Our practical tips for organising a successful party

Our practical tips for organising a successful party

To organise a successful party in the 21st century, you had better do some serious brain­storming and roll up your sleeves. In this post, we won’t just tell you how to organise a party, we will also give you tips to organise an unfor­get­table evening!

Plan and do your prep work

Any self-respecting party requires good prepar­ation. Prepare yourself and create your action plan several weeks – or even months – ahead if necessary.

Close your eyes, and imagine your ideal evening

Prepar­ation is first and foremost mental. You must have a clear vision of what you want for your party. The decor­ation, the lights, the people… in short, you must be able to visualise the party just by closing your eyes. This will boost your morale and guide the rest of the prepar­ation process.

In the same vein, think about defining the theme of your party. You should always seek to have a clear idea of your theme and to develop it by taking your imagin­ation as far as possible. A Halloween party can be funnier if a mummy wearing sunglasses finds itself dancing among the guests, just as a Safari party would be made more inter­esting with a fire-crossing challenge! All those little things will make your party memorable.

Budget your wishes

Once you know exactly what you want for your party, think about writing all the details down on a document (paper or digital). How do you see your party? What will it take for this vision to become a reality? Make a list! It will prevent you from forgetting anything.

A crystal ball, fluor­escent paint, mirrors, soft toys, a catering service, an emcee… try to make a somewhat exhaustive list of what is essential to the evening you have in mind.

Then, add a column where you will indicate, for each element, the corres­ponding expense. This is the budgeting stage. Do not forget to consider quant­ities and to plan a budget for travel and any unexpected elements. These last two are very often under­es­timated by event planners – what a mistake!

Create a communication plan

However you see it, a party remains a marketing product. You must therefore answer the question: who is the party for? Who can be inter­ested in this type of party? Who do I want to see at this party?

The answers to these questions will help you create your commu­nic­ation plan. If it is an evening between relatives, a call, a text message or a reminder e‑mail will suffice. If it is a ticketed party, plan to design a media kit with posters, flyers, and social media posts. Display them in locations where your target is most likely to see them and create them to appeal to your target. A graphic designer is often recom­mended. Do not forget to budget your commu­nic­ation plan.

Prepare an action plan

Finally, make a timeline of all the actions: location research, sound system rental, purchase of decor­ation articles, compet­i­tions, etc. That way, you will have 360-degree mastery of your party’s material planning.

You should plan to use a solution to manage regis­tra­tions and invit­a­tions to your party. It will allow you to manage your various guest lists in a simple way and just control entrances on the day of the event.

Avoid trouble

A party is not without consequence on its direct and indirect envir­onment.

In terms of direct envir­onment, if your party is in a resid­ential area it is better to warn your immediate neigh­bours, and maybe display a poster at least 3 days before the party. Some Town Halls also prefer to be warned – inquire about it!

In terms of indirect consequences, make sure your party complies with the laws and regula­tions. For private parties, you generally do not need to go through any admin­is­trative procedures. However, parties with paying entry with posters, alcohol, and music, generally need to comply with certain regula­tions. There may be taxes on posters and the music played.

It would be frustrating to have the police stop the show at the peak of your party.

Take security into account

You should know that you are responsible for the safety of your guests. The presence of a person or a team dedicated to security has several advantages: it reassures your guests, allowing them to relax; it deters the most reckless and prevents any misguidance.

If your target audience is quite young, consider recruiting someone to manage the door and – if possible – another one to circle inside the venue.

Make sure the sound system is good

Here is the Yin of a successful party. Take the time to rent the sound equipment from a serious operator. The condi­tions must be clear: who moves the material? What time should it be set-up?

You must know that sound is one of the most important aspects of a successful party. This is what gives meaning to the drinking, and vice versa … The Yin and Yang of a successful party! Remember to test the sound system with the operator (DJ, emcee) a few hours before the party starts. If you opt for a DJ, check-out his perform­ances online or go to one of his gigs. Recom­mend­a­tions can also be helpful.

Take the time to test the sound system even if it’s yours. Avoid unnecessary scares!

Plan the drinks

Here is the Yang of a successful party. If you want your guests to have fun, drinks should flow – whether they contain alcohol or not.

The people who come to your party are there to have fun, dance and socialise. If at first, your party does not look like it is taking off, after a couple of drinks you will feel the atmosphere become a little more relaxed. This is why some event planners provide a drink at the door. You’ll need to store enough alcoholic beverages and soft drinks for your guests.

Now, all you have to do is apply these tips and adjust them to the specifics of your party for guaranteed success!


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