Create a free ticketing system for your event

Creating a ticketing system for your event is a must for any successful event planning. However, not all event managers have the budget to cover the costs of creating and customising a ticketing solution from scratch. Fortunately, it has become very easy nowadays to set up an online ticketing system, and best of all – for free! Let’s discover together the various options, packages and business models of online ticketing solutions allowing you to create a free ticketing system for your event.

Create an online ticketing system, and save on several fees

From the outset, when it comes to creating a ticketing system for your event, it’s worth noting that choosing to create your ticketing online already saves you a lot of money. These cost savings mean that, even using a paid ticketing solution, your expenses will be insignificant compared to traditional solutions. For example, choosing to create an online ticketing saves you the ticket printing costs (fees that usually increase with the number of ticket stubs, as well as some customisation options), staff costs related to controlling access at the door (which tends to be higher when using paper tickets, especially since you usually have to deal with lost or forgotten tickets on the day), etc. This is not counting the time (and therefore the money) that you also save by creating your own online ticketing!

Create an online ticketing for free… and only pay the printing costs

An increasingly popular way to create a free ticketing for events nowadays is to use the services of an event ticket printer. Indeed, you will find several event-ticket printing companies offering you to create your ticketing free of charge, online in a few minutes, without leaving your house. These companies support the costs of creation (that may include customisation options), and only charge you for printing the tickets, depending on the number of ticket stubs, the format, the type of paper, etc. Of course, this is only a good solution if you want to create your ticketing for free while paying for ticket printing. But this option will not be for you if you really want to avoid spending any money on tickets, from the creation process to the moment attendees receive their tickets. The following paragraphs will give you a few options or solutions allowing you to benefit from this type of free service.

Create a free online ticketing for free events/with free tickets

If you are organising a free event, you have many options to create an online ticketing system for free. Indeed, some paid online ticketing solutions may allow you to create free ticketing for your free event, allowing participants to register free of charge. Similarly, if you are hosting a paid event and have scheduled non-paying tickets, some online ticketing solutions offer their services for free for these non-paying tickets only.

Such offers generally give you access to similar features as those provided to ticketing for paid events, although some premium features may be removed for free ticketing. Generally, you will have access to such features as:

  • Several categories of tickets;
  • Sale of tickets on your own website, or on a dedicated website / mini-site;
  • Subscriptions analysis;
  • Ticket printing;
  • Mobile app for the event planner;
  • Online support

In any case, should you want to create free ticketing for your free event, you must choose a ticketing software offering this solution, taking into account such criteria as ease of use, speed of roll-out, ease of promotion, reputation, as well as the features on offer.

Create a free online ticketing where attendees cover the cost

Another option allowing you not to incur charges on the creation of your event’s ticketing is to leave the costs to be covered by the attendees (when it is a paid event). Thus, you will find online ticketing solutions offering you to transfer the fees they charge on ticket sales to attendees – ticket creation and customisation being free of charge. All you have to do is set up your online ticketing and wait for your payments, without spending a penny. Naturally, in this case, it is the wallet of the attendees who suffers (you can also prevent this extra cost by reducing the total price of the ticket, but then you may be the one suffering – a dilemma to be solved based on your needs and priorities), your ticketing partner is not impacted since they are getting their money via the fees paid by the attendees. However, here again you must choose your ticketing solution carefully, taking into consideration its reliability and security -reputation can also be an important criterion.

Create a free online ticketing for an event and make a donation

Other online ticketing solutions offer you to create your event’s ticketing for free, with many features, and just suggest you donate money (i.e. leave a tip) once you have used their service (this donation allows the solution to continue operating, existing, and will help other event planners). This kind of solution is based on an alternative business model, as opposed to the commission-based model. Also, it should be noted that free events and events organized by (or for) non-profits are the main users of this kind of solution, which makes sense and prevents the corruption of this business model.

We have just presented several solutions to create a free ticketing for events – it’s up to you to pick yours depending on the type of event you are organising and your priorities.

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