent par­ties for over 10 years and have retained their best prac­tices. Here is how to organ­ise a stu­dent par­ty while enjoy­ing it.


  1. Start with the 3 basic ele­ments
  2. Pre-sale and tick­et sales
  3. Post on social media
  4. Col­lect infor­ma­tion about the stu­dents
  5. Cus­tomise your e‑tickets
  6. Print and dis­play posters
  7. Plan drinks
  8. Book DJs
  9. Con­trol access to your par­ty
  10. Choose a tick­et­ing solu­tion with mul­ti­ple fea­tures

1. Start with the 3 basic elements

With­out these, you can­not launch a stu­dent par­ty: idea, fund­ing and venue. Before you even start plan­ning, you need to fig­ure out the theme of your par­ty in order to stand out from the oth­er stu­dent par­ties and attract enough peo­ple. The same goes for your fund­ing. Your par­ty may be prof­itable but you need some cash flow to pay for expens­es. You can ask your school — or oth­er organ­i­sa­tions — to donate some mon­ey to get you start­ed by fore­cast­ing a bud­get so that you are finan­cial­ly inde­pen­dent after the first par­ty. You should also get in touch with radio sta­tions! Final­ly, how can you plan a stu­dent par­ty with­out a venue? We have list­ed the best cri­te­ria and some tips to find a unique venue — bar, club, night-club, boat, etc.

2. Pre-sale and ticket sales

Once you have all the above men­tioned ele­ments, it is time to think about mar­ket­ing and tick­et sales. Pre-sales are a must for stu­dent par­ties. The basic prin­ci­ple is sim­ple — a dis­count is giv­en to stu­dents buy­ing their tick­ets in advance.

Using an online tick­et­ing plat­form means ear­ly bird prices can be set-up and sched­uled in advance with just a few clicks. You will find more details in our ded­i­cat­ed arti­cle. You don’t even have to print the tick­ets, stu­dents can down­load them on their phones and print them only if absolute­ly nec­es­sary.

3. Post on social media

If your stu­dent par­ty is restrict­ed to the peo­ple at your school, you only need to cre­ate a Face­book event — with a link to your Weezevent min­isite — that you will post on your school’s stu­dent group Face­book page. If your event is open to the pub­lic, you can ask acquain­tances to post your Face­book event on their school’s stu­dent groups. You can also post on the pages of stu­dent groups in your town.

A pop­u­lar mar­ket­ing tech­nique is to give away a few tick­ets through a com­pe­ti­tion. What­ev­er the rules, any­one tak­ing part in the com­pe­ti­tion should like and/or share a post from your event so that the lat­ter can gain expo­sure.

Insta­gram is also one of your allies in terms of mar­ket­ing cam­paign. An increas­ing num­ber of stu­dents have hun­dreds or even thou­sands of fol­low­ers on Insta­gram. Ask them to post a sto­ry with a mes­sage pro­mot­ing your par­ty — and a link direct­ing them to your event — in exchange for one or more free tick­ets to your par­ty. If their com­mu­ni­ty is local and fol­lows their rec­om­men­da­tions, it is high­ly like­ly that your cam­paign will be prof­itable.

4. Collect information about the students

Social media is a good way to increase your event’s expo­sure, but it can be fick­le when it comes to reten­tion. Using an online tick­et­ing plat­form, you can col­lect your atten­dees’ email address­es and can there­fore get in touch with them again through mar­ket­ing cam­paigns if you organ­ise sev­er­al par­ties over the year. With a cus­tom reg­is­tra­tion form, you can even ask them addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion such as ID if your par­ty is “18 and over” only.

5. Customise your e‑tickets

You are proud of your logo and would like to dis­play your colours by any means avail­able? Cus­tomise your tick­ets eas­i­ly thanks to our user-friend­ly tool. It is also a way to show that you are a seri­ous organ­i­sa­tion, and the stu­dents will remem­ber you more eas­i­ly if your logo is vis­i­ble on their tick­et.

6. Print and display posters

Print posters and dis­play them in key loca­tions: schools, bars, sports clubs, etc. This com­mu­ni­ca­tion and mar­ket­ing tool may be endan­gered for most event plan­ning but not for stu­dent par­ties.

Ask the most tal­ent­ed stu­dents at your school to take care of the design because the more appeal­ing your poster is, the high­er the expec­ta­tion will be around your stu­dent par­ty. If, in addi­tion, stu­dents see your poster reg­u­lar­ly dur­ing their day, they will be impa­tient for the par­ty to start!

Be mind­ful of print­ing costs. Ask your school if you can print large for­mats in high qual­i­ty there. It will save you some mon­ey!

7. Plan drinks

Man­ag­ing drinks at an event is not as sim­ple as you may think. Depend­ing on the cho­sen loca­tion, you may be in charge of plan­ning drinks and every­thing that goes with it: order, deliv­ery, amount, price, deposits, etc. If you order too much, you will have spent some of your bud­get for noth­ing. If you order too lit­tle, the stu­dents will be unhap­py. Pay atten­tion to these details.

For stu­dent par­ties, drink vouch­ers are gen­er­al­ly includ­ed in the pre-sales, which is one more thing for the event plan­ner to man­age. Plan every­thing ahead of time to avoid being in a pan­ic at the last minute. Final­ly, think about alter­nat­ing between alco­hol, soft drinks and water. When you are in the event planner’s shoes you realise that an acci­dent is quick to hap­pen and that offer­ing water — and per­haps also soft drinks — for free wide­ly reduces the like­li­hood of inci­dents hap­pen­ing.

8. Book DJs

In 2019, who doesn’t have a DJ among their class­mates? Who doesn’t have a friend, or friend-of-a-friend play­ing house par­ties and local bars? If you have zero idea who to book for your stu­dent par­ty, talk to peo­ple around you and word-of-mouth will work its mag­ic. Once you have found your DJ — or DJs — make sure that every­thing is legal: con­tract, equip­ment, insur­ance, PRS for music.

9. Control access to your party

Avail­able on the App Store and Play Store, the WeezA­c­cess app allows you to scan your tick­ets in a flash. All your tick­ets are unique, and any fraud attempt will be flagged by the app. This means opti­mal safe­ty for your event.

When you choose your venue, ask them whether a secu­ri­ty ser­vice is includ­ed in the fee and how many offi­cers will be avail­able — at entrances, exits and inside the venue.

10. Choose a ticketing platform with multiple features

The ben­e­fit of an all-in-one tick­et­ing plat­form is that it offers you mul­ti­ple fea­tures. You can stand out from the rest of the stu­dent par­ties and offer a com­plete­ly dema­te­ri­alised expe­ri­ence. For instance, cre­ate pro­mo codes for the stu­dents at your school and sell prod­ucts when peo­ple place their order (T‑shirts, caps, tank tops, etc.) — all of this from the com­fort of your couch!

Are you ready to start plan­ning your stu­dent par­ty? Find out all of Weezevent’s fea­tures, tai­lored to stu­dent par­ties, by click­ing below:

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