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Terms and conditions

This terms and condi­tions are traducted from the french version that is the reference in case of any inter­pret­ation doubt.

Ticketing System and Online Registration

WEEZEVENT is a specialized website offering you the oppor­tunity to acquire, directly through its websites, Tickets for Events set up by Promoters.

WEEZEVENT is merely an inter­me­diary acting under a commission contract which means WEEZEVENT acts in his own name but on behalf of Promoters.

Therefore, WEEZEVENT only acts at the Tickets marketing stage without inter­fering in any way in the organ­iz­ation of the show or the Event itself.

Promoters are therefore fully responsible of the conduct of Events. Reser­va­tions are made in real time on WEEZEVENT servers based on the Event parameter data provided by the Promoter.

In this context, you are informed in real time of the Ticket avail­ab­il­ities.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices are mentioning the currency and Inclusive of All Taxes including rental fees and, if appro­priate, management fees.

For some shows, at the Promoters’ request, you will receive counter­marks instead of Tickets : in this case, Tickets have to be removed in exchange of counter­marks at the venue entrance 30 minutes before the Event beginning.

All orders, regardless of their origin, are only payable in the currency indicated during the order process.

A Ticket cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded even in case of loss or theft. A Ticket will only be refunded in case of Event cancel­lation and by Promoter’s decision.

WEEZEVENT reserves the right to change his own prices at any time but the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of order entry.

Availability and seating chart

When placing order, you are informed in real time of the avail­ab­ility of desired Tickets.

In case of unavail­ab­ility of all or portion of Tickets from the desired category WEEZEVENT will let you know, then you can buy Tickets in another category, subject to avail­ab­ility.

If the number of Tickets you requested exceeds the number of available Tickets in the chosen category or in another proposed category, it is possible that WEEZEVENT assigns you noncon­tiguous places.

In any case, you can check the suitab­ility of the order with your wishes when confirming the order.

When it was provided to WEEZEVENT by the Promoter and seats are numbered, WEEZEVENT offers a seating chart during the booking process. This places location has no contractual value and is only provided for inform­ation purposes.


For paid Tickets orders, you must pay by credit card directly on WEEZEVENT websites. WEEZEVENT accepts payments through bank cards from BLUE CARD / VISA and EUROCARD / MASTERCARD networks and other potential networks mentioned at the payment stage.

Your bank account will be debited for the amount of the order, upon final valid­ation of the trans­action in the case of a CB secured Payment.

Purchase order and invoice will automat­ically be sent by email as soon as payment has been registered.

You can also reserve a Ticket by selecting the «offline Payment». In this case, we will only proceed to the booking regis­tration: you will have to make payment directly to the Promoter.

To be valid, Ticket must not have been opposed or unpaid on the credit card used for the order, in which case the barcode will be disabled : you will not be able to access the Event.

Secure payments

WEEZEVENT uses all reasonable eligible techno­logies to give its online payment system’s reliab­ility. The confid­en­ti­ality of bank inform­ation is guaranteed and secured by SSL protocol which system­at­ically controls the validity of access rights when paying by credit card and encrypts all exchanges.
For such payments, WEEZEVENT uses the CIC bank’s payment solution.


Upon confirm­ation of your order you will receive an email with the digital Ticket (in the body of the message or in attachment) to be printed at home on A4 paper.
Each coded Ticket has a unique barcode that allows you to access the Event. Only one person can access the Event with a Ticket. In fact, in case of loss, theft or duplic­ation of a valid Ticket, only the first person holding the Ticket may access the Event. You remain responsible for the use made of your Ticket.

Printing conditions and ticket validity

This Ticket is only valid if printed on blank white A4 paper, front and back. The print size must not have been altered, the impression should be of good quality and all the inform­ation on the Ticket must be readable. Printing can be done in black and white or in color.

Partially printed, soiled, damaged or unreadable Tickets will not be accepted and considered in fact as invalid.

Promoter could also accept other Ticket formats: mobile phone, tablet … These oppor­tun­ities can be presented, when appro­priate, during the ordering process.

Ticket use and validity

The Ticket is not exchangeable or refundable.

It is personal to you and not trans­ferable without the Promoter’s express author­iz­ation. It is possible that Promoter did not wish to give each registered Ticket, in which case they exclus­ively have the same identity, namely that of the informed buyer when ordering. In any case, the Ticket cannot be sold for more than face value stated on the Ticket. WEEZEVENT reserves the right to initiate any prosec­u­tions against any Buyers that would provide Tickets for sale for a higher price than their face value.

The Ticket is only valid for place, meeting, date and exact time of the Event. Past the start time of the Event, access to the Event is not guaranteed: in this case, you will not be entitled to any refund. You are advised to arrive before the beginning of the Event, at least 30 minutes in advance.

Some of the schedules indicated by the Promoter may be strict deadlines without delay tolerance at the entrance.

Tickets control and event access

Promoter has the respons­ib­ility to ensure Tickets control, unless he has delegated this task to a third party. If appro­priate, the unique barcode and the Ticket’s login will allow checking the validity of each Ticket.

For registered Tickets, Promoter can always control your identity at the entrance of the Event location. Therefore you must provide an official valid ID including a photo if you want to access the Event.

When setting the Event, Promoter may indicate other possible proofs to present to the entrance of the Event location. In this case, we will inform you before the Event and the Promoter may request the present­ation of such proofs.

You must keep your Ticket or your 2 strains standard Ticket that could have been given to you by the Promoter when accessing the Event for the complete duration of the Event.
It is reminded that Promoter is not obliged to verify the identity of the person in possession of the Ticket printed at home, or to verify the authen­ticity of the Ticket printed at home in so far as the copy of the Ticket printed at home cannot be detected with certainty. Also, please note that you are responsible for keeping your Ticket and that access to the Event may be refused even if your Ticket mentioned your identity.


It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or forge a Ticket in any way whatsoever. The person who repro­duces the Ticket and the user of the Ticket’s copy are liable to prosec­ution. In case of loss or theft, WEEZEVENT disclaims any respons­ib­ility for unauthorized Ticket use.

Retraction delay, cancel­lation and refund

Pursuant to the French Law Article L 121−20−4 of the Consumer Code, Tickets are not subject to a right of retraction. All orders are final. You will be informed of the possible Event cancel­lation, its postponement or its substantial modific­ation by WEEZEVENT when WEEZEVENT has been informed by the Promoter.

Only buyer who placed the order on the WEEZEVENT website and whose name appears on the Ticket could be refunded.

Your refund, excluding bookings via offline Payment, will be made by WEEZEVENT and for the account of the Promoter only if WEEZEVENT is in possession of amounts due to the Promoter. The refund can also intervene:

  • If the Promoter has volun­tarily requested buyers’ reimbursement,
  • Or if the Promoter has accepted the buyers’ claim,
  • Or if WEEZEVEVENT is legally bound.

By purchasing a Ticket on WEEZEVENT website, you expressly agree to waive all recourse against the WEEZEVENT­company for reimbursement. However WEEZEVENT will do everything possible for you to get a refund from the Promoter.

It is reminded that any decision of cancel­lation, postponement or modific­ation of an Event is the respons­ib­ility of the Promoter and WEEZEVENT does not replace it.

In case of cancel­lation of an Event, fees shall in any event be preserved by WEEZEVENT. In such cases, only the Ticket price will be refunded.

Behavior during the Event

You will need to follow the Promoter’s instruc­tions when you are at the Event location.

The Rules of the Event will be available either directly to the Promoter website, before access to the Event, or following its trans­mission by email by the Promoter, and prior to the Event.

Except in special circum­stances, it is forbidden to photo­graph, film or record during the Event.

Liability – Applicable Law

According to the French Law No.2004–575 of June 21, 2004 Article L 121−20−3 of the Consumer Code, WEEZEVENT is automat­ically liable to the consumer for the proper performance of oblig­a­tions under the contract concluded at a distance.

As such, WEEZEVENT is liable to you for the proper Ticket trans­mission and if necessary for the proper payment execution.

WEEZEVENT cannot however be held responsible for the smooth progress of the Event and the good performance of Promoter’s oblig­a­tions including compliance with health and safety rules.

WEEZEVENT is indeed only acting on behalf of the Promoter as part of the Tickets marketing.

Tickets sales referred to herein are subject to French Law.

In case of litig­ation, only the French courts have juris­diction.

In general, Events are held under Promoter’s sole respons­ib­ility. Indeed, WEEZEVENT acts on behalf of the Promoter in the limited context of Tickets marketing. WEEZEVENT respons­ib­ility cannot be held for not apparent reasons from its juris­diction, including:

  • Event cancel­lation,
  • Event modific­ation by the Promoter,
  • Event postponement,
  • And in general, any incident that may occur during the Event.

Personal data

The personal data you provide is only in order to enable the completion of the trans­action. It also allows us to provide you the Ticket(s) you ordered and possibly to contact you, to the extent possible, in case of cancel­lation or date, time or place modific­ation of an event for which you would be registered.

You have the right to access and correct data concerning you any time (Article 34 of the French Law «Inform­atique et Liberté» of January 6, 1978). Just make the request by mail to: WEEZEVENT – Office 307 – 110 rue des Poisson­niers – 48 voie Cl 18 – 75899 Paris Cedex 18 – France.

The website www.WEEZEVENT.com is registered with the French CNIL and has the following regis­tration No.: 1291474 (available on the website www.cnil.fr).

By accepting these terms and condi­tions, you expressly authorize the WEEZEVENT company to contact you with newsletters and to inform you of future Events organized by its partners by SMS or email. If you refuse or subsequently no longer wish to receive inform­ation from WEEZEVENT, you can make a request by mail to: WEEZEVENT – Office 307 – 110 rue des Poisson­niers – 48 voie Cl 18 – 75899 Paris Cedex 18 – France.

You can also object you to the use of your details each time an offer will be made by WEEZEVENT.

By confirming your order, you agree WEEZEVENT transmit your personal data to the Promoter. It is reminded that it is the Promoter which informs WEEZEVENT about the data to be produced. Any acceptance of the order therefore implies recog­nition of the trans­mission of inform­ation to the Promoter. As required by law, the data trans­mission is made necessary for the proper performance of the contract between you and the Promoter. As such, WEEZEVENT cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of such data.

According to the French Law «Inform­atique et Libertés», processing of your inform­ation is subject of a declar­ation to the Commission Nationale Inform­atique et Libertés (CNIL) under declar­ation number 1291474. You have a permanent right to access and rectify all the inform­ation about you in accordance with European texts and national laws (Article 34 of the Act of January 6, 1978).

Just make the request by mail to:

WEEZEVENT – Office 307 – 110 rue des Poisson­niers – 48 voie Cl 18 – 75899 Paris Cedex 18 – France

WEEZEVENT customer service

For all inform­ation or question, the WEEZEVENT Customer Service is available.

You will find WEEZEVENT details in the «Contact» section available on the «Home Page» of www.WEEZEVENT.com website.

Legal Notices

WEEZEVENT is a company that offers Events Promoters the possib­ility to create their own ticketing, regis­tration or online invit­ation module for their events from the website www.WEEZEVENT.com.

Denom­in­ation: SAS WEEZEVENT
Registered office: 14, rue de l’Est – 21000 Dijon
Corres­pondence: Office 307–110 rue des Poisson­niers – 48 voieCI 18 – 75899 Paris Cedex 18
Legal repres­ent­ative: Pierre-Henri DEBALLON
Public­ation Director: Pierre-Henri DEBALLON
Website hosting WEEZEVENT.com: Typhon SAS 41 rue de l’Echiquier, 75010 Paris, France
Share capital: 72,212 euros
RCS: 503 715 401 00017
No. ID TVA: FR93503715401
Phone: 01 84 16 55

Last update: 27 November 2017