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Improve attendees’ experience while increasing revenue and securely extracting valuable data for your operations!

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Cashless is faster, safer and simpler.

Weezevent’s cashless payment system for festivals offers speed, security and convenience for festival organisers and attendees alike.

  • Reduce the time per transaction and, as a result, waiting times.
  • Ensure the security of your cash flows and prevent fraud by limiting the circulation of cash.
  • Check and monitor all operations in real time.
  • Reduce queues at bars and points of sale.
  • Integrate access control into the cashless wristband.
  • Manage top-ups and refunds online and, if you wish, apply charges.
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  • Fast

    Top up beforehand online in just 3 steps and reduce your order time by 33% compared to paying by card. The result? Less queuing!

  • Reliable

    Successfully tested at more than 500 festivals in over 20 countries.

  • Easy to use

    For the attendee as well as the event promoter and their staff, including waiters, cashiers, and so on.

A flawless, robust system!

Weezevent’s cashless payment system is designed to work with no internet connection. What’s more, our technology integrates a triple level of security (support, terminal and system) to guarantee your sales’ protection.

How does the cashless payment method for festivals work?

The way the cashless wristband payment system works at festivals is very simple, and the growing rate of adoption by festivalgoers proves it. The standard path for cashless payment users who top up before arriving is as follows:

  • The attendee creates a cashless account, links their ticket and tops up their wristband.
  • On arriving at the event, they exchange their ticket for their pre-topped-up cashless wristband.
  • They pay for their food and drinks in one movement with their cashless wristband.
  • After the event, they request a refund of the remaining balance.

Offer an intuitive digital experience for attendees.

The online top-up rate of cashless wristbands is growing exponentially, a sure sign of an ingrained consumer habit that’s popular among attendees. Meet attendees’ expectations by opting to digitise their experience with a cashless system at your festival.

With their NFC wristband, your festival’s audience will be able to:

  • Check their balance and their history with total transparency.
  • Top up their cashless wristband in one click, from your event’s website or app.
  • Use it easily and quickly throughout the event.
  • Enter the festival and specific areas (VIP, backstage, etc.).
  • Enjoy the event with no worries, as the cashless wristband can be blocked.
  • Request a refund with ease.
Enjoy an improved experience at your festival
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    Increase your sales and revenue.

    1. Reduce waiting times at bars.
    2. Build customer loyalty by creating different promotions.
    3. Make use of the remaining balance on cashless wristbands by offering alternatives such as donating it or using it to buy tickets for the next edition.
    4. Boost sponsorships by offering sponsors the chance to appear on your cashless wristband and improve promotions based on the data collected.

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    Improve your money management, with less infrastructure.

    1. All sales are processed through a secure module.
    2. With online cashless top-ups before the event, you’ll observe trends and reduce cash management at the venue.
    3. Limiting the use of banknotes and coins to a small number of physical points will increase security and improve cash handling. The trend is towards 100% digital!
    4. Reducing the infrastructure inside the venue will also reduce costs for the organisation.

Business intelligence for festivals.

One of the great advantages of cashless is big data. This allows you to optimise resources and monitor sales either in real time or for future editions, as well as build loyalty through communications and promotions.

  • Collect data.
  • Enjoy a detailed dashboard to track your KPIs live.
  • Analyse your data by point of sale, by time period, etc.
  • Get cashless and access control data.
  • Receive detailed reports after the festival.
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  • Consult statistics in real time
  • Export and use data
  • Optimise your communication
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    All-in-one smart cashless wristband.

    The NFC / RFID cashless wristband brings many advantages beyond payments, allowing you to: 1. Speed up access to the venue by scanning up to 800 cashless wristbands per hour.
    2. Control access to restricted areas.
    3. Manage different types of audiences and the food and drink for guests/sponsors/staff.
    4. Monitor capacity in real time.
    5. Refine the study of data, including consumption by ticket type.
    6. Facilitate gamification and brand activations.
    7. Generate a sense of belonging and create memories.

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    Fewer, and more resistant, terminals.

    By implementing a cashless payment system at your event, you’ll reduce the number of terminals required by up to 30% compared to contactless systems with bank cards. Our cashless terminals are highly resistant and work in environments with large amounts of liquids and grease. Their robustness and considerable autonomy enable fewer rotations of terminals during the festival, resulting in reduced stress and costs and preventing service outages.

Weezevent’s cashless system in action at Boomtown Festival.

Not sure if cashless is right for your event?

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