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Ticketing and Online Registration System

9304-4238 Québec Inc., operating under the name Weezevent (“Weezevent”), offers a specialized service (the “Service”) which enables you to purchase tickets, book admission, receive online invitations or make donations (collectively referred to as the “Tickets”) to public, private or professional events (collectively referred to as the “Events”) set up by organizers or charities (collectively referred to as the “Organizers”).

Organizers may opt to make the Service directly accessible on the website or use the Service to create their own Event ticketing modules on the aforementioned website or on other websites.

Weezevent acts as a service provider, working on behalf of Organizers. Consequently, as regards Ticket sales, Weezevent’s exclusive role is that of an intermediary, acting as an agent in the name and on behalf of said Organizers.

Weezevent is solely responsible for marketing Tickets. In no way does it intervene in the organization of Events. Tickets are sold by the Organizer, not by Weezevent.

Thus, Organizers remain fully responsible for the success of their Events.

Tickets are sold on Weezevent’s servers in real time, in accordance with the Event details provided by the Organizer when he/she sets up the Event.

You are therefore informed of Ticket availability in real time.

Registration Form

To effectuate a transaction using the Service, you must provide all relevant information requested on the registration form. You acknowledge that the information you provide is both accurate and complete.

An access code may be required to make purchases using the Weezevent Service. You are fully responsible for any activity generated via your account, including any actions that result in a loss of confidentiality or the illegal use of your access code.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are given in Canadian dollars. A service charge is applicable to each ticket sold. The service charge can be included in or excluded from the price of the ticket. When the service charge is excluded from the price of the ticket it is also outlined at the beginning of the purchase process with the applicable taxes.

Should the Organizer so request, you may receive receipts instead of Tickets for certain Events. In this case, the receipts must be exchanged for Tickets at the entrance hall, at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the Event.

Ticket prices are based on the rates in effect at the time the order was processed.

Availability and Seating Plan

During order placement, you will be informed of your chosen Ticket availability in real time.

Should all or part of your chosen Ticket class be unavailable, the Service will inform you of this. You may then opt to purchase Tickets in another class, subject to their availability.

If the number of Tickets you request is greater than the number of Tickets available in the chosen class or another proposed class, the Service may assign you non-contiguous seats.

In any case, you will be able to verify that the order meets your expectations before you confirm your purchase.

If the Organizer has provided Weezevent with a numbered seating plan, the Service will make it available to you during the booking process. Seating plans are intended for informational purposes only.


To purchase Tickets, you must pay by credit card on the Weezevent Service platform. Weezevent accepts Visa and Mastercard and, if available and chosen by the Organizer, American Express. Any additional payment options will be indicated during the payment phase.

Once the payment has been confirmed by Weezevent, in the name and on behalf of the Organizer, an order confirmation and an invoice will be automatically sent to you via email.

Tickets can be reserved for certain Events. In this case, the Service will only register the reservation. You will then need to pay the Organizer directly.

Payment Security

Weezevent employs all reasonable technical devices currently in use to ensure the security of its online payment system. While it is impossible to guarantee 100% protection, the confidentiality of banking information is secured by SSL, which verifies credit card payment access rights and encrypts all exchanges.

Weezevent uses the Adyen Bank’s solution to accept payments.

Electronic Tickets

Upon confirmation of your order, you will receive an email containing the Ticket in electronic form (in the body of the message or as an attachment) to be printed at home on 8 ½” x 11″ paper.

The buyer’s first and last name will be printed on each Ticket. The Organizer may request that the first and last name of the attendee is printed on each Ticket or that no information of this type appears on the Tickets.

Each Ticket has a unique barcode enabling you access to the Event. One Ticket allows one person to access the Event. Should a valid Ticket be lost, stolen or duplicated, only the person holding the Ticket will be able to access the Event. You are fully responsible for the use of your Ticket.

Ticket Printing Conditions and Validity

Tickets are only valid if they are printed on double-sided 8 ½” x 11″ blank white paper. The print format must not be modified, the printing must be of good quality and all information appearing on the Ticket must be legible. Tickets may be printed in black and white or in colour.

Tickets that are only partially printed, stained, damaged or illegible may be rejected by the Organizer and thus considered invalid.

The Organizer may choose to accept other methods of Ticket presentation: mobile phone, tablet, etc. If applicable, these methods will be indicated during the ordering process.

Ticket Use and Validity

All orders are firm and final.

Weezevent will neither exchange tickets nor refund them.

Tickets are for personal use only and are non-assignable. Unless the Organizer has given his/her express consent, Tickets may not be assigned, sold or transferred. Should the Organizer give his/her consent for resale, a Ticket may not be sold for more than the price indicated on it. Organizers may take legal action against buyers who attempt to sell Tickets for a price higher than the price indicated on the Tickets.

Tickets are only valid for the venue, session, date and precise time of the Event. If you are late for an Event, access is no longer guaranteed. Should this occur, you are not entitled to any type of refund. You are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before the Event is scheduled to begin.

Organizers may choose to impose strict time limits with no admission time leeway.

Ticket Control and Event Access

The Organizer is responsible for checking the Tickets unless he/she has delegated this responsibility to a third party. The unique barcode and, if applicable, the buyer’s name printed on the Ticket ensure the Ticket’s validity.

If the Organizer opted to have the first and last name of attendees printed on the Tickets, he/she may ask to see ID before allowing attendees to enter the Event venue. In this case, you will need to show valid photo ID if you wish to attend the Event.

When an Organizer sets up an Event via the Service, he/she may list other documents that must be presented to enter the Event venue. The Organizer will inform you of any such requirements prior to the Event. He/she is responsible for checking these documents.

You must keep your Ticket for the duration of the Event.

You are responsible for retaining your Ticket, and Event access may be refused even if your name appears on the Ticket. Organizers have no way of guaranteeing the authenticity of Ticket copies printed at home. Should another individual present an identical Event ticket prior to your arrival, you may be denied access to the Event, even if your name appears on the Ticket. You will not be entitled to a refund.

Fraud, Loss or Theft

The replication, duplication or forgery of a Ticket, by any means, is strictly prohibited. Organizers may take legal action against any individual who forges a Ticket or who uses a forged copy of a Ticket. Weezevent is not responsible for the illicit use of a Ticket in the event of loss or theft. Tickets that are lost or stolen are neither exchangeable nor reimbursable. If your Ticket is lost, stolen or duplicated, please contact the Event Organizer.

Cancellation or Postponement of an Event

Event Organizers who promote Ticket sales via the Service remain independent contractors, separate from Weezevent. Weezevent acts as a service provider, working on behalf of Organizers. Therefore, Weezevent’s exclusive role is that of an intermediary, acting as an agent in the name and on behalf of said Organizers.

Any decision to cancel or postpone an Event is the sole responsibility of the Organizer, and Weezevent cannot be held liable in this regard.

Should an Event be cancelled or postponed, you will be informed by the Organizer, or by Weezevent if, and only if, the Organizer apprises Weezevent of the situation.

It is your responsibility to contact the Event Organizer and ask about their refund and exchange policies. Any Ticket exchanges or refunds will be conducted based on these policies.

By purchasing a Ticket via the Service, you waive any and all refund and exchange claims against Weezevent.

Resale / Refund Module

The Organizer, particularly in the case of Events that are sold out, has the possibility, via the Software, of proposing to participants who so wish to have their Tickets refunded, and of proposing to new participants to acquire these Tickets in a “resale” module.

This reimbursement, at a fixed price or within a price range defined by the Organizer, is only made to the participant if and when a new participant purchases a new Ticket of identical category. This new Ticket will be sold at a price freely set by the Organizer.

The new Ticket and its generated barcode, the object of the new sale, then replaces the participant’s initial Ticket in the overall capacity of the event, it being specified that the reimbursement of the initial Ticket immediately results in the invalidity of all the rights attached to it.

In this context and in the event that several participants have requested reimbursement, the order of reimbursement will follow the order of resale requests made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where the resale price is within a price range defined by the Organizer, it is up to the Participant to define the price at which he/she wishes to be reimbursed within this range. This price set by the Participant then has an impact on the order in which the Ticket appears on the resale module, with Tickets appearing in ascending order of price from lowest to highest.

In addition, the Organizer may, at its discretion, set so-called “resale” costs, which will be deducted from the amount you are reimbursed.

Therefore, in the event that the Organizer has activated this possibility and you request a refund of your Ticket, you will receive an e-mail summarising your request and reminding you of any fees applied by the Organizer, the amount of the refund due to you and which could be made if the conditions set out above were met.

Please note that if you activate this request, your Ticket may be reimbursed at any time using the means of payment used for your initial order, without you being asked to confirm this in any way.

An e-mail informing you of the refund will then be sent to the e-mail address used for your order.

As long as you have not received this email, you can cancel or modify the reimbursement request from the same interface used for the reimbursement request. Under the same conditions, WEEZEVENT reserves the right to cancel this request at any time, without the responsibility of WEEZEVENT being engaged.

WEEZEVENT will in no case be held responsible to reimburse you for the value of your Ticket should the resale not be complete within the conditions set out herein.

Appropriate Event Behaviour

Each Organizer sets his/her own rules pertaining to the Event’s organization. The acquisition of a Ticket entails compliance with these rules. You are bound by these rules at the Event venue.

Except in special circumstances, you may not take photographs, film or make recordings during the Event.


Weezevent acts as a service provider, working on behalf of Organizers. Consequently, Weezevent acts an agent, in the name and on behalf of Event Organizers, to promote Ticket sales.

Weezevent’s sole responsibilities are to ensure successful Ticket transmission and, if applicable, properly process your payment.

Weezevent may not be held liable for any failure to make a reservation or effectuate a transaction due to a malfunction or IT system or Internet network error. If, due to a payment processing error, the price paid for a Ticket is incorrect, Weezevent reserves the right to cancel the Ticket or the sale of the Ticket and the payment in full. This provision applies regardless of whether the price discrepancy is due to human error or to a technical malfunction related to the Service.

Weezevent is not responsible for the Event’s successful organization or the proper performance of the Organizer’s obligations, including compliance with hygiene and safety regulations.

Events take place under the sole responsibility of the Organizer. You expressly acknowledge that Weezevent may not be held liable for any acts, errors, omissions, statements, guarantees, violations or negligence on the part of Organizers, or for any damages that may occur as a result.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Weezevent may not be held liable for reasons that do not fall within its competence, such as:

  • An Event’s cancellation,
  • The modification of an Event by the Organizer,
  • An Event’s postponement,
  • And, more generally, any incident that may occur during the Event.

Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Service are governed by the laws in force in the province of Québec and must be interpreted in accordance with these laws, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, if applicable. You irrevocably agree that any dispute related to these Terms and Conditions of Sale, or to the Service, shall be referred to a competent court in the judicial district of Montréal, in the province of Quebec, to the exclusion of any other court or potential jurisdiction.

Personal Data Protection

Weezevent is committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of its customers and Service users. Weezevent’s policy regarding the nature of the information collected when using the Service, the reasons for which this information is collected and the use made of this information is available on a separate page entitled: Personal Data Protection Policy.

Weezevent Customer Service

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact Weezevent’s Customer Service Department.

Contact Details

8506 rue Saint-Denis
Montréal (Québec) H2S 3J5
Tel: 514-419-2666

Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

By confirming your order, you accept the order and all provisions outlined in these Terms and Conditions, without reservation. The data recorded by Weezevent are deemed to be authentic and constitute proof of all past transactions. You also agree to any terms and conditions that the Organizer may send to you, as the latter supplement these terms and conditions.

Last update: 29 June 2023

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